Things I love: September

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Hello all!

First of all I just want to apologise for the no posts for over a week! I moved back to Uni last week and this week gone has just been crazy busy! As well as seeing all my friends again and having a little fun for the freshers week, and my birthday, and running a society, it has just been too hectic to get a blog post done.

As it's near to the end of September I shall do my Things I love: September post!

What I watched:
I feel like I've watched barely anything this month but I'm going to go with Doctor Who! So the new series started last week so I sat down and watched that (Although I missed the episode the other day so I do need to catch up!) but it was just nice having it back on the TV, it isn't on as much as it used to be and I've always been a big fan of Doctor Who, but yeah can't wait for the rest of the series!

What I snapped:
I literally don't think I have taken any photos... but I'll choose a picture that was taken by someone else and I think I'll choose one from home just before coming back to Uni as I had a really nice Summer, and had some good nights out with friends! 

What I wore:
I'll say a present I got for my birthday, it's a playsuit from Boohoo and I love it! It looks more like a dress but it's something that I keep on wearing for nights out, which isn't good wearing the same thing over and over, but also good because it shows how much I love it aha! 

What I did:
I'd say my birthday for this, I moved back into Uni the day before and then on my birthday I had a nice lunch with my family and then in the evening me and my housemates and a few others went out, and it was the first night out with everyone moved in so it was just really fun. 

What I ate:
Well, I haven't cooked many amazing meals recently but I'm really enjoying veggie burgers at the moment, I'm not a vegetarian but they just taste so good, if I didn't love chicken so much I could probably be a vegetarian because that's the only meat I eat and I could live off veggie burgers...

What I drank: 
I don't really have a favourite drink for the month really.. so I don't really know what to say other than good ol' english tea. I probably have one every day, so it must be a favourite. 

Where I went:
So this is more like an event for where I went and again I'm going to say Saturday just gone I had a joint birthday party (I celebrated my birthday 3 times), and we had a Hawaiian themed party with a load of friends and it was a good night before lectures and that started back today! Everyone seemed to have a good night from what they and I can remember aha but it was very fun and there were some funny moments!

What I used: 
This one is meant to be an app that you used and loved for the month but again I find it's quite difficult to think of one.. so I'm just going to change it to any product that I have used. I'm going to say the Cosmopolitan The Fragrance, I got it as a free sample when I bought some other products and it smells so good. I've used the free sample up now but I wish I could afford to buy a bottle of it, if you can and you're looking for a new fragrance I'd recommend this one! 

What's your love list for September?!

Chat soon!


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