Thursday, 22 December 2016

Healthy Christmas Sausage Rolls

Good evening!

So as it is that time of the year where there is so much party food that's so unhealthy for us but we can't not indulge in all these amazing party foods.. so here I have a little recipe for some healthy festive sausage rolls that you always need for a good ol' Christmas party!

These are apple and sage filo sausage rolls, and they taste great! Sometimes when eating healthier alternatives to things you can tell how different they taste and sometimes it just doesn't fulfill that want for that food. But these taste like the normal unhealthy sausage rolls that taste so good but are so much more better for you, what more could you want?!

 🎄 Ingredients: 🎄

Small onion
An apple
Slimming World sausages
healthy pork mince (5% fat or less)
Medium egg
Filo Pastry sheets
Low Cal cooking spray

This is quite a quick and easy recipe as it's one of those where you put it all into one bowl. 

Step One: 

Put the oven on 180 degrees to pre heat it. 

Chop the onion into small pieces and add them to a bowl. Do the same with the apple, and add that to the bowl with the onions. 

Step Two:

Chop up some fresh sage and add a table spoon to the bowl of apple and onion chunks. 

Next get 6 Slimming World sausages and peel off the outside skin before placing them into the bowl also. 

Step Three: 

Measure out 150g of the pork mince and add that to the mixture. 

Beat a medium sized egg in a separate bowl and then add most of it to the bowl with everything else, you need to save a tiny bit to brush onto the pastry. 
Step Four:

Next step you mix it all together, now you can use a spoon but I just used my hands, it's a lot easier. Once that's all mixed together here comes the trickiest part. 

So start off by dividing your mixture into two equal parts. 

Step Five: 

Lay out one strip of filo pastry and spray it with low cal cooking spray and then put another layer of filo pastry on top. Then cut in the middle so there's two long pieces of filo pastry. 

Step Six: 

Get one half of the mixture and roll it out into a long thin rectangle shape and place it on one side of the pastry. 

Then get some of the egg that's left over and brush the side of the pastry that the mixture isn't on. Then fold it over to join the other side. 

Do this again with the other piece of pastry and mixture. 

Try not to make the rectangle too thick as it'll be harder to fold the pastry over. Yes mine is a little too thick, so do it thinner than in this picture.

Step Seven: 

Chop them into small sausage roll shapes  and place them onto a baking tray. Spray some more low cal cooking spray on top of them all and place them into the oven for 25 minutes, or until they look a golden colour.

Mine don't look too neat, but if you have a thinner rectangle to begin with it'll fit inside the pastry nicely, but they tasted good so I'm happy!

Hope you enjoyed this post and make some of these yourself! As always, chat soon.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Favourite Christmas Movies!

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is all the old favourite movies come on television, also some new ones too which is always nice to add to the collection! So I thought as it's around that time they begin to show on television that I'd write a little list on some of my favourites... and if you haven't seen them yet maybe it will inspire you to watch it and make it one of your new favourites.

🎄 Elf 🎄

Of course this was going to be on my list! It's such a great film, it's adorable, funny, and just all round great entertainment. If you don't know what this film is or what it's about, where have you been?? So Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf who climbs into Santa's sack of presents on one Christmas Eve when he was a little baby and ends up being looked after and grows up with all the elves and so he believes that he is an elf. He finds himself not to be very good at making all the toys or doing any of the general Elf jobs and he doesn't understand why and of course he grows exceptionally big compared to all the elves... so he gets told that his real dad is a human and so he goes off in search of his dad. So you get to follow Buddy on his journey in New York City as he searches for his dad, meets a girl who he falls in love with, and saves Christmas. I guess I kind of ruined the plot if someone hasn't watched it, but it's been around for so long, and it's still fab to watch.

