A visit to the Seaside

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Traditional things to do at the seaside! 

As it's Summer and I had a day out to the seaside I thought I'd make a post about it! We drove to Skegness which isn't amazing but it's a traditional seaside town so it was a nice little visit. It did take nearly three hours to get there and I hadn't got much sleep the night before so the entire journey I spent it asleep in the car... 

Once we arrived it was a lovely day but the first thing that was needed was breakfast so we found a little cafe where we had a toastie and a drink. Seasides always have nice little cafes dotted everywhere so it's always nice to stop and have a cool refreshing drink or a hot one, depending on the weather I suppose! 

After the short stop the first thing we went to was the arcades! Of course you wouldn't go to the seaside without visiting a few arcades! 

On this specific 2p machine we won a little dinosaur in an egg! (We may have spent £3's worth of 2ps but still!) We also had a go at the Mario Kart racing and it was so fun, I won once woop! 

After being in the arcade for a while... it was then time to check the beach out! That's probably the most important thing you want to see when going to the seaside! As I said it was a really sunny and warm day so it was busy and it wasn't too cold for a dip in the sea!

After the little stop at the beach we walked through the town, went into some of the shops and before setting off to go home it was time for some traditional fish and chips!

Although I didn't have fish and chips... I ruined the tradition and had chips and gravy but still it was enjoyable! 

My gravy and chips don't look fab, but I started eating straight away and forgot to take a picture so sorry about the half eaten food... (I was hungry!) 

And so the three hour trip home began.
Hope you enjoyed my little day out at the seaside! What do you like to get up to at the seaside? 

Chat soon, 


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