Monday, 28 September 2015

Things I love: September

Hello all!

First of all I just want to apologise for the no posts for over a week! I moved back to Uni last week and this week gone has just been crazy busy! As well as seeing all my friends again and having a little fun for the freshers week, and my birthday, and running a society, it has just been too hectic to get a blog post done.

As it's near to the end of September I shall do my Things I love: September post!

What I watched:
I feel like I've watched barely anything this month but I'm going to go with Doctor Who! So the new series started last week so I sat down and watched that (Although I missed the episode the other day so I do need to catch up!) but it was just nice having it back on the TV, it isn't on as much as it used to be and I've always been a big fan of Doctor Who, but yeah can't wait for the rest of the series!

What I snapped:
I literally don't think I have taken any photos... but I'll choose a picture that was taken by someone else and I think I'll choose one from home just before coming back to Uni as I had a really nice Summer, and had some good nights out with friends! 

What I wore:
I'll say a present I got for my birthday, it's a playsuit from Boohoo and I love it! It looks more like a dress but it's something that I keep on wearing for nights out, which isn't good wearing the same thing over and over, but also good because it shows how much I love it aha! 

What I did:
I'd say my birthday for this, I moved back into Uni the day before and then on my birthday I had a nice lunch with my family and then in the evening me and my housemates and a few others went out, and it was the first night out with everyone moved in so it was just really fun. 

What I ate:
Well, I haven't cooked many amazing meals recently but I'm really enjoying veggie burgers at the moment, I'm not a vegetarian but they just taste so good, if I didn't love chicken so much I could probably be a vegetarian because that's the only meat I eat and I could live off veggie burgers...

What I drank: 
I don't really have a favourite drink for the month really.. so I don't really know what to say other than good ol' english tea. I probably have one every day, so it must be a favourite. 

Where I went:
So this is more like an event for where I went and again I'm going to say Saturday just gone I had a joint birthday party (I celebrated my birthday 3 times), and we had a Hawaiian themed party with a load of friends and it was a good night before lectures and that started back today! Everyone seemed to have a good night from what they and I can remember aha but it was very fun and there were some funny moments!

What I used: 
This one is meant to be an app that you used and loved for the month but again I find it's quite difficult to think of one.. so I'm just going to change it to any product that I have used. I'm going to say the Cosmopolitan The Fragrance, I got it as a free sample when I bought some other products and it smells so good. I've used the free sample up now but I wish I could afford to buy a bottle of it, if you can and you're looking for a new fragrance I'd recommend this one! 

What's your love list for September?!

Chat soon!


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Tales of Xillia Review

So I thought I'd write about something different other than an anime or a film, and the thing that crossed my mind was this game: Tales of Xillia. 

I don't know if you're into gaming or what not, but this is a really good game! It's on the PS3 and is known as a Japanese Role-playing game, however it is the thirteenth product of the Tale series, it was just the first one I had played. It's developed by Namco Tales Studio with Namco Bandai games as the publisher. 

It is quite an old game and I have also played it a good while ago but also quite recently too. I'd say it's something you can play to complete it but also it's not exactly boring and it's got a good story to it so you could easily play through it again, and also there's two stories you can play: Milla's or Jude's. 

The two main characters Milla and Jude are most of the time with each other so playing their character a lot of the time just means you can use that character for the parts where you're walking, and some of the cut scenes may be different, and as I said there are moments that they aren't together so some of the story will be different so I'd say it's good to have a go at playing both. 

So the plot of this game is that it takes place in a fictional world called Rieze Maxia where humans and ethereal spirits live in peace, and it follows Milla and Jude who have to dodge the government officials after sabotaging a weapon of mass destruction known as the Lance of Kresnik. From there Milla has a mission she must do but I won't go on anymore!

It's a long game which I think is good! Better it long and good then buying a short game that isn't too good being finished after only playing for a few hours. It consists of having the story and walking about, talking to people, to many battles if you bump into a monster. There's also many boss battles and so you have to train up your team with fighting monsters, that way you can get new skills and so on!

And obviously as you get further into your journey you meet people on the way that join your team, and they add to the story, and kind of have their only little stories to add to it. Whilst you're walking about and not in battles there's also little skits which is enjoyable to listen to and can be quite humorous.  

I'll be honest I haven't completed the game yet, I've played both Jude and Milla and with Milla I am literally near to the end of the game I just haven't had the chance to play it but I love playing it, I could sit for hours just playing it. It's quite an old game now and I'm sure now it shouldn't be too expensive to buy but I'd recommend it! 

Thanks for reading, have you played it? Or are there any games you would recommend? 
Chat soon!


Monday, 14 September 2015

Advice for De-stressing

So it's another Advice Monday... and I thought I'd have some tips on how to de-stress!