🎅Arthur Christmas🎅

So this is a film that I hadn't really watched or heard of, and then one Christmas when it was on television I watched it... and loved it. So this one is all about Santa delivering all the presents out to the children of the world but using a more modern machine rather than a sleigh and reindeer. On Santa's return he congratulates the Elves on the successful night and his eldest son thinks that his dad will retire and give the job to him,but he doesn't. Arthur is his youngest clumsy son who looks at all the letters that children send to Santa, but he discovers that a present hasn't been delivered. So grandsanta who was the previous Santa convinces Arthur to take the old wooden sleigh and all the reindeer's to deliver this present, and so Arthur, Grandsanta and the Elf Bryony does. Things don't go to plan, and there's many things along the way that makes you think they'll never get this present to the child in time. It's a lovely film, and is up there with one of my favourites.

The Holiday

If you're into RomComs and want something Christmas-y to watch then this a good shout. It's got a load of famous actors and actresses in it as the main characters, and there's two lots of couples. So in one little cottage in England you have Kate Winslet who plays Iris who takes a house exchange holiday because she's trying to forget about her boss who she loves but knows he doesn't feel the same towards her. Over in America you have Amanda who's played by Cameron Diaz who needs the holiday away as she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. And so it begins, they both swap homes for two weeks where they both meet people who they end up falling in love with (Graham played by Jude Law and Miles played by Jack Black) and they both end up happy again. Obviously that's a very short description and along the way there's little hiccups that happen but it's a feel good film, and something easy to sit back and watch. If you like Love Actually I'm sure you'll love this also. 

🎁The Nightmare Before Christmas🎁

This is another film that I really enjoy to watch, it's a bit different to the usual Christmas films of Santa delivering presents. So Jack is from Halloween Town and every year they have a Halloween party however Jack is tired of the same thing every year and so he goes off searching for new ideas. While in the woods he comes across a load of trees with doors to different towns and he experiences Christmas Town and loves it so much that he goes back to tell Halloween Town that he wants them to takeover Christmas that year. They aren't extremely convinced with the idea, but they go with it. While Jack is trying to organise everything, there's also sally a rag doll woman who falls in love with Jack. However, she has a dream of a Christmas tree catching fire and tries to do anything she can to make Jack fail. Santa from Christmas Town is also kidnapped and taken to the evil Oogie Boogie. Jack also doesn't have much success in delivering presents around the world, and heads back to Halloween Town where he rescues Santa and Sally as she is also taken by the Oogie Boogie as she tries to rescue Santa. Santa heads back to save Christmas Town and snow falls in Halloween Town to represent the bond that him and Santa now shared. It's a cute film, the soundtrack is amazing, it's one of my top favourites also. I actually haven't watched this in a while, but I think I'll watch it one evening this week!

The Grinch

And finally... The Grinch. Of course I had to write about this, it is a Christmas classic. So if you don't know what it's about... Jim Carrey plays the Grinch who absolutely hates Christmas and is always pulling some mean pranks on the people of Whoville so they all very much dislike him. The only person that does have an interest in the Grinch is a young girl called Cindy Lou who gets saved by him in the post office. So she goes around asking people about him and discovers how his past wasn't so great. He arrived in Whoville by mistake and was raised by two sisters and at first he was quite timid and good, however, he was bullied at school for being different and at one point shaves his beard to fit in more but cuts himself badly so the next day at school he gets bullied again and goes on a rampage and storms up the mountain to where he lives now. So Cindy Lou tries to get him involved in Whoville's Christmas and many things go wrong, but of course it has a happy ending. It's a really good film, I've probably seen it over 30 times by now but it's always something you have to watch over Christmas!

What are you favourite Christmas films? There's so many, I could probably add like 10 more to this list, of course there's Home Alone, Christmas with the Kranks etc... but if you haven't seen any of the ones I've listed please do go watch them, you won't regret it! Hope you're all having a wonderful December so far, and as always, chat soon!


Friday, 2 December 2016

Things I love: November Edition

Good evening!

So we're in December already.. how crazy?? I still don't feel very christmassy.. I have a feeling this year I won't be feeling it till Christmas Eve. As always, here are my monthly loves from the month just gone.. November!

