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So I know it isn't Wednesday (it's Thursday), but I had an extremely busy day yesterday going off to London and going to the theatre to see Blood Brothers (Really good by the way aha), and I didn't have anything lined up to quickly post for this! So I am doing it now... 

I decided to go down the Studio Ghibli route because I'm sure a lot of people have seen at least one Ghibli film... (if not then please do), but I want to do a little list of my top 3 that I absolutely love and would recommend for you to watch! And you don't have to be an anime fan to watch these, they're brilliant movies, the story lines are always heart warming, and the art is amazing, and the lead characters are always really good! And also if you're looking for a shorter movie to watch some of them aren't as long, and they just have really good messages in them really!

So my first choice (these aren't going to be in order, I don't know if I could choose an order for these films...) But it's Whisper of the Heart

This is quite an inspiring film, it's very cute and it's just really enjoyable to watch. It's about a girl who loves to read, and she finds that every book she gets out of the library someone has always previously checked them out before her and she's intrigued into finding out who this boy is. She finds out and also gets quite fond of an antique shop that she finds one day where she meets an old man (who you find out who he is and so on, I don't want to spoil anything) but the boy gets an opportunity to go away for a few months to study in Italy to fulfil his dream. They like each other of course, but she feels like she needs to be better for him by also trying to find a dream so she decides to write a story whilst he is away. I won't go on any further but it's such a heart warming film and it also makes you think. If you haven't watched any Ghibli's and don't know where to start I'd say this is a pretty good choice! 

Next one is The Cat Returns! Now what I didn't mention is that in Whisper of the Heart in the antique shop she learns about this cat statue who is called the Baron. And so this film which is a short film links in with this cat statue. 

This film is about a girl who has an ability to talk to cats... now this film sounds silly and yes it is but it also has a good message to it. So she saves the cat prince as it crosses a road and nearly gets hit and at the time she just saw him as a normal cat, (of course you would!) but little did she know the cats wanted to thank her! Basically from there things happen that aren't good and the Baron is someone who helps her out and tells her the important message of believing in herself and never giving up, and a film with that message really makes you feel good, that's what I find anyway, and I just find most Ghibli's to be really clever in that way. 

My last choice is Howl's Moving Castle! I've seen this a lot, like over 20 times probably... but if you like something why not watch it over and over! 

So this ones about a girl called Sophie who has an encounter with Howl, who's a mysterious wizard, when she gets rescued by him from some soldiers, however this then grabs the attention of the witch of the waste who then visits Sophie and puts a curse on her so she looks like an old woman! So she goes off to find this mysterious wizard Howl to get the curse lifted, and she gets help from a scarecrow who adds to the plot later on... but you'll find out if you watch! It's a good film, it's really enjoyable, the story line is good, obviously the art is amazing... just watch it. 

And that's my list of my 3 favourite Ghibli films! Hope you enjoyed reading, have you seen any? If so what are your favourites? Recommend me some! (If I haven't already seen it.. and I've watched quite a few) 

Chat soon, 

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  1. Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite Ghibli film, if you haven't check out the books, another of my faves is Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Arriety and Princess Mononoke. I have The Wind Rises but not got round to watching yet

    1. Yeah I love Howl's Moving Castle, I should defo check out the books! Ah yes I love all them too aha, I watch so many, a few months ago me and my partner were going through Ghibli's and just having a little spree of watching a load, I'm yet to watch The Wind Rises as well, I like Grave of the fireflies too although it's a little sad!