It's not very nice to feel stressed, and sometimes when you are stressed the smallest things just get to you, and it can be quite hard to get that relief that you need so here are some helpful tips that help me out when I get a little too stressed out! 

1. Music. 
This is a big one for me but sometimes when you're stressed out and you're just in a bad mood and you have no idea how you can lift it and you just want to lie in bed and sleep away the day, I'd say putting on your favourite song or album that you can sing a long to! I don't know how it does it but it never fails to work, music just has a way of cheering you up, even if you just have a lie down and put on some music I guarantee you'll feel a little better, and maybe the problems that you're stressing over you'll be able to think of a good solution to fix them. 

2. Talk to a friend/partner/family
Sometimes you're just got so many things on your mind that are stressing you out and you just need some help on how to overcome these and I'd say chatting to someone you're close to, even if it's just having a phone call with someone to cheer you up and help you out with solutions. It's nice to get out whatever is troubling you and having someone to help you out with ideas, because sometimes you're just too stressed out to even think of solutions! 

3. Go outside, or go out with friends!
If you're stressing out over work or maybe you have an essay to write and you're just having a mental block and it's really getting to you, going out even if it's just for an hour or even less to have a little break forgetting about it, and having something to do that can distract you for a little while and then go back to it! I'm pretty sure as well if you're stuck indoors at a computer screen just typing away it's good to get some fresh air, it will give you a break and also it'll be good for your brain. 

4. Exercise
I know when you see people suggest this you're just like doing exercise will not make me feel better, it'll just make me tired! But it's the complete opposite... it can be hard to motivate yourself to do it to begin with and whilst you're exercising you might find it hard but you don't have to do much if you didn't want to or aren't used to doing it! Maybe even a quick yoga session, or a little jog, or some muscle exercises, I can guarantee afterwards you'll feel much more awake and for the rest of the day you'll feel happy, after I do some sort of exercise after I feel so buzzed and just really happy so I think this is a really good idea. 

5. Tidy your room..
This might sound odd, but if you're at your laptop doing an essay and you're room is a mess, for some people it can really help you to work in a tidy room. I wouldn't say this is a big one for me but when you tidy your room afterwards you're like, 'this is so much better, it's so clean!' right? Or is that just me, I love having a tidy room, although it doesn't take long to be untidy again! But sometimes if you're feeling stressed and in a bad mood, having a tidy room is quite good. Tidy room, tidy mind? This might work for some! 

I hope these tips can help! Does anyone else do any of these to make themselves feel better? 

Chat soon!


Thursday, 10 September 2015

My Favourite Studio Ghibli Films

So I know it isn't Wednesday (it's Thursday), but I had an extremely busy day yesterday going off to London and going to the theatre to see Blood Brothers (Really good by the way aha), and I didn't have anything lined up to quickly post for this! So I am doing it now... 

I decided to go down the Studio Ghibli route because I'm sure a lot of people have seen at least one Ghibli film... (if not then please do), but I want to do a little list of my top 3 that I absolutely love and would recommend for you to watch! And you don't have to be an anime fan to watch these, they're brilliant movies, the story lines are always heart warming, and the art is amazing, and the lead characters are always really good! And also if you're looking for a shorter movie to watch some of them aren't as long, and they just have really good messages in them really!

So my first choice (these aren't going to be in order, I don't know if I could choose an order for these films...) But it's Whisper of the Heart

This is quite an inspiring film, it's very cute and it's just really enjoyable to watch. It's about a girl who loves to read, and she finds that every book she gets out of the library someone has always previously checked them out before her and she's intrigued into finding out who this boy is. She finds out and also gets quite fond of an antique shop that she finds one day where she meets an old man (who you find out who he is and so on, I don't want to spoil anything) but the boy gets an opportunity to go away for a few months to study in Italy to fulfil his dream. They like each other of course, but she feels like she needs to be better for him by also trying to find a dream so she decides to write a story whilst he is away. I won't go on any further but it's such a heart warming film and it also makes you think. If you haven't watched any Ghibli's and don't know where to start I'd say this is a pretty good choice! 

Next one is The Cat Returns! Now what I didn't mention is that in Whisper of the Heart in the antique shop she learns about this cat statue who is called the Baron. And so this film which is a short film links in with this cat statue. 

This film is about a girl who has an ability to talk to cats... now this film sounds silly and yes it is but it also has a good message to it. So she saves the cat prince as it crosses a road and nearly gets hit and at the time she just saw him as a normal cat, (of course you would!) but little did she know the cats wanted to thank her! Basically from there things happen that aren't good and the Baron is someone who helps her out and tells her the important message of believing in herself and never giving up, and a film with that message really makes you feel good, that's what I find anyway, and I just find most Ghibli's to be really clever in that way. 