What I watched: 

I've been to the cinema twice in November and both the films were pretty good. I went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, and also A Streetcat named Bob.  I was really impressed with Fantastic Beasts.. I'm not a huge fan of the Harry Potter films (I know everyone will probably hate me now, I'm sorry!) but I found this film very different. It's a bit more grown up, creepy in parts.. and I really loved that about it. The whole cast was great, and I would love to go see the other films that come out! 

Streetcat named Bob.. was absolutely adorable. It's quite a sad film, it's based on the book that was written by the man that this had happened to. So this film is about a man who is homeless and from being on the street is trying to get through his drug addiction. He's on a programme that is helping him to get through it and he manages to get a place to stay at which is where he meets Bob,the cutest thing. I don't want to spoil it but Bob really helps him turn his life around and when I got home from seeing it I have since tried to teach my cat to high five me, it's not going well. 

But yes, these are my favourites, if you are yet to see them, go see them!! 

What I snapped: 

I have to say it, I'm really bad with taking pictures. I've done a few things in this month... I've been to a Christmas Show Market, I've been to the German Market in Birmingham, I've been traveling to Birmingham for the past three weekends, I went to a mini festival, however, did I take any pictures? no. I'm a failure, I should remember really, as I know I have this to write every month! 

Instead I'll post a throwback picture of christmas 2013...enjoy.

Yes we are eating a Chinese on Xmas day.

 What I wore: 

I'm probably going to have to say my little aztec skirt which I just wear all the time! It's also getting a lot colder now as well and I still just wear it and then I go out in it and regret everything. But what can you do if you just love wearing something so much?!

What I did: 

I'm probably going to say the various places I went to watch things. So of course as I mentioned before, I went to the cinema a couple of times and I actually hadn't been for such a long time so it was really nice to do that. I will be going this month because I have to watch Rogue One. Also I went to the theatre and again, I haven't been to the theatre in ages! So it was something different to go and do, and I just love watching new films. 

What I ate: 

I'd say, a few days ago me and my mum made chicken risotto and we were following a recipe we had never cooked before, and it turned out amazing! Maybe if I made it again I could do a little post on it, I believe it was a healthy risotto and I find risotto's are always so filling which I love, I hate when you have a dinner and then a few hours later you're hungry again, whereas with this I was just stuffed for the whole evening! 

What I drank: 

Oreo Hot Chocolate. It's the best hot chocolate I've ever had. So I found out that you could get some little pot things for the coffee machine and I tried it out as they were on sale on Amazon for Black Friday so it was something stupid like 80 cups for 15 pounds which is insane. I just want to drink one all day every day. When its being made as well when you put the oreo chocolate part in the smell of Oreo's is just too good, mouth watering. So if you are looking for a new hot chocolate to try out for the Winter I would seriously recommend this!

Where I went: 

I enjoy going off to the German Market in Birmingham every year so that was quite a nice thing to go to. If you can I would recommend you go on a week day, I went properly on a saturday and it was extremely hectic. The train to there was crazy, I felt like a sardine, and of course walking around was crazy.. I also went on Black Friday weekend (good job there). As I did actually stand pretty much from 12 to late at night I actually got pretty sick from being too exhausted but other than that it's always joyful to go to! (Just pray that the trains don't have any problems when you go!) The food there is always amazing, I had some pork in a roll and a banana and nutella crepe, which is probably the tastiest thing I've ever had. The stalls all have lovely little christmas gifts, you just got to be patient as it can sometimes take some time to get to the front of a stall. 

What I used: 

So my favourite app, I'll probably go back to Pokemon Go again. I don't know how popular it still is, I still know a lot of people that play, but the buzz of the app probably isn't as big as it was. But they do have constant updates, and they had a Halloween event back in October, there's still new stuff being added to it all the time to keep people interested. I actually caught a Ditto last weekend which was exciting, I was out of the loop and didn't really realise you could them yet and also how it happens. But when I caught a pidgey and it came up with the 'Oh?' screen I was thinking.. huh has my egg hatched, and then pidgey just turned into ditto which was quite exciting. 

