Decorating your new room at University

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As said before I now post on certain days with certain posts, and today is an advice monday! I enjoy talking about things that might help others and I thought Monday's are usually the days where people are like "ugh start of the week!" So I thought it went well together! 

Today's advice Monday will be about some tips for University, as it's the beginning of September it's the time where people will go off and start their first year of Uni! And it can be quite a scary but very exciting thought. I thought I'd talk about what things are handy to bring with you, and what you could bring with you to make you feel more comfortable as you're away from home. 

For most Uni is the first time that you live away from home and because you've been living at home all your life it can be a little shock with how much you have to do... but here's a little section on what I'd recommend you bring with you to your new room!

1. Lots of photos of friends and family. One of the nicest things is to have a photo wall, and especially being away from everyone back home that you're used to being around all the time, you miss them. Having a little personalised photo wall just makes the room your own, and feel more homely, and throughout the year meeting new friends you can add to it! Have a whole wall covered in photos! 

2. I think fairy lights are always a good thing to have, they're really cute and pretty and it just makes the room look homely, and also you can get them in so many shops at a really cheap price. Draped on the bed or over the window or anywhere really they just look good! 

These pictures are my second year house but I didn't have many good pictures of my room in halls for first year!

3. I know that in many halls you can't have candles because they'll set off the fire alarms so when you do have your own house for second and third year I'd recommend candles if your landlord allows you to but I think they're handy when you're sitting in your room doing some work it's quite relaxing and calming to have a good smelling candle lit! Also it just looks nice, so going along with the look with halls you can buy fake candles that look quite cool.. (maybe it's just me aha.) 

You'd think being a student my shelf would be more full..
4. I'd recommend having some posters! When you get to your room the day you move in, it is very bland, the walls are usually painted a contemporary colour and there's not much going on so I'd say bring some posters (or usually Uni's will have cheap poster sales), and just cover your walls, or set them out in a neat way, I just put mine anywhere. It just makes the room feel your own instead of just a room that you're living in for a year, which it is but you want it to feel like a second home! 

yes those are Halloween decorations...
I think these are some good little things you can take with you to make your room feel comfortable and homely, obviously bring the essentials like bedding, clothes/shoes, maybe some storage boxes, books/dvds, TV if you wanted it (I didn't bother, I didn't miss watching television!), Laptop and anything you need for your course (like notebooks, books you need to read, stationary..), and then other stuff for cooking, and basic items really, I'm sure you know all them! 

If you're starting Uni this September have fun! First year is a very fun year and I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. What things would you bring to decorate your room? 

Hope you enjoyed reading! :) 

Chat soon,

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