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I thought I'd do a post on my worries, but with solutions added. I've just finished university for good, and I'm in the same shoes as millions of other students that have just finished their course... and it's pretty scary. I'm going to list the worries I had just before leaving, and the worries I have now, in doing this I hope to help others out who may also have the same worries, and honestly, just have no clue what to do with their lives. (yikes!) 

1. Money

Worries: I'd say this is pretty high on my list of worries, I mean, you need money to do most things! I finished university in my overdraft and I didn't work whilst I studied meaning right this moment I don't have any money to pay off my overdraft, or book driving lessons, or travel to job interviews, it's a real big problem. But many people will be going through the same, and it's quite scary. 

Solutions: Well, there's a few solutions. First one can be to use the summer to get a job in your town, something like a clothes shop or a food shop, and from working for the summer you will get enough money to pay off your overdraft and have extra money to be able to do things like driving lessons, or to get to graduate job interviews. 

Another solution could be that you get in touch with your bank, and for most students, banks automatically change student accounts to graduate accounts meaning most of the time you get a good few years to pay off your overdraft, which gets rid of that stress! However, you could also (if your overdraft isn't too silly, i'd say if you're below 1000) then extend it further, just by the smallest amount, so you can afford any journeys that you need for job interviews. Then you get your job, and you'll earn some money and you can pay off your overdraft. 

2. Getting a graduate job you're happy with

Worries: So i'd say after you finish your course it's pretty terrifying that your future is kind of unknown, because you aren't just going to have the summer at home and then go back to university to begin studying again. It can be worrying if you finish your course and you still have no clear route of what you want to do, and if you do find a job, you don't know if you'll enjoy it. 

Solutions: If you think back to what you did on your course and you still want to work in an area that your degree was on then just get searching online, if you find something that you don't know much about then look into it. (especially because if you do apply it would be a very good idea to know a lot about it for when you go to the interview) If you then get the job you applied for, and you work there for a few weeks maybe, and you think, I'm not enjoying this, this isn't exactly what I wanted to be doing, then keep searching and find something different, and if you have to, just keep moving till you find something that you love. It might be that you get a job that you're unsure about, but it might be worth to stick to it for at least a few months, as it may be your dream job, but you have to start from the bottom and work your way up so just stick to it, unless you are very unhappy. 

3. Interviews

Worries: I've had one proper interview my whole life, so this is quite a worry for me. Interviews can be a scary thought, especially for a graduate job (I feel like when you're younger getting part time jobs it's a lot less daunting.) Like I said, I've only ever had one, and so I don't feel that prepared for interviews at the moment, and I am an anxious person so the thought of it does scare me.

Solutions: There's quite a few solutions for this, one of them is have some practice interviews. As I am not used to interviews at the moment, I have asked family members to set up mock interviews. You could start off by having your parents or someone related to you to have a little practice interview with you, but I am also arranging a mock interview with a family member's work colleague. This way it would seem a lot more real, as you don't know who the person is that is interviewing you, so you would still get that nervousness of a normal interview but it isn't real so you probably remain a lot more calmer. 

Another solution is when you apply to somewhere, if they accept you and ask for an interview, within the days leading up to it research the company or whoever you are choosing to work for as much as you can. Knowing a lot about the place you have an interview for is very helpful. Also they are more likely to hire you if you know so much about them, it makes you seem interested and motivated to want the job. Make sure your CV is all up to date and written well, you could even have a list of some points you may want to say about yourself, or maybe if you research typical interview questions you can answer them beforehand so you feel more prepared. 

4. Leaving friends/partners

Worries: You probably think, "omg I'm never going to see all my friends again" because they live like, across the country from you. Three of my housemates are from Ireland, but I know I'll still see them again! My boyfriend who I met in my first year of University also lives away from me but it's easy just to chat about it and have things set up in the future that you can see each other at, and so on. It is very much do-able to meet up with people from university, even if say, you went to a uni in Wales and you live way South, opportunities can be organised. 

Solutions: Organise holidays together, or if you can drive, have little weekend trips to see everyone. There's lots that you could do, sort out a camping weekend and meet half way so it's an equal distance for you both. You may not see your friends as much as you did at university, your housemates that you're used to seeing every day, it will be a lot less, but I guess it makes meets up with them a lot more special and fun. And if you have a partner from University you can organise weekends that you swap who goes to who's house, and if you're working all of this will be very easy to do with a bit of money you could drive up or get a train to whoever pretty easily! 

I'd say these are my top worries that I had/have, and writing out the solutions has pretty much helped me out a little to clear up my mind of these worries that I had! It has worked for me, so if you read this and you still feel a bit worried, then I'd suggest you do the same! Even if you don't run a blog yourself, just getting a little note book to do this in, or opening up word and writing it out on that can push off that little bit of worry weight that you have on your shoulders! 

Hope this has helped, chat soon!


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