 And that is my November favourites, I hope you enjoyed. What were your favourites? As always, chat soon!


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Favourite Hair & Beauty Products!

Good evening! 

So 2016 is kind of coming to an end incredibly quickly! Where do the days go?! It's a good time of the year to review everything of that year so a few new blog posts that I put up will probably be related to that in some way. I've had a few ideas for quite a few blog posts throughout December... I say this now, I hope I don't regret it! (I said this for October.. and look what happened!) 

I recently had to think of a few products that I think are well worth the purchase, and it got me thinking.. why not write a post about some of the products. Here are some of my favourite products I have used throughout this year that have been fab and well worth purchasing!

1. Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara. 

I remember when I first bought this, so there was a deal on because it was a brand new mascara, and I can't really remember what the deal was exactly... but it was something like if you spent over a certain amount on Rimmel London products you got this for free, and not so long ago they had it on offer for buy one get one free I think. So I went into Boots just getting the things I needed and as I saw I could get this for free, I thought, may as well! And I've literally been using it ever since... it's SO good. It makes your eyelashes really long and also I love that it doesn't leave your eyelashes looking clumpy. At the moment I wouldn't change my mascara because I love this one too much, but if you're looking for a new one to try, even if this one isn't a new one out anymore, this is a great mascara. I think it's either £7.99 or £8.99 which is a decent price and it lasts for ages, I don't really have to buy mascara that often. I also got my Mum into it and now she also uses it all the time! 

2. Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation.

I know I just spoke about a Rimmel London product but this is also one of my favourites of this year. I always find foundation one of the trickiest things to buy because, one, there's so many different ones, and two, I feel like you don't know what it's like until you try it yourself...even if a friend tells you it's amazing, I feel like everyone's skin is different and takes to them differently. So I guess me telling you that this is a good product kind of makes me a hypocrite... but maybe some of you may agree with me. I have actually gone through a few different ones this year because I found some were too heavy on my face, some really affected my skin and made me quite spotty, but this is the one I stopped at and was happy to use. It blends into your skin well, it covers all your blemishes, it lasts longer, and also it's a decent sized container so it actually takes me a little while to get through the whole thing which is nice. I think the price is again £7.99 or £8.99, I'm so bad at this I know! I honestly can't remember what the range of skin colours they have with this foundation, but I get the lightest you can.. I'm so pale its embarrassing. 

3. Nice n Easy Hair Dye. 

So I've actually been using this for like, 3 years... and I haven't ever changed to a different hair dye. So I'm naturally brunette but I've been blonde for the past 3 years (life would have been so much easier if I was naturally blonde.) At the moment I don't think I'd ever go back to my natural hair colour... I think I look horrible with brown hair so that's me dying my hair for the rest of my life. But anyway, this brand has never disappointed me. My hair looks so natural, people are generally shocked when I mention that blonde isn't my natural hair colour, that's how good this hair dye is. I know many people worry about hair dye ruining your hair, but as I said, for the whole time I've been doing it my hair still looks healthy and always feels soft. The usual price in most shops is £5.99 but I used to buy it cheaper at Body Care, but there's always a deal on with this hair dye brand, most of the time you can buy 2 or £10 so it's quite helpful if you have long hair and need two bottles of it. They also have a root touch up as well so if your roots start showing but the rest of your hair is fine it's a handy thing to buy! (I actually had a facebook memory today saying that I'd gone and dyed my hair blonde.. and here I still am continuing to dye it blonde! So it really is 3 years to this day!)

