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So I haven't really heard of this before aha! But Georgia nominated me for the blog tour award which is so lovely, I really appreciate it! I love her blog, so definitely go check it out!  

I haven't had this blog for very long, and I get super excited when I see people have viewed it, even if it isn't that many at the moment I feel happy that someones read a blog post and hopefully it has helped too. I try to keep it active most days, I'm not so busy at the moment so it's something fun and enjoyable to do, and I am a student so I will be moving back to university in September for my final year (scary!) where I know I'll be extremely busy with work but I will most definitely keep this up, and at the moment I post several in a week (usually, don't quote me on that!) which I will aim to stick to! 

I've still got a good few ideas and drafts of posts that I just need to get writing, and I'm sure at uni it'll give me more ideas, and I enjoy writing posts with tips and advice so maybe at one point I can just ask what you want to know about and I can do a post on it. 

So I hear that with this I have to answer four questions so here goes... 

How does your work differ from others in your genre?
It probably isn't too different to most, but I feel like I have a little variety of stuff, I like to do posts with advice and tips on life and experiences, review of products may it be films, books, games or gigs (I am aware I haven't done games or gigs yet but I have two planned), there's some on make-up and clothes, and I have an on going one of monthly favourites, but there's plenty more to add that are different. 

How does your writing/creative process work?
I like to jot down a load of ideas in a note book, and then spend a day writing up a few and taking some pictures of things if it involves pictures. I re-read through drafts and make sure I like them and think they're good enough to be published and then that's it! I like to do a good few posts in a day and have them scheduled, it makes it quite fun especially if you wake up one day and you just feel like writing, I just carry on till I've had enough of being on the laptop or my brain has frazzled from writing too much aha. 

Why do you write and create what you do? 
I just enjoy doing it really! I study media and film, and it's all about (especially media) just going online, looking at reviews, reading the news, social medias, it's just all internet based now, and I'd love to have a job that I enjoy, and there's jobs out there where you can just be a blogger, and I'd rather be doing something fun that I love to do than to get a job that I don't really enjoy. I also love writing, when I was younger I wrote so many stories, and if I can write things that can help people or entertain people then that'd be fab! I also do it for myself as well, having this to look back on, all the things I would've written it will be nice to have that to look back on. I'm not a super confident person so I wanted to start with blogging and maybe one day move on to actually having youtube videos but for now this will be my first step! 

What are you working on at the moment?
Well like I said I have ,many ideas in a notebook but my next post will be on a festival I went to, which I will start writing once I have finished this! I went to Bloodstock last weekend, and it was so good that I need to write about it. And as it's a festival I can tell you about my experience there! 

So, nominations! 

My first nomination is! I like the look of the blog, it's pretty and simple which is the kind of design I like, and even though the posts about holiday outfits makes me a little jealous because I so want to go on holiday, it's helpful to see what others recommend for holidays. 

My next is, it's always an interesting read, and I enjoyed reading the post about Wales because I've been a lot and I agree that shopping in Cardiff is one of the best things!

I also nominate! I enjoy reading the posts and I am very jealous of the glastonbury post... aha, but it's a good read, and I love her blog anyways! Check it out :) 

My last nomination is! I was just looking through some blogs and I came across this one and I loved the post on Edge Hill uni! I am a little biased as I go to that uni and I'm super sad to be going into my final year, but I'm happy to see others who love it! 

Check out all these blogs, they're all goooooooood! 

If those nominated wanted to do it too all you have to do is answer those four questions and nominate at least four others! I think I'm meant to say what day for you to post yours but do it whenever you can! :) 

Chat soon, 


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  1. Thank you for nominating me Chloe, this is so lovely!


  2. Thanks so much for nominating me, it means a lot xx