The Return and Things I love: May edition.

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I've been away… for quite some time, I've been a bit of a poor blogger…

From previous posts you would be aware that I was in my final year of university, and it has been hectic to say the least. Doing my first and second year of university was difficult at times but most of the time it was fine and peaceful (most of the time) and then others would warn me about final year, telling me, ‘Oh it’s quite a big difference with the work load and difficulty from your other years…’ And I was thinking, I've done it for two years now, can it possibly be that different? Yes, yes it can. However, the stressfulness, the work load, the crazy days and evenings of doing work for hours and hours was worth it. Even with the cloud of work above my head constantly, it has been an amazing year. This, of course, has been a big reason to why my blog has suffered from neglect, but, it’s no excuse really, I should have kept it going. However, these things happen, but now Chloe Chats returns!

Expect to see a new post once a week, and maybe, at times, a few in a week, as I’ll be blogging in my spare time around working (fingers crossed for a graduate job as soon as possible, pls.) But as I am most probably done with education now I can take you a long with me as I step out into the world! (God help me) Joking aside, hopefully big things will come my way now!

I have always enjoyed blogging about life experiences, and having posts on helpful advice, so I will continue with that, and hopefully things I have gone through (like university) and future events such as where I go now I am done at university will be helpful to others that are going through it or about to. I don’t want to bore you with me blabbering on so as I have been away for so long I shall continue this post bringing back my monthly loves, that way you can also find out what May has been like for me!

As a quick note, I would love to see others chat about their monthly loves, so do comment below your blog with this little tag and I would love to check them out! 

What I watched: I'd say for this last month, which started at the end of April, would have to be the new Game of Thrones season, of course! We had to wait a long, tortuous, lengthy year for this but it was well worth the wait. (My year wasn't really tortuous but just go with it) I won't talk about the episodes and so on just in case anyone does want to watch, although I'm sure the internet is spoiler galore, but it is always so intense, full of drama, and full of very, very, heartbreaking moments. If you haven't seen it at all, and think most of the time, what's the big deal, and why are people so insane over it, it is a very good programme, I would highly recommend.

Oh look, who's that loser in that picture? (awkward giggle) 

What I snapped: This wasn't in May, I'm a liar I know, but I like this snap, and as I missed out on my April Loves, I thought I'd be forgiven if I put this here! I went to Amsterdam in April, and here is the stereotypical picture of one of the many canals. 


What I wore: I wish I was cool and could say something that was really fashionable for this section, alas, I am not. I bought a striped tee not too long ago that I enjoy wearing at the moment, nice for something to just put on that looks nice but isn't overly smart.   

What I did: I'd say for a couple of days in May there were a few special events that happened due to friends leaving university and going home for good, (cry) but they were really fun send off's and memories I shall cherish! One event was a surprise early birthday/leaving party which was really fun and as a good sign of a good night out, many hungover and sick people in the morning! And the other a chilled barbecue on a nice warm evening chatting and relaxing! Some pictures follow... 

What I ate: The weathers been very nice recently and for some reason I think of food involving fish a summery dish. (That rhyme though...) So anything with fish in it I suppose, although I've been craving different kinds of fish instead of the usual cod, here's a picture of a meal cooked not too long ago... 

This contains, salad, with French dressing, plain rice, fried whitebait with a thousand island dip, and a piece of cod covered in black pepper and sea salt. 

What I drank: Other than the usual drinks like tea and water (which is kind of dull I guess), a nice home made drink of strawberry and mint flavoured pimms mixed with lemonade and fruit such as oranges, apples, strawberries and raspberries and then a load of ice and put in the fridge for a bit for it to get cold was a very nice refreshing drink I guess! 

Where I went: To be fair, I didn't really go anywhere in May if I'm honest! May was a very busy period for me at university and it involved a lot of sleepless nights doing assignments so there wasn't much time to go anywhere exciting. So just for this month I will slot in last months favourite place I went, which was of course... Amsterdam! 

It was pretty cool to say the least! I went for a birthday kind of thing so it was with their friends but I had never been before and people always go on about it so I was very much looking forward to going! It is an extremely pretty place, and the weather wasn't too bad either! I'd like to go again but have more spending money on me next time as it can be a little pricey!

What I used: If you don’t already know this part is for an app that I’m loving at the moment, and there’s a few… as usual I’ve been loving Snapchat’s app – purely for the face swap, it’s gold! But I’m going to choose a different one as that’s quite an obvious pick. There is an app called Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector and I guess you could say it’s a game but you basically have a yard and put cat food down with the yard filled with fun things for cats to play with or nice cosy beds for them to lay in, and as you check it throughout your day you’ll see loads of different cats! You can take pictures of them and make an album for each of the cats, and with every cat they leave you with grey or gold fish, and with these fish you can buy new goodies, better food, or get a yard expansion to have even more goodies set out for them. Even though you barely do anything, it’s just so hard not to go on! They are all adorable cats, every time I get a new one I say that it’s my favourite! It’s also free unless you want to buy fish on the game instead of waiting but waiting is the much better option, it doesn’t take too long to get a load of fish!

Thank you for reading, and I shall chat to you soon!! 


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