My last choice is Howl's Moving Castle! I've seen this a lot, like over 20 times probably... but if you like something why not watch it over and over! 

So this ones about a girl called Sophie who has an encounter with Howl, who's a mysterious wizard, when she gets rescued by him from some soldiers, however this then grabs the attention of the witch of the waste who then visits Sophie and puts a curse on her so she looks like an old woman! So she goes off to find this mysterious wizard Howl to get the curse lifted, and she gets help from a scarecrow who adds to the plot later on... but you'll find out if you watch! It's a good film, it's really enjoyable, the story line is good, obviously the art is amazing... just watch it. 

And that's my list of my 3 favourite Ghibli films! Hope you enjoyed reading, have you seen any? If so what are your favourites? Recommend me some! (If I haven't already seen it.. and I've watched quite a few) 

Chat soon, 

Monday, 7 September 2015

Decorating your new room at University

As said before I now post on certain days with certain posts, and today is an advice monday! I enjoy talking about things that might help others and I thought Monday's are usually the days where people are like "ugh start of the week!" So I thought it went well together! 

Today's advice Monday will be about some tips for University, as it's the beginning of September it's the time where people will go off and start their first year of Uni! And it can be quite a scary but very exciting thought. I thought I'd talk about what things are handy to bring with you, and what you could bring with you to make you feel more comfortable as you're away from home. 

For most Uni is the first time that you live away from home and because you've been living at home all your life it can be a little shock with how much you have to do... but here's a little section on what I'd recommend you bring with you to your new room!

1. Lots of photos of friends and family. One of the nicest things is to have a photo wall, and especially being away from everyone back home that you're used to being around all the time, you miss them. Having a little personalised photo wall just makes the room your own, and feel more homely, and throughout the year meeting new friends you can add to it! Have a whole wall covered in photos! 

2. I think fairy lights are always a good thing to have, they're really cute and pretty and it just makes the room look homely, and also you can get them in so many shops at a really cheap price. Draped on the bed or over the window or anywhere really they just look good! 

These pictures are my second year house but I didn't have many good pictures of my room in halls for first year!

3. I know that in many halls you can't have candles because they'll set off the fire alarms so when you do have your own house for second and third year I'd recommend candles if your landlord allows you to but I think they're handy when you're sitting in your room doing some work it's quite relaxing and calming to have a good smelling candle lit! Also it just looks nice, so going along with the look with halls you can buy fake candles that look quite cool.. (maybe it's just me aha.) 

You'd think being a student my shelf would be more full..
4. I'd recommend having some posters! When you get to your room the day you move in, it is very bland, the walls are usually painted a contemporary colour and there's not much going on so I'd say bring some posters (or usually Uni's will have cheap poster sales), and just cover your walls, or set them out in a neat way, I just put mine anywhere. It just makes the room feel your own instead of just a room that you're living in for a year, which it is but you want it to feel like a second home! 

yes those are Halloween decorations...
I think these are some good little things you can take with you to make your room feel comfortable and homely, obviously bring the essentials like bedding, clothes/shoes, maybe some storage boxes, books/dvds, TV if you wanted it (I didn't bother, I didn't miss watching television!), Laptop and anything you need for your course (like notebooks, books you need to read, stationary..), and then other stuff for cooking, and basic items really, I'm sure you know all them! 

If you're starting Uni this September have fun! First year is a very fun year and I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. What things would you bring to decorate your room? 

Hope you enjoyed reading! :) 

Chat soon,

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Psycho-Pass Movie Review

So I missed out on starting the week but here's my new Wednesdays. Now I know it's a little different and it's something that only a few might be into but it's something I enjoy and I've called it 'weeaboo wednesdays' because it goes well together but I wouldn't describe myself as a weeaboo, I'm just someone that watches anime and reads manga from time to time, I don't watch or read 24/7 but maybe once a month or something I'll sit and watch a series and so on. 

I watched this movie probably a month ago now but I thought I'd give it a little review. So it's Psycho-Pass the Movie, which I found out about after watching the first and second season of Psycho-Pass. I loved the series a lot, I remember watching the first few episodes in the first series and I found it difficult to get into for some reason, I just didn't find it that interesting but I decided to carry on and as the episodes went on it just gripped me, I just wanted to keep watching it to see what would happen next. So it didn't take me too long to watch them both, and I don't know if I'm the only one but I preferred the second series to the first, even though the second one didn't have kougami in it (sad times) but I don't know what I enjoyed more about it, but I ended up scoring the first one 8 out of 10 and the second one 9 out of 10. I then scored the movie 10 out of 10, aha see the pattern there? I guess I just thought it got better and better. 

