Monday, 27 June 2016

Running out of blog post ideas?

This happens from time to time with me, and I feel like I can't be the only one? Have you bloggers ever had like 5 or 6 drafted posts done and ready to publish on certain days for like a couple of weeks or a month or so, and then you get this one week where you have no drafts and you just can't think of anything to post about?! 

Well, I thought I'd do a little blog post with a load of different ideas that you could maybe post about, or just give you an idea for a post that you can then expand on, or it could give you a light bulb moment! 

1. Film/TV programme review: I'd say these are quite fun to do, especially if you went to the cinema to see a new movie and you absolutely loved it and you're so excited about it, well instead of going on about it to friends or family members that may not feel the same towards the film, it's always fun to do a blog post on it so thousands of others can have a read and also get excited with you! Also, you can write about old movies and either new or old TV shows that you just love and find other people that share the love also! 

2. Monthly tag posts: It's always good sometimes to have a blog post that you can do every month, so you know that way that you will have at least one post every month! These can be anything as well, monthly favourites, film of the month (or week if you feel you can do that), favourite product of the month (could be make-up, or hair products for example), favourite game of the month, favourite fashion pieces of the month... there's so many you can do! 

3. Guide posts: You could decide to make posts on how to do things on a blog, for example, how to get a different font, or how to get social media icons on your blog, etc, these can be popular posts for people to read and also just great help sometimes for people that want to change their blog slightly but not knowing exactly how to do it!

4. Advice posts: These kind of posts can be fun to do, and also can be pretty helpful to yourself! I find that if I do posts about things that could be worrying for someone or people may feel down about it, it often helps me and makes me feel more relaxed about some of the things spoken about as I feel if I am stressed myself it is always relieving to write it all down. 

6. Make-up/fashion posts: These are always popular posts to do, you could blog about your every day make-up look, or you could buy and try a make-up product and then write a little review on it, or you could do make-up tutorials on a certain look. For fashion you could go all out and have a shopping spree which you can then blog about and show the world you're good finds, make a little look book and wear your favourite outfits and take lots of pictures, or even have a wardrobe clear-out and blog about it! 

7. Gaming posts: If you're into gaming, be it video games, board games, card games etc... then do a post about them! You could review any sort of game, could be new or old. 

8. Any sort of review post: You can review just about anything, music, books, films, TV shows, clothes, make-up, games, any product (phones, cameras, laptops etc), food or drink... there's so many things! 

I'd say to blog about things that you're interested in, it makes it fun for you instead of seeming like a chore to write a post, you would hardly run out of ideas of what to post because you just do what you do best and write about something you love. 

I hope this helps a little... let me know in the comments what you love to blog about!
Chat soon! 


Friday, 24 June 2016

Easy Brownie Recipe to follow

This is a super quick recipe for Brownies, and who doesn't love Brownies?! 
(I only did half as I didn't have enough chocolate so it may look less in my pictures!)

These are the ingredients you will need: Butter (225g), Caster Sugar (300g), Plain Flour (225g), 3 Eggs, Plain Chocolate (375g), Cocoa Powder (4 tbsp), and some Vanilla Extract (1 tsp). 

You'll also need a tray bake pan and some baking paper! 

Step 1

Weigh out the butter and make sure it is cut up into small cube-like shapes and then put it into a heatproof bowl. 

Also break up the chocolate bar and add that to the bowl with the butter. You then put some water into a pan and once that has heated up on the hob, place the heatproof bowl on top. 

Stir every so often until the butter and chocolate have melted and combined with each other, till it looks smooth and glossy. Once that is done remove from the heat and allow it to cool down. 

Step 2

Before you do anything else, pre-heat the oven to 190 degrees, 

In another bowl crack the 3 eggs into it, and weigh out the sugar and add that to the bowl of eggs. You then get an electric mixer if you have one, if not you can do it by hand just may take a little longer, and mix it till it looks quite thick. 

Once that is done you then add the cooled chocolate and butter mix to the bowl and fold it in rather than whisking it. Keep folding it in until they are both well combined. 

