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Recently as I have finished University work and have a tad more spare time (my little chill out time before working!) I decided to re-watch some 'old but gold' films! As I studied Film it is something I very much enjoy, and instead of just watching the film like you usually would, I love to pick it apart and enjoy the techniques just as much as the story and plot itself. 

Hoping to go see lots of new films in the future and review them here on my blog for all you lovely people. But that's yet to come, so first, here's my mini list... get yourself a cuppa (or coffee, or juice, or water, whatever you prefer) and have a little read! 

Fight Club 

(1999, David Fincher) 

I wrote a very, very long essay on this for an assignment at University, I actually chose it personally to write about as I love this film very much! It is something I can watch over and over, (I also studied it for my A Levels so I have seen it and picked it a part a lot)... which probably makes you think 'surely you have got to be sick of it by now,' but I'm not! 

I would say, if you haven't read the book before seeing the film, the first time ever watching it is amazing because you don't know what's going to happen and it is very mind-tricking, that's what makes the first watch so attention grabbing, it's hard to look away because your mind is just boggling away trying to figure out what is going on. 

After seeing it the first time, I then looked at the techniques used with editing, cinematography, and the mise-en-scène. They are so interesting, and a lot of things are such huge metaphors... it's well worth a watch if you haven't seen it already. Of course, the lovely Brad Pitt is in the film so it's always nice to see him, but the other actors and actresses, such as Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter are also such a credit to the film. Watch watch watch!! 

Battle Royale

(2000, Kinji Fukasaku) 

If you've never heard of this before, it's a Japanese film that is similar to The Hunger Games (But came way before it, so The Hunger Games is similar to it I should say). It's similar in that kids are forced to kill each other in a "game" that the society have created to put them in their place. (A lot of them are kids who are naughty at school, or skip school etc.) 

Even though it is similar through that storyline, it is very different. Battle Royale is very violent, the deaths of the children aren't so nice and Japanese Cinema don't make them discrete like Hollywood's 'teenager' friendly film. Of course, that isn't the main reason to why I like the film so much, that makes me sound a little odd, but it is very gripping, and I'd say it keeps you tense pretty much throughout the whole film. 

The characters are also very likeable, and some of them are quite cool (can be a little sadistic), on a side note... anyone seen Takeshi's Castle? The general at the end (called Takeshi of course) is in this film as the instructor for the Battle Royale programme, so I mean, I'd watch it for him! (Okay so that's a bit exaggerated, but it's pretty cool.) 

The Truman Show

(1998, Peter Weir)

This is one of my all time favourite films, I also did an assignment on this back in my first year of University. Jim Carrey plays the role of Truman Burbank, and again, it is another film where if you have never seen it before it is a very clever film and the first viewing of it is amazing. But again, it is such a lovable film that even once you find out the plot of the film, you can easily watch it again. 

It is also heartbreaking, I still cry watching this even though I know what's going to happen. I keep choosing films that I can't say much about in case of spoilers for anyone that hasn't seen them, but I very much am a fan of films that are not always as they seem, and quite mind tricking throughout. 

Jim Carrey is a funny actor and plays a lot of comedic roles, and you might think can he be serious enough to bring you to tears (in a sad way, not a funny way)... yes,yes he can. He is very good at his role, this film is worth a watch if you haven't seen it!

I'd say these are my top 3 that I'd recommend to watch, if you've seen them already or watch them from reading this post then let me know what you think! Although don't give any spoilers away! 

Chat soon!!


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