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So I missed out on starting the week but here's my new Wednesdays. Now I know it's a little different and it's something that only a few might be into but it's something I enjoy and I've called it 'weeaboo wednesdays' because it goes well together but I wouldn't describe myself as a weeaboo, I'm just someone that watches anime and reads manga from time to time, I don't watch or read 24/7 but maybe once a month or something I'll sit and watch a series and so on. 

I watched this movie probably a month ago now but I thought I'd give it a little review. So it's Psycho-Pass the Movie, which I found out about after watching the first and second season of Psycho-Pass. I loved the series a lot, I remember watching the first few episodes in the first series and I found it difficult to get into for some reason, I just didn't find it that interesting but I decided to carry on and as the episodes went on it just gripped me, I just wanted to keep watching it to see what would happen next. So it didn't take me too long to watch them both, and I don't know if I'm the only one but I preferred the second series to the first, even though the second one didn't have kougami in it (sad times) but I don't know what I enjoyed more about it, but I ended up scoring the first one 8 out of 10 and the second one 9 out of 10. I then scored the movie 10 out of 10, aha see the pattern there? I guess I just thought it got better and better. 

I'd say technically you don't have to watch the series before the movie but I'd advise it, it's a new story so that's why you don't have to watch the series first and there are different characters with a few returning ones so I guess if you wanted to know more about the main character it might be good to watch the series, and the Sibyl system isn't really explained too much as it's all been said in the series so I'd say it would be a good idea to watch the series before the movie. I've seen some reviews of the movie and most are disappointed by it, maybe just because I love the series I love the film. 

The movie is about the Sibyl System beginning to get exported to troubled countries, and the South East Asia Union brings it in as an experiment, and the coastal town of Shambala Float achieves temporary peace, however the SEAUn send terrorists to Japan. Back in the main office of the Sibyl System they believe it's a certain someone involved in this act (you'll know who if you watch it aha), so Tsunemori (the main character of the movie, and the series) who is in charge of the police travels to Shambala Float to investigate, which you then find out what's really going on. 

I enjoyed all the action, and the story wasn't bad, it wasn't just the usual characters which some may be disappointed by but I thought it was kinda nice to bring in new people, gives it a little change. I'd watch it again, and if you enjoyed the series I don't think the movie will ruin it for you, it may not make everyone pleased but I enjoyed it. 

Hope you enjoyed my little review! Have you seen it? What's your favourite anime? 

Chat soon, 

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  1. I had the same problem with BLEACH, I couldn't get into it but tried again (a year later haha) and got hooked from the start, my other half tends to start watching anime's without me (he did start Psycho Pass but didn't finish it) and i get hooked halfway then have to restart, he's really into Sword Art Online (kept being pestered to watch it) so started it, I'm only 8 episodes in and because of him rewatching it all the time I've seen all the episodes so far.

    1. Ah a long time ago I had a watch of bleach! I had the problem of not being able to get into it but I do want to carry on it with at some point! I love Psycho Pass, my other half watches anime too and I keep trying to get him to watch it aha, but I have also seen a bit of Sword Art online and that's another one I need to carry on!