Step 3 

Then add in the tea spoon of vanilla extract to the bowl. 

Weigh out the plain flour and with that add the 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder. You then sift the flour and cocoa powder mix in the bowl and carry on to fold it in until it is well combined. 

Step 4

Line the baking dish with baking powder and make sure to get the sides covered as well so the brownie mixture doesn't stick to the dish. 

Pour the mixture into the dish and spread it out evenly. 

Bake for about 30 minutes, but keep an eye on it, if the surface of the mixture looks a bit shiny then it is most probably done. 

Allow it to cool down, and then you can take it out of the dish by lifting the brownies with the baking paper and place it onto a plate. You can then cut out several pieces, but this recipe is supposed to make around 16 squares. 

Oops I ate one before remembering to take a picture!


You can decorate them, or put something on top of them to make them a little more interesting. Or you could even add chocolate chips or anything like that to the mixture before putting it in the dish to cook, just giving you that extra something. 

If you make any then let me know, show me some pictures!

Chat soon


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Cool hotel party!

I mentioned this in my June love list post but I felt like a separate post would be good for this, just because it is kind of different and unusual (maybe to some, it was for me) and if you like the sound of this then you could get the information from this to have your own little hotel party here, or if there are any others around the country. 

So this place I went to is called, Signature Living.. (I believe) and it's a company that has a hotel in Liverpool called, The Shankly Hotel, and in it there are many different types of rooms for different types of parties! This one I went to is in Liverpool, but if you research this type of thing, there may be others around. 

I went to the the room that they call the Vault, and there were quite a lot of people there, but we had 3 bedrooms with 4 double beds in each room, so you can fit quite a large amount of people. It was at the bottom floor of the hotel, but as you enter the first door you go down steps, like you're going underground. (like a vault, get it?) It's pretty cool. 

The fact that it is like a hotel, you can get really drunk and don't have to worry about getting home, you just stay there. There is also a sitting room bit with a few sofa's so you can chat and chill and also use it as a dance floor. Then you have a room with a table, so you could eat there, or if you're drinking might as well use it to play drinking games right? Then there's a kitchen with the usual kitchen things, (oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, kettle) so you could bring a load of food and you're sorted! A favourite of mine was the costume area. It makes it more fun, and well, having dress up clothes when you're drunk, you're pretty much loving life. 

I guess it depends on the amount of people that you have but it costs each person £40 but you get £20 back as that is only the deposit, not bad ay. 

Here are some pictures of the place... (I'll be honest they aren't amazing... but it shows it a little!) 

I'd recommend this place a lot, and would love to go again myself! 

Hope you enjoyed, and as always, chat soon!


Sunday, 19 June 2016

My worries

I thought I'd do a post on my worries, but with solutions added. I've just finished university for good, and I'm in the same shoes as millions of other students that have just finished their course... and it's pretty scary. I'm going to list the worries I had just before leaving, and the worries I have now, in doing this I hope to help others out who may also have the same worries, and honestly, just have no clue what to do with their lives. (yikes!) 

1. Money

Worries: I'd say this is pretty high on my list of worries, I mean, you need money to do most things! I finished university in my overdraft and I didn't work whilst I studied meaning right this moment I don't have any money to pay off my overdraft, or book driving lessons, or travel to job interviews, it's a real big problem. But many people will be going through the same, and it's quite scary. 

Solutions: Well, there's a few solutions. First one can be to use the summer to get a job in your town, something like a clothes shop or a food shop, and from working for the summer you will get enough money to pay off your overdraft and have extra money to be able to do things like driving lessons, or to get to graduate job interviews. 

Another solution could be that you get in touch with your bank, and for most students, banks automatically change student accounts to graduate accounts meaning most of the time you get a good few years to pay off your overdraft, which gets rid of that stress! However, you could also (if your overdraft isn't too silly, i'd say if you're below 1000) then extend it further, just by the smallest amount, so you can afford any journeys that you need for job interviews. Then you get your job, and you'll earn some money and you can pay off your overdraft. 