I'd say technically you don't have to watch the series before the movie but I'd advise it, it's a new story so that's why you don't have to watch the series first and there are different characters with a few returning ones so I guess if you wanted to know more about the main character it might be good to watch the series, and the Sibyl system isn't really explained too much as it's all been said in the series so I'd say it would be a good idea to watch the series before the movie. I've seen some reviews of the movie and most are disappointed by it, maybe just because I love the series I love the film. 

The movie is about the Sibyl System beginning to get exported to troubled countries, and the South East Asia Union brings it in as an experiment, and the coastal town of Shambala Float achieves temporary peace, however the SEAUn send terrorists to Japan. Back in the main office of the Sibyl System they believe it's a certain someone involved in this act (you'll know who if you watch it aha), so Tsunemori (the main character of the movie, and the series) who is in charge of the police travels to Shambala Float to investigate, which you then find out what's really going on. 

I enjoyed all the action, and the story wasn't bad, it wasn't just the usual characters which some may be disappointed by but I thought it was kinda nice to bring in new people, gives it a little change. I'd watch it again, and if you enjoyed the series I don't think the movie will ruin it for you, it may not make everyone pleased but I enjoyed it. 

Hope you enjoyed my little review! Have you seen it? What's your favourite anime? 

Chat soon, 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Things I love: August

So, I saw inthefrow's new video on youtube called, 'August Love List' you can watch it here if you want to have a look: video but I just thought it was a really good idea and it's something different so I thought I'd have a go!

What I watched:
The idea for this one is to choose a favourite film or television programme that you have watched this month that you really enjoyed, and you're meant to pick just one but I'm going to say a film and a series, that should be allowed right?
So for favourite film over this month, I went to the cinema nearer to the end of the month so it can still count! But I went to see the new Mission Impossible, and it was so good. It was so intense all the way through, every moment you're just like oh god this is going to go wrong but at the same time you know it never does go wrong but it still make it feel so intense! I'd recommend that you go see this! 

For a series I'm going to pick Attack on Titan, and yes I'm so behind with the whole craze over this that happened when it first came out which is a good while ago now! But I enjoyed it, better late than never eh? I found it intense and it was quite heartbreaking really, but overall I feel it's a good watch!

What I snapped: 
I haven't took many pictures this month and also my phone is so badly cracked and damaged that pictures don't turn out great on it. But I'll choose the picture from Bloodstock back in the beginning of the month as I had such a good time and it's a good memory to have!
This isn't the one from my phone as the quality is so bad but it's the festival so :)

What I wore: 
I recently went through my wardrobe and sorted through it as I had a load I haven't wore for years and I came across this nice dress that is black and has little flowers on it and I remember a good few years ago I used to wear it a lot, so I tried it on and I just loved it all over again!

What I did: 
I'd say just for the end of August I visited my boyfriend and stayed for just over a week and it was nice to see him and spend a lot of time together, it was just a nice relaxing week, with occasional days out like going to the cinema, going to a museum and shopping round Birmingham. But I'd also say seeing old friends back home, as I go to Uni and I'm there for most of the year so catching up with people is always really nice to do. 

What I ate: 
I'm going to say the pasta bake I've been making recently which I will take with me when I go back to Uni in a few weeks! But it's just pasta with a tomato-y sauce, with herbs, cut up bacon which gives it a really nice flavour, and I also make a vegetarian one for my brother which is also just as good. And generally pasta bakes are super quick and easy to make. 

What I drank: 
I had some rhubarb cider and it was the nicest thing ever. It's probably difficult to find it in many other places as this was at a festival but it was just so sweet, and you could barely taste the cider, it was like rhubarb juice, but I also love cider so I'd drink it on its own as well. 

Where I went: 
I'd probably just say Bloodstock again, I've done many other things like visit friends and go cinema and so on but as this was such a big event I thought I'd choose this. As said before I really enjoyed it and it was the first festival I've been to, which was nice to have the festival experience, I only stopped in a tent over night the once and then travelled back and forth the next day but it was good! I'd only recommend if you're into heavy metal music, but also the weather was really sunny so it was just nice to chill and listen to music and so on!

What I heard:
I'm going to say quite a jokey one.. but I love it. So there's a band called Evil Scarecrow and there's two of their songs that I can't stop listening to. And I'd recommend to watch videos of them singing it live because it's all about the audience participation. But the two songs are Robototron and Crabulon, and they're both just fab.

What I used: 
I'll probably just go with Snapchat, the general one that everyone will probably say but I just like messing about on it, when you're bored and you just find yourself sending weird snapchats to friends, it's just a little bit of entertainment for a few minutes aha. 

Hope you enjoyed my August love list, and yes I have been away for a week, as I said I've just been away spending a week at my boyfriends so the lack of posts was because of that but I should be back on top of things now! And as I said in my last post I have set ones on certain days so thats how my blog should go from now on. Hope you've had a good month! What things have you been loving? 

Chat soon,