4. Colour Freedom, Crimson Red.

I love this product. If you're looking to dye hair a different more vibrant colour than just blonde, black, brunette etc, these are such good dyes to use. If you want to dye your whole head a different colour or even just have a bit of dip-dye and you want something that comes out after some washes this is a favourite product of mine to use. I decided to dip-dye my hair, and I wanted a pastel colour to begin with and I chose a light pink as I have blonde hair and didn't want to go too bright to begin with. To make it a pastel colour I just mixed it with conditioner before brushing onto the ends of my hair and it works a treat. I've also now done it without conditioner and had bright red dip dyed ends and I'm just in love with doing it. It's non-permanent and comes out after so many washes, it depends how dark or light it is, so when I didn't add any conditioner and went for the red colour it took a lot longer to wash out (I dyed it on the 29th of October and it is still in my hair now - 22nd November, obviously a lot more faded) but it also looks quite nice while its slowly fading. There's a range of colours which I would love to try at some point, Magenta, Pink, Crimson Red, Blue, Silver Blonde, Purple, White Blonde, Rose Blonde, Aqua, Grey and Blue Denim. You can either have them as the colours you see on the box or make them pastel colours by mixing conditioner. Also they're £6.99 and lasts for ages... especially if you're just using it for dip-dye, I still have my original dye I bought... but I guess if you do dye your whole head then depending on your hair length you may end up using all of it.

5. Rimmel London Soft Kohl black Eyeliner Pencil.

As you can see, I'm very impressed with Rimmel london products. I've been using this forever really, I've tried other eyeliner's before and even though they say they're black sometimes they just don't seem the black shade you want. This product is a really good black, and I also find it super easy to put on. I know some eyeliner's you can find quite difficult to put on or at least make a neat wing (doesn't doing wings just stress you out sometimes?!). When the pencil is sharpened well I find that it's so easy doing wings and it always looks quite neat. Unless I'm in a rush or you just have one of them days where you literally just can't get your eyeliner exactly how you want it. It's only £2.99 which is such a bargain! Especially because out of all my make up eyeliner is something that I buy the most frequently so it's nice not having to buy something quite pricey all every month or so. 

So that's a few hair and beauty products that I've loved using this year, what's your favourites? 

As always, chat soon! 


Friday, 11 November 2016

Christmas Show: Birmingham

When is it acceptable to start celebrating Christmas?  Many people have different views when asked this question, some would say as soon as Halloween finishes... and others would say, a few days before Christmas Eve.. which end of the spectrum are you? 

Well I went to a Christmas Show on Thursday the 10th of November, of course there was Christmas music playing, there were tons and tons of stands that were selling various gifts for you to buy as Christmas presents, there was also a giant snow globe that you could stand inside, and many many Christmas decorations everywhere. Even though it was fun looking at all the gift ideas, and it did make me happy seeing all the pretty decorations and hearing the jolly Christmas music... it didn't make me feel 'Christmassy'.. is that weird? After I had finished or even while I was there I had no excitement for Christmas, I had a good day of course, it just had no effect on me! Maybe it's a bit too soon for me.

This made me laugh, it's SO true.. right girls??
I didn't actually buy any Christmas presents so maybe that's why, or maybe it was just too early for me to think about it. I know it's always good to buy presents early though, get in before the rush... but to be honest I'd rather buy gifts online, so much less hassle, I know I'm boring. 

Well here's a little post on my day out at the Christmas Show in Birmingham at the NEC. It's on over the weekend I believe, so you still have the chance to get yourselves there! You do have to pay for a ticket, but it's not that expensive, it's also cheaper if you buy it online rather than when you are there, if I remember correctly it costs £8 online and £11 if you buy the ticket on the door. Although I would suggest getting it online because of how crazily busy it'll be at the weekend. Also if you're struggling with gift ideas for anyone this will help you out, there's so many goodies, for adults to children, there's everything. Also a favourite thing of mine was that for most of the stands they're hand made gifts that the people running the stand has made, so it's all pretty cool stuff. 

Worst. photo. ever.