2. Getting a graduate job you're happy with

Worries: So i'd say after you finish your course it's pretty terrifying that your future is kind of unknown, because you aren't just going to have the summer at home and then go back to university to begin studying again. It can be worrying if you finish your course and you still have no clear route of what you want to do, and if you do find a job, you don't know if you'll enjoy it. 

Solutions: If you think back to what you did on your course and you still want to work in an area that your degree was on then just get searching online, if you find something that you don't know much about then look into it. (especially because if you do apply it would be a very good idea to know a lot about it for when you go to the interview) If you then get the job you applied for, and you work there for a few weeks maybe, and you think, I'm not enjoying this, this isn't exactly what I wanted to be doing, then keep searching and find something different, and if you have to, just keep moving till you find something that you love. It might be that you get a job that you're unsure about, but it might be worth to stick to it for at least a few months, as it may be your dream job, but you have to start from the bottom and work your way up so just stick to it, unless you are very unhappy. 

3. Interviews

Worries: I've had one proper interview my whole life, so this is quite a worry for me. Interviews can be a scary thought, especially for a graduate job (I feel like when you're younger getting part time jobs it's a lot less daunting.) Like I said, I've only ever had one, and so I don't feel that prepared for interviews at the moment, and I am an anxious person so the thought of it does scare me.

Solutions: There's quite a few solutions for this, one of them is have some practice interviews. As I am not used to interviews at the moment, I have asked family members to set up mock interviews. You could start off by having your parents or someone related to you to have a little practice interview with you, but I am also arranging a mock interview with a family member's work colleague. This way it would seem a lot more real, as you don't know who the person is that is interviewing you, so you would still get that nervousness of a normal interview but it isn't real so you probably remain a lot more calmer. 

Another solution is when you apply to somewhere, if they accept you and ask for an interview, within the days leading up to it research the company or whoever you are choosing to work for as much as you can. Knowing a lot about the place you have an interview for is very helpful. Also they are more likely to hire you if you know so much about them, it makes you seem interested and motivated to want the job. Make sure your CV is all up to date and written well, you could even have a list of some points you may want to say about yourself, or maybe if you research typical interview questions you can answer them beforehand so you feel more prepared. 

4. Leaving friends/partners

Worries: You probably think, "omg I'm never going to see all my friends again" because they live like, across the country from you. Three of my housemates are from Ireland, but I know I'll still see them again! My boyfriend who I met in my first year of University also lives away from me but it's easy just to chat about it and have things set up in the future that you can see each other at, and so on. It is very much do-able to meet up with people from university, even if say, you went to a uni in Wales and you live way South, opportunities can be organised. 

Solutions: Organise holidays together, or if you can drive, have little weekend trips to see everyone. There's lots that you could do, sort out a camping weekend and meet half way so it's an equal distance for you both. You may not see your friends as much as you did at university, your housemates that you're used to seeing every day, it will be a lot less, but I guess it makes meets up with them a lot more special and fun. And if you have a partner from University you can organise weekends that you swap who goes to who's house, and if you're working all of this will be very easy to do with a bit of money you could drive up or get a train to whoever pretty easily! 

I'd say these are my top worries that I had/have, and writing out the solutions has pretty much helped me out a little to clear up my mind of these worries that I had! It has worked for me, so if you read this and you still feel a bit worried, then I'd suggest you do the same! Even if you don't run a blog yourself, just getting a little note book to do this in, or opening up word and writing it out on that can push off that little bit of worry weight that you have on your shoulders! 

Hope this has helped, chat soon!


Friday, 17 June 2016

Things I love: June Edition

It's not quite the end of June yet, but it almost is... so this is acceptable, right? Here is my June love list, hope you enjoy, and carry on this little tag! 

What I watched: Well, for new programmes that are out, the only thing I watch religiously every week is Game Of Thrones (but of course, that was my last months choice), so another programme which I don't watch on the day and time its out (sometimes I catch up a lot) but still keep up to date with, is Made In Chelsea! It can be entertaining to watch, and some things that happen are just so silly, but you just laugh it off really! But for some reason I like to know what's going on with the people in it, and just Mark Francis... he makes it for me. Have a watch if you're looking for some light entertainment, and also just forever wishing you had their lifestyle... I wish I could go on holiday as much as they do! 

