Short problems!

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This post is going to be about my struggles as a short person and I'm sure many will be able to relate! 
I'm 5ft 1 and a bit, at least I was the last time I checked but I'm pretty sure I haven't grown any taller... being short comes with many problems. 

Here's a list of a few I struggle with...

1. Reaching things. It's SO annoying!! You go into the kitchen thinking I'm a little hungry, let's make a sandwich, oh but wait, the plates are kept in the high cupboard... (also the fact that I call it a 'high cupboard' speaks for itself.) It's such a pain if you can't quite reach on tiptoes that you have to get a chair or climb on the sides just to get something. This is pretty much a daily struggle for me. 

2. Going to gigs or shows where you have to look at a stage and the only option is standing. I hate it, I love standing at gigs, if I go to a gig I'd rather stand, I find it a lot better than choosing to have a seat ticket because it just makes me feel more pumped and it's easier to dance and jump! The big problem is that if you don't get at the side or at the front it means you're somewhere in the middle of the crowd, I look forwards and see someone's back, I look to my left and right and see hips or shoulders, I look behind and I see someone's tummy or chest, you're literally trapped in a cage made out of people and yeah you can still dance and jump a long but I would like to get excited about seeing the performer on the stage too... 

3. Even hanging out with friends who are taller than you and you realise whilst you are walking around that it takes you two or three steps to match up with their one step meaning it's a little more tiring keeping up with them! I even get some moments where I'll be walking with someone and they'll think that they've lost me because I'm a tiny bit behind them and I am not at the same head level as them... struggles. 

4. This one is annoying! Because you are quite short people mistake you for being a lot younger than you actually are, and as much as you moan about it people will say, "well you'll be thankful when you're a lot older and you look 20" yes I will but at this moment in time it is very annoying! I'm nearly 21 and if I were to ask people how old I look they'd be like, 16 or under... it's not fair. It's so sad when you want to go see a 15 or an 18 at the cinema and the staff are like, hm are you old enough? 
5. Lastly I'd say another struggle is when buying jeans or something, it's so hard finding some that I don't have to fold up at the bottom so they aren't too long. In fact right at this moment I am wearing jeans and I have folded them inwards so they fit me properly! Or I find that if I try and buy a long dress it's just too long, my legs are too small for it to fall nicely at my ankles! 

However there are some good sides to being short but I'll leave that for another time! Any other people have these same problems? Or any other problems that annoy you that I haven't mentioned? 

Hope you enjoyed reading, chat soon!


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  1. I feel your struggles! I'm the same height and I agree with everything on your list especially number 2, I've had that problem far too many times.

    1. Ah it's so annoying isn't it? Wish I could somehow become taller just for gigs!