Examples of things you can buy are... kids toys, a range of different flavoured alcohol (my favourite thing was that most stands with food or drink always have a tester bit, don't you just love free stuff?), handmade Christmas decorations, Make up products, Cheese, Chocolate, Jam, Skin products, Books, Garden items, Household items, Christmas cards, Wall art, there was also stands where you could sit down and get things done like curl your hair, polish your shoes, do you make up, try out some virtual reality goggles etc, sponsor stands for animals, driving experience sign ups, candles, and so much more... I can't list it all, if I actually had a notebook and noted down all the stands then sure, but I didn't. 

I took a few pictures so you get the idea of what it is, there was also some singers that sung throughout the day, I was told that one of them was an X Factor contestant from last year but I don't watch it so I have no idea who he was! If you don't like busy 'market' like shopping experiences then you probably won't enjoy this, it was extremely busy and this was a Thursday, I dread to think what it will be like this weekend. One guy at a stall actually said to us that he was running low on stock, he best get re-stocking... 

It's something fun to do with friends or family, and as I said before if you are unsure on what gifts to buy this place will give you so many ideas, especially if you're looking for something more quirky and different as well. 

If you go along let me know what you thought, or if you've been before. This was my first time going, and I think I'd go again next year and buy some Christmas gifts too! 

As always, chat soon!


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How to make: White Chocolate Cookies!

Good evening, hope you all have a great day! 

I should probably mention that I have dropped from doing a few posts a week to just one... I've just been a little busy, and soon I'll probably be busy nearly like every day but I will always do at least one post a week! Adult life, it's not fun. Of course I'm joking, but having this blog while at University was easier to maintain than it is now. 

Anyway enough of that, I decided to write a blog post on something that I've baked as it's been a little while since I've done a little cooking post. I used to make these all the time when I was younger and so I thought I'd bring it back and make them again! I've chosen white chocolate but to be honest you can do any type of chocolate, milk, dark, mint, even go crazy and use some white and raspberry chocolate (madness). 

Here's what you'll need: 

115g of soft butter
115g of light brown sugar
1 egg
250g of self-raising flour
125g of white chocolate (which you'll chop up) 

So it's quite a basic recipe and quick and easy to do... probably why it was something I loved making when I was younger! 

Here's the steps and some pictures of me making them... 

Step 1. 

Preheat the oven, put it on about 190 degrees. Also to get you all prepared get some large baking trays, this will make 24 cookies, and when you put them in the oven they expand so you'll need at least two large baking trays with grease-proof paper on them, if you're worried that they may stick still you can put some butter on to grease it a little more, but just normal baking paper does it fine for me. You'll probably find that you'll cook a bunch on the trays and then will spoon some more of the mixture onto the tray and cook them separately... I guess it depends how big your oven is.

Step 2. 

Measure out the sugar and butter and put them in a large bowl, so that's 115g of both the butter and the sugar. If you have an electric whisk then beat that mixture until it's fluffy and if you have to do it by hand, it shouldn't take too long. 

Sugar & butter mixed

Step 3. 

Crack an egg into a jug and lightly beat it and whilst you beat the sugar and butter mixture gradually add the egg into the bowl. 

Beaten egg added & mixed

Step 4. 

Sift 250g of flour into the large bowl and again mix it well, so it's all blended together. This is where it looks less like a normal cake mixture as it's less creamy and well, more cookie like...(explained well there). 

Sifted flour added & mixed

Step 5. 

Get 125g of white chocolate and chop it into smaller chunks, not too small, you want to bite into the cookie and have a good little chunk of white chocolate. Stir the chunks in well so they're all spread out, you don't want to find that you make a cookie with no chocolate in it at all. 

White Choc chopped

White choc added & stirred in

Step 6. 

Get a heaped spoonful and place it onto the baking tray, you don't need too much because as I said before they will expand, so don't put too many on the tray either and make sure there's a big enough gap between them all. 

Heaped spoonful evenly spread

Then place them in the oven for about 12 minutes and keep on eye on them, if they look golden brown then they are all done and ready to be put on a cooling rack. 