What I snapped: So, here's where you find out how stupid I am. Over a week ago now, I dropped my phone down the toilet. I did my all to rescue it, I put it in some rice for days. It just won't come back to life, and a few weeks back, I dropped it down the toilet as well, so I think it got tired of being dropped in the toilet. So, that's my excuse to why I have no snap to show you, I didn't even back up my files so I have no photos from my phone on my laptop that I could put here from June. Please tell me I'm not the only one that has done this? (Especially dropping it twice not even a month a part?!) 

Anyway instead, let's do a throwback... 

This is me, back in, 2014 (I think) just at the top of Snowdon in Wales, good job Chlo. 

What I wore: Last week I went out a lot to a few parties for my last week of university ever (I'm going to cry again), and one of the nights it was this stunning hotel basement party thing... I'll do a post on it but I guess this picture is a sneak preview (this is the first part you see when you walk in) but I've chosen this playsuit. I've had it for a while, and like most of us do, I stopped wearing it, however, I wore it again and I really really like it! 

What I did: For this section, I'd probably say the whole last week of my university experience. I did quite a lot in that week, had a little casino night on the Tuesday and in the day I went to Southport, went to this crazy hotel party on the Wednesday in Liverpool, Friday had a house party (which was meant to be my last leaving party as I was supposed to go home on the Saturday, but instead I stayed one extra day and had another house party on the Saturday! All in all, it was a very fun week, and even though I barely slept that whole week, it was worth the celebrations!

What I ate: Nothing really stands out for me, nothing super fancy anyway! However, I've had pizza hut twice this month already and it is just too good. My favourite place to have pizza from, although both times I went we missed the buffet lunch by 20 minutes or so... quite unlucky there. This was in my last post but let's relive this picture and probably cry because it looks so good and I just want to eat it right now... 

What I drank: Actually, this goes well with the last section, but when I went to pizza hut a couple of days ago they had this new milkshake on the menu: An Oreo milkshake. If you do ever go to pizza hut, just get it. It is very nice, a little expensive, but I suppose it is a milkshake and it is new, although I am very keen to try and make my own oreo milkshake after this one!

Where I went: For this I'm going to say when I went to Liverpool and went to a hotel party called the Vault, and it was just super cool! There were 3 bedrooms with 4 double beds in each room, a hot tub, a room with sofa's where you can chill and chat (and dance), a little room with a table so you can play some card drinking games, a kitchen so you can cook and all that jazz, and even a little costume area where you can dress up and take some pictures! It was such a good place, I would go again for sure, it's such a good place if you have large group of friends to go with, and also pretty good for the price! However, I will talk more about it in a separate post, and also put up my pictures from it! Here's another sneak preview picture... 

aren't we adorable?

What I used: Now this is an app that you use, and as you know, I don't have a phone... awkward. However, when I did have a phone near the beginning of June I had this game on it called Fallout Shelter and I enjoyed just playing that whenever I had spare time. It's basically where you have a vault and you get people to come in and work in the generator room to get power, you have a water room to collect water, and a kitchen for food. You get more and more people which unlocks different rooms and you basically just have to keep an eye on it, make sure everyone's happy, make sure there is enough of everything, and watch out for the raids! It's also free so if you're looking for a mobile game, this is a good one!

Well thank you for reading, and as I said before, would love to see others do this and let me know you do so I can have a read! 

Chat soon!


Monday, 13 June 2016

What to do for a special occasion: Anniversary

This post took me a little longer to do than expected as I knew what I wanted to write about, but I was unsure how to write about it (I guess in simple terms, how to make it interesting and relate-able to you guys!)

So as the title explains (kind of), this post is going to be about what I did for my anniversary with my boyfriend, and maybe some of the things we did in the day can help others out if they were unsure on what to do to celebrate!

