Advice for De-stressing

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So it's another Advice Monday... and I thought I'd have some tips on how to de-stress!

It's not very nice to feel stressed, and sometimes when you are stressed the smallest things just get to you, and it can be quite hard to get that relief that you need so here are some helpful tips that help me out when I get a little too stressed out! 

1. Music. 
This is a big one for me but sometimes when you're stressed out and you're just in a bad mood and you have no idea how you can lift it and you just want to lie in bed and sleep away the day, I'd say putting on your favourite song or album that you can sing a long to! I don't know how it does it but it never fails to work, music just has a way of cheering you up, even if you just have a lie down and put on some music I guarantee you'll feel a little better, and maybe the problems that you're stressing over you'll be able to think of a good solution to fix them. 

2. Talk to a friend/partner/family
Sometimes you're just got so many things on your mind that are stressing you out and you just need some help on how to overcome these and I'd say chatting to someone you're close to, even if it's just having a phone call with someone to cheer you up and help you out with solutions. It's nice to get out whatever is troubling you and having someone to help you out with ideas, because sometimes you're just too stressed out to even think of solutions! 

3. Go outside, or go out with friends!
If you're stressing out over work or maybe you have an essay to write and you're just having a mental block and it's really getting to you, going out even if it's just for an hour or even less to have a little break forgetting about it, and having something to do that can distract you for a little while and then go back to it! I'm pretty sure as well if you're stuck indoors at a computer screen just typing away it's good to get some fresh air, it will give you a break and also it'll be good for your brain. 

4. Exercise
I know when you see people suggest this you're just like doing exercise will not make me feel better, it'll just make me tired! But it's the complete opposite... it can be hard to motivate yourself to do it to begin with and whilst you're exercising you might find it hard but you don't have to do much if you didn't want to or aren't used to doing it! Maybe even a quick yoga session, or a little jog, or some muscle exercises, I can guarantee afterwards you'll feel much more awake and for the rest of the day you'll feel happy, after I do some sort of exercise after I feel so buzzed and just really happy so I think this is a really good idea. 

5. Tidy your room..
This might sound odd, but if you're at your laptop doing an essay and you're room is a mess, for some people it can really help you to work in a tidy room. I wouldn't say this is a big one for me but when you tidy your room afterwards you're like, 'this is so much better, it's so clean!' right? Or is that just me, I love having a tidy room, although it doesn't take long to be untidy again! But sometimes if you're feeling stressed and in a bad mood, having a tidy room is quite good. Tidy room, tidy mind? This might work for some! 

I hope these tips can help! Does anyone else do any of these to make themselves feel better? 

Chat soon!


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  1. Music helps a lot and cuddling with my pets. :D
    I love working out. It´s part of my daily routine and if I don´t do it, I feel like I´ve missed something.

    1. aw yeah, cuddling with pets is always good way to de-stress!