And that's it! 24 yummy white chocolate cookies, and as I said before you can do different types of chocolate, you could split the recipe and do half with white chocolate and half with milk. 


They only take about 20 minutes altogether to get them prepared and cooked, quick and easy! You can use a cookie shape cutter so when they cook they make that shape, or if you wanted them circular shaped you can use one, I used to use a circle shaped one when I was younger so that they were perfectly round like normal cookies, but I didn't today... still taste good though!

Hope you enjoyed my post, and if you make these, hope you enjoy them! As always, chat soon. 


Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Things I love: October Edition

I usually do this at the end of the month but we're only into November by one day! Here are my monthly loves, enjoy. 

What I watched: 

Something that I have enjoyed this month is Stranger Things. I feel it suits the month well, a bit spooky, goes well with a Halloween themed month. I have done a post on my favourite Netflix shows recently which this is on, you can read about it >here< but it's so so so so good.  All the characters are great, every episode is tense, you can't guess what's going to happen, and it just draws you in so much, it's very hard to just watch one episode and not the rest with it... I'd recommend anyone to watch this if you're looking for something new to watch. 

What I snapped: 

I feel like there's a lot to pick from this month... firstly, I have a new cat called Otis and so I have taken a good amount of pictures of him, I just can't help myself and try to take selfies with the cat, anyone else do this with their pets? He clearly had enough in this one though... 

I also had a little Halloween party and so here's some pictures from that. 

What I wore: 

Well I have quite a large bundle of clothing that I bought last month so there's a selection, I might actually do a little haul of the clothes I got at some point. But for now I'll say my new black lace playsuit... I got 2 one with short sleeves and one with long, they aren't exactly the same but they're both black lace with the back being lace as well so they're see-through but they are very pretty. I wore one for my Halloween costume as you just saw. One was from Primark which is the short sleeved one, and the other was from Forever 21, both decent prices. 

What I did: 

I'd say the week up to Halloween weekend and that weekend was all pretty good. The weekend before was a good one, a tad busy, but me and my boyfriend went into town to get halloween decorations, costume stuff, and just general halloween things and it was quite fun. Then of course the next weekend we spent a lot of the day getting it all ready, carving pumpkins, making cakes, and the best bit getting into your costume. 

What I ate: 

The best thing I ate is probably a burger from Buddies. I went to Buddies for lunch with some friends and they have the best menu. The burgers are always amazing, weird names, but tasty. I had a beef burger with two hash browns, bacon and sauce... I know that's not a great description but I can't remember it all to be honest.But if you have Buddies by you and you haven't been before you should go. It's an American style restaurant so the portions are big, and you can pay extra to have bigger burgers. 

What I drank: 

Tea. Lots of tea. Recently I've been feeling so tired all the time and the only thing that wakes me up and gets me motivated is a good ol' cuppa. I'm probably addicted to tea now but oh well, it just tastes great.

Where I went: 

I haven't gone to many exciting places this month... I actually spent about 3 weeks of it really ill and couldn't eat without being sick and couldn't stand up without almost fainting, good times. So I'd say just being at home recovering was nice, that's as good as this part gets.

What I used: 

The app I'll choose this time is Tuber Simulator which is a game by the youtuber Pewdiepie. It's so addictive, I can't stop going on it. You're basically a youtuber and you can buy things to make your room look cool, you create videos and gain more and more views and subscribers. You also have quests to complete daily, and sometimes there's some cool events on too. I, of course, have called my channel "chloe chats" maybe that dream will come true soon... once I'm not too scared to make a video and have the right stuff so it doesn't look rubbish. 

Thanks for reading, what's some of your October favourites? As always, chat soon!


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

My favourite Netflix shows

Good evening! Hope you all had a good day. I was writing down a list of things that I could blog about and a lot of them are Halloween themed, of course, it is October after all. But I watch tons of Netflix, it's something I'm on a lot, when I have free time I always love to start a series and once I do I can't stop watching it. I watch more series' than films on Netflix, and I also watch a lot of old things... that's what I love about Netflix. I have a huge list on my account that I want to watch, I have about 15 things on there at the moment, and so I thought I'd share my favourite shows at the moment that I am watching or have recently watched. 