As I'm still at my house at university (I just can't seem to make myself leave!) I live close to a seaside, and surprisingly recently it has been very warm and sunny here, which was a plus. We took a trip to Southport, which isn't a bad little place, it has the seaside town aspect to it with the arcades, the beach, fish and chips and the little fair ground. But it also has many shops like you would see in a town, a mixture of the usual popular named shops, and the quirky shops also.

I'd say, going to the seaside is a really fun thing to do, and you can go with anyone, and it can just be for a day out to do something or a special occasion. I've done a post before about the seaside as I went with my family so here's a little list with pictures of what the day involved. Another reason for doing this post, and all my previous posts really is that it is a nice reminder for me of good memories so it is nice to look back on old posts!

First of all walking up the pier is one of the must-dos at a seaside I think! On a nice day (which it started off being cloudy as you can tell) it is nice to walk up and look out at the sea. And actually with Southport I've been a few times but this was the first time I'd ever seen the tide in... I think it's the first time the ice cream man also saw the tide in... 

Also if you have shorts on or something on that is easy to roll up it is sometimes nice to have a dip in the sea, that's probably all i'd recommend but if you're feeling brave you could go for a swim... but even on a hot day the sea is freezing. 

In Southport there is a part where you can walk around just before the beach, its a nice little walk especially when the weather is nice (which it started to get better in this picture), there is also boats you can go in for a small amount of time, and also you can have a go on swan boats which is fun. Also in a outside eating/drinking area there is mostly always someone singing on stage, so that's always nice to listen to. 

As well as the usual seaside things, there is an area where you can eat, look at some shops, and also do some bowling, go to a cinema, or play some lazer tag (or whatever you call it nowadays), we did hope to play some bowling but we didn't get time to do it this time, but if i'm in the area again I'd love to go, they have some good deals at the bowling. For lunch we decided to go to good ol' pizza hut, and just looking at that picture makes me so hungry. (I'm so sorry)

There is then the usual things to do which we had to do before leaving... and that was to go to the arcades. We bought 2p's especially for the arcades, and also had a go at a few other arcade games, for some reason you never think you could spend long in an arcade... and then its a good hour later and that's exactly what you've done, just me or? 

What do you like to do at the seaside? Whats the best seaside town you've been to? Recommend me some places and maybe I could go! (If I haven't been already!) 

Chat soon!


Saturday, 4 June 2016

How to dip-dye your hair pink

I felt as a lot of people like to add a bit of colour to their hair nowadays (including me), I'd do a little post on my pink dip-dyed hair and what products I used to do it. 

I bought a little dye brush which was really cheap and affordable and is great for dying hair, makes it so easy. With that you can use any container, (just find an old Chinese takeaway container or something a long those lines!) 

The next part really depends on how light or dark you want the ends of your hair, when I first dip dyed my hair I was kind of scared so I made it a pastel pink (which is also really nice by the way!) 

- Also before I carry on, with a pastel colour it is easier to dye it on really light hair, so if you have dark hair then I'd advise to get a really light blonde and dye the ends of your hair in that first, fortunately for me I have very light blonde hair as I dye it like that all the time! (I'm not naturally blonde, sad times) 

So, you get some conditioner first, you can get any conditioner to be honest, I didn't buy the conditioner that's supposed to go with the colour dye as it added more cost so I stuck with any old conditioner. You squeeze a good amount in the container, depending on how much hair you have got to cover would be the amount of conditioner you need. 

You then squeeze a few pea sized drops of the colour dye (it really only needs to be that much!) However, of course as said before, depending on how light you want your hair is how much of the colour dye you add. I tend to go with a few pea sized blobs, and then give that a mix, and if you think it's too light still add more colour dye, but if you feel its too dark add more conditioner! 

Then with the brush apply to the ends of your hair, just brush it on till all your ends are covered, and so it's isn't to0 square looking, I use the brush on its side and make it so it looks a bit messy. 

You then wait... again this depends on how dark you want it, but when I used to go for a pastel colour I left it in for an hour before washing it out, but now I go a tad darker I wait about 40 minutes and then wash it out! 

This is an older photo so it is a little faded here...

