How to dip-dye your hair pink

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I felt as a lot of people like to add a bit of colour to their hair nowadays (including me), I'd do a little post on my pink dip-dyed hair and what products I used to do it. 

I bought a little dye brush which was really cheap and affordable and is great for dying hair, makes it so easy. With that you can use any container, (just find an old Chinese takeaway container or something a long those lines!) 

The next part really depends on how light or dark you want the ends of your hair, when I first dip dyed my hair I was kind of scared so I made it a pastel pink (which is also really nice by the way!) 

- Also before I carry on, with a pastel colour it is easier to dye it on really light hair, so if you have dark hair then I'd advise to get a really light blonde and dye the ends of your hair in that first, fortunately for me I have very light blonde hair as I dye it like that all the time! (I'm not naturally blonde, sad times) 

So, you get some conditioner first, you can get any conditioner to be honest, I didn't buy the conditioner that's supposed to go with the colour dye as it added more cost so I stuck with any old conditioner. You squeeze a good amount in the container, depending on how much hair you have got to cover would be the amount of conditioner you need. 

You then squeeze a few pea sized drops of the colour dye (it really only needs to be that much!) However, of course as said before, depending on how light you want your hair is how much of the colour dye you add. I tend to go with a few pea sized blobs, and then give that a mix, and if you think it's too light still add more colour dye, but if you feel its too dark add more conditioner! 

Then with the brush apply to the ends of your hair, just brush it on till all your ends are covered, and so it's isn't to0 square looking, I use the brush on its side and make it so it looks a bit messy. 

You then wait... again this depends on how dark you want it, but when I used to go for a pastel colour I left it in for an hour before washing it out, but now I go a tad darker I wait about 40 minutes and then wash it out! 

This is an older photo so it is a little faded here...

This is from this dying session

*The colour dye I use is Colour Freedom in the Crimzon Red, and I absolutely love it! I've tried different colour dyes before and they just didn't seem as good, and so when I saw this in the shop I thought I would give it a go! It is non-permanent so it won't last a long time, but i'd say at least 6 washes until the colour fades a little, but I've always re-dyed it before all the pink completely disappears so it must take a while for it to completely wash out. There is also a load of different colours, so I'd recommend this brand a lot! 

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you've dyed your hair and what colour!

Chat soon!!


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