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I mentioned this in my June love list post but I felt like a separate post would be good for this, just because it is kind of different and unusual (maybe to some, it was for me) and if you like the sound of this then you could get the information from this to have your own little hotel party here, or if there are any others around the country. 

So this place I went to is called, Signature Living.. (I believe) and it's a company that has a hotel in Liverpool called, The Shankly Hotel, and in it there are many different types of rooms for different types of parties! This one I went to is in Liverpool, but if you research this type of thing, there may be others around. 

I went to the the room that they call the Vault, and there were quite a lot of people there, but we had 3 bedrooms with 4 double beds in each room, so you can fit quite a large amount of people. It was at the bottom floor of the hotel, but as you enter the first door you go down steps, like you're going underground. (like a vault, get it?) It's pretty cool. 

The fact that it is like a hotel, you can get really drunk and don't have to worry about getting home, you just stay there. There is also a sitting room bit with a few sofa's so you can chat and chill and also use it as a dance floor. Then you have a room with a table, so you could eat there, or if you're drinking might as well use it to play drinking games right? Then there's a kitchen with the usual kitchen things, (oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, kettle) so you could bring a load of food and you're sorted! A favourite of mine was the costume area. It makes it more fun, and well, having dress up clothes when you're drunk, you're pretty much loving life. 

I guess it depends on the amount of people that you have but it costs each person £40 but you get £20 back as that is only the deposit, not bad ay. 

Here are some pictures of the place... (I'll be honest they aren't amazing... but it shows it a little!) 

I'd recommend this place a lot, and would love to go again myself! 

Hope you enjoyed, and as always, chat soon!


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