This is from this dying session

*The colour dye I use is Colour Freedom in the Crimzon Red, and I absolutely love it! I've tried different colour dyes before and they just didn't seem as good, and so when I saw this in the shop I thought I would give it a go! It is non-permanent so it won't last a long time, but i'd say at least 6 washes until the colour fades a little, but I've always re-dyed it before all the pink completely disappears so it must take a while for it to completely wash out. There is also a load of different colours, so I'd recommend this brand a lot! 

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you've dyed your hair and what colour!

Chat soon!!


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Old but Gold: Favourite Films

Fanatic Film Freak... 

Recently as I have finished University work and have a tad more spare time (my little chill out time before working!) I decided to re-watch some 'old but gold' films! As I studied Film it is something I very much enjoy, and instead of just watching the film like you usually would, I love to pick it apart and enjoy the techniques just as much as the story and plot itself. 

Hoping to go see lots of new films in the future and review them here on my blog for all you lovely people. But that's yet to come, so first, here's my mini list... get yourself a cuppa (or coffee, or juice, or water, whatever you prefer) and have a little read! 

Fight Club 

(1999, David Fincher) 

I wrote a very, very long essay on this for an assignment at University, I actually chose it personally to write about as I love this film very much! It is something I can watch over and over, (I also studied it for my A Levels so I have seen it and picked it a part a lot)... which probably makes you think 'surely you have got to be sick of it by now,' but I'm not! 

I would say, if you haven't read the book before seeing the film, the first time ever watching it is amazing because you don't know what's going to happen and it is very mind-tricking, that's what makes the first watch so attention grabbing, it's hard to look away because your mind is just boggling away trying to figure out what is going on. 

After seeing it the first time, I then looked at the techniques used with editing, cinematography, and the mise-en-scène. They are so interesting, and a lot of things are such huge metaphors... it's well worth a watch if you haven't seen it already. Of course, the lovely Brad Pitt is in the film so it's always nice to see him, but the other actors and actresses, such as Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter are also such a credit to the film. Watch watch watch!! 

Battle Royale

(2000, Kinji Fukasaku) 

If you've never heard of this before, it's a Japanese film that is similar to The Hunger Games (But came way before it, so The Hunger Games is similar to it I should say). It's similar in that kids are forced to kill each other in a "game" that the society have created to put them in their place. (A lot of them are kids who are naughty at school, or skip school etc.) 

Even though it is similar through that storyline, it is very different. Battle Royale is very violent, the deaths of the children aren't so nice and Japanese Cinema don't make them discrete like Hollywood's 'teenager' friendly film. Of course, that isn't the main reason to why I like the film so much, that makes me sound a little odd, but it is very gripping, and I'd say it keeps you tense pretty much throughout the whole film. 

The characters are also very likeable, and some of them are quite cool (can be a little sadistic), on a side note... anyone seen Takeshi's Castle? The general at the end (called Takeshi of course) is in this film as the instructor for the Battle Royale programme, so I mean, I'd watch it for him! (Okay so that's a bit exaggerated, but it's pretty cool.) 

The Truman Show

(1998, Peter Weir)

This is one of my all time favourite films, I also did an assignment on this back in my first year of University. Jim Carrey plays the role of Truman Burbank, and again, it is another film where if you have never seen it before it is a very clever film and the first viewing of it is amazing. But again, it is such a lovable film that even once you find out the plot of the film, you can easily watch it again. 

It is also heartbreaking, I still cry watching this even though I know what's going to happen. I keep choosing films that I can't say much about in case of spoilers for anyone that hasn't seen them, but I very much am a fan of films that are not always as they seem, and quite mind tricking throughout. 

Jim Carrey is a funny actor and plays a lot of comedic roles, and you might think can he be serious enough to bring you to tears (in a sad way, not a funny way)... yes,yes he can. He is very good at his role, this film is worth a watch if you haven't seen it!

I'd say these are my top 3 that I'd recommend to watch, if you've seen them already or watch them from reading this post then let me know what you think! Although don't give any spoilers away! 

Chat soon!!