So something that I finished in a day, yes I watched a whole series in a day, although it isn't a very long series... but it was about 8 hours worth. I had time that day, don't judge me. 

Stranger Things. 

I absolutely loved it, you know how sometimes you sit down and start watching a series and you might get a few odd episodes in it that are just not very interesting, and are more like filler episodes but sometimes it can put you off watching the next episode well, this is the complete opposite. Every episode is so engaging and something major happens in each episode that you just have to watch the next one, it's very hard to stop watching. It's new-ish so I don't want to write any spoilers because I know some of you might want to watch it but have yet to. All the kids in it are great, and I am very excited for the next series! It's a Sci-Fi/Thriller genre, and it can be a little creepy at parts, but it's not super scary so if you were holding back because you thought it might be too scary, it's not too bad. So go watch it now! 

Another favourite show of mine to watch is, Orange is the new Black. 

There's four seasons so if you start it now you have quite a bit to catch up on but it won't take you long, there's 13 episodes per season and they're an hour long except the last episode in each season is usually a little bit longer. I'm currently on season 4 episode 5 so I haven't even finished it yet but I'm pretty close to the end which is sad because I'll have to find something new to watch. It's a female prison drama that can be funny, serious and pretty emotional sometimes. The main gist of it is, it's about the females in the prison trying to carry out their sentences with lots of drama getting in the way for them all. You get flashbacks of some of the girls stories of how they got in there in the first place and you also get the stories of the prison guards and what their life is like and they also get themselves into a lot of drama too. Something happens every episode and it never fails to shock you, some things that happen are absolutely crazy but it's so entertaining and engaging. You get to know and love a lot of characters and it must be good if I'm still watching it! It does contain some brutal scenes that consist of beatings or even murders, and also there is a fair bit of nudity and sexual scenes/references. 

There is another season to be released next year I believe so if you an avid watcher we all have that to look forward to and see what happens next to the characters! 

A favourite thing of mine about Netflix is watching a really old series and so my next choice is:

Gossip Girl.  

This is quite old.. and has 6 seasons with about 20ish episodes in each season except for the last season which has 10 episodes. It's very entertaining, again something always happens in every episode but this is a bit more silly at times. There's things that happen that you can guess would happen, or things that just get out of hand and it can be quite silly, but that's why I love it. The characters are all lovable and there's always certain characters that you will ship and think belong together, but most of them all mix up and end up in relationships across some season. So it's about these kids that are from the upper east side that are all ridiculously wealthy and can pretty much do anything, with a little mix of kids from down town Brooklyn who try and enter the lifestyle of the upper east side. There's lots of drama, who's the Queen B at the school etc, and you watch the main characters get older and head off to college and get jobs, and become successful, or unsuccessful. You also get the drama of the parents which also makes it interesting, it's very family orientated. There's also lots of brutal scenes in this which consists of beatings, people almost dying, people actually dying... but it's all very entertaining. Throughout the whole thing there's a website which is called Gossip Girl which as the name suggests this Gossip Girl posts things about the main characters that usually creates most of the drama, and they get all this information to publish through people that send it in to them. As well as the story lines of the characters, a big plot is who is Gossip Girl, and you don't find out till the very end. I'd say now I know, it can be quite easy to work out... but I still found it a little shocking. It's very good and when I finished it I was quite sad there was no more to watch. So yes, if you're looking for something quite light and easy going and something that makes you keep wanting to watch more this is good to watch. 

There's so much on Netflix and I could go on a list so much but these are the most recent top shows for me. What do you watch on Netflix? Maybe someone can give me a new series to watch, that would be fab. 

My next post will be Halloween themed, so I will see you then, as always, chat soon!