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So, I saw inthefrow's new video on youtube called, 'August Love List' you can watch it here if you want to have a look: video but I just thought it was a really good idea and it's something different so I thought I'd have a go!

What I watched:
The idea for this one is to choose a favourite film or television programme that you have watched this month that you really enjoyed, and you're meant to pick just one but I'm going to say a film and a series, that should be allowed right?
So for favourite film over this month, I went to the cinema nearer to the end of the month so it can still count! But I went to see the new Mission Impossible, and it was so good. It was so intense all the way through, every moment you're just like oh god this is going to go wrong but at the same time you know it never does go wrong but it still make it feel so intense! I'd recommend that you go see this! 

For a series I'm going to pick Attack on Titan, and yes I'm so behind with the whole craze over this that happened when it first came out which is a good while ago now! But I enjoyed it, better late than never eh? I found it intense and it was quite heartbreaking really, but overall I feel it's a good watch!

What I snapped: 
I haven't took many pictures this month and also my phone is so badly cracked and damaged that pictures don't turn out great on it. But I'll choose the picture from Bloodstock back in the beginning of the month as I had such a good time and it's a good memory to have!

This isn't the one from my phone as the quality is so bad but it's the festival so :)

What I wore: 
I recently went through my wardrobe and sorted through it as I had a load I haven't wore for years and I came across this nice dress that is black and has little flowers on it and I remember a good few years ago I used to wear it a lot, so I tried it on and I just loved it all over again!

What I did: 
I'd say just for the end of August I visited my boyfriend and stayed for just over a week and it was nice to see him and spend a lot of time together, it was just a nice relaxing week, with occasional days out like going to the cinema, going to a museum and shopping round Birmingham. But I'd also say seeing old friends back home, as I go to Uni and I'm there for most of the year so catching up with people is always really nice to do. 

What I ate: 
I'm going to say the pasta bake I've been making recently which I will take with me when I go back to Uni in a few weeks! But it's just pasta with a tomato-y sauce, with herbs, cut up bacon which gives it a really nice flavour, and I also make a vegetarian one for my brother which is also just as good. And generally pasta bakes are super quick and easy to make. 

What I drank: 
I had some rhubarb cider and it was the nicest thing ever. It's probably difficult to find it in many other places as this was at a festival but it was just so sweet, and you could barely taste the cider, it was like rhubarb juice, but I also love cider so I'd drink it on its own as well. 

Where I went: 
I'd probably just say Bloodstock again, I've done many other things like visit friends and go cinema and so on but as this was such a big event I thought I'd choose this. As said before I really enjoyed it and it was the first festival I've been to, which was nice to have the festival experience, I only stopped in a tent over night the once and then travelled back and forth the next day but it was good! I'd only recommend if you're into heavy metal music, but also the weather was really sunny so it was just nice to chill and listen to music and so on!

What I heard:
I'm going to say quite a jokey one.. but I love it. So there's a band called Evil Scarecrow and there's two of their songs that I can't stop listening to. And I'd recommend to watch videos of them singing it live because it's all about the audience participation. But the two songs are Robototron and Crabulon, and they're both just fab.

What I used: 
I'll probably just go with Snapchat, the general one that everyone will probably say but I just like messing about on it, when you're bored and you just find yourself sending weird snapchats to friends, it's just a little bit of entertainment for a few minutes aha. 

Hope you enjoyed my August love list, and yes I have been away for a week, as I said I've just been away spending a week at my boyfriends so the lack of posts was because of that but I should be back on top of things now! And as I said in my last post I have set ones on certain days so thats how my blog should go from now on. Hope you've had a good month! What things have you been loving? 

Chat soon, 

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