July Favourites!

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So as July has finished and it's now August I thought I'd do some July favourites as I did it for June, enjoy!

My first favourite is a nail varnish which I got from Lanzarote back in January but I forgot about it for a while and just recently have been loving it!

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish Turquoise
You can get in Superdrug, or if you can't find any in store you can get them online for £5.99 each. Instead of a normal nail varnish it is a gel type which I think helps with giving it that shiny lasting finish. You only need one coat and its very easy to put it on neatly because of it being a gel. It also comes in a range of pretty colours I just liked the turquoise one but I'd definitely buy more in different colours!

My second is a book by Karl Pilkington! You've likely to have heard of him but he's hilarious. It's called 'Karlology, What I've learnt so far...' and if you have seen Karl on TV shows such as 'An Idiot abroad' you'll know how entertaining it is to watch him. The book is about him visiting educational places, things such as the library, or an art gallery and so on, and he comments on what he learns whilst he's there and his thoughts on it. Now his thoughts on it are what I love because they are very funny, but you also learn quite a lot reading it, he does add in some facts of the places he visits. I'd definitely recommend!

Karlology, what i've learnt so far...

My next thing that I've been loving which again I've had for a little while but because of the warm weather it's just been quite refreshing to use around now, is The Body Shop's Seaweed ionic clay mask.

The Body Shop, Seaweed Ionic clay mask 

It purifies, cleanses and controls excess oil. I usually put it on for ten minutes or so and then wash it off. It is clay so once it dries it's hard to move your mouth or nose and so on, but it makes you feel refreshed and it's very good for your skin. I love it! 

My next favourite is a game which is quite old but I've only recently bought on steam and I started playing it in July and I love it. It's called Borderlands. 

I got it for PC on steam but it's available on consoles, and I've only recently started so I don't have many hours on it. Meaning I can't really explain too much about it because I've never played it before and I'm following the story as I play but all I'll say is I really enjoy playing it. You get missions and you just complete them basically, sometimes it can be hard and I won't lie I've died a few times but it's just fun to play. 

I'm also going to add on a favourite to this, which is a song which is in the opening of Borderlands called 'Ain't no rest for the wicked' by cage the elephant. I know it's an old song and I have heard it before but since playing this game and hearing in the opening a lot I just love it at the moment! Check them out. 

Next is a T'shirt that was bought, it isn't like a fashionable thing I just thought it was funny to have. It's a Star Wars T'shirt with Darth Vader on.

I can't remember where I got this but I just think it's cool, most people might not but it's nice to chill in when you're just in the house all day or something! Although I'd wear it out and about... I don't remember it costing much either, and if you just search on the internet you could probably get it in most places!

My last favourite is going to be my new haircut! I fancied a change and it isn't a big change but all I did was add more layers, get a side fringe and I also dyed my hair an even lighter blonde to try it out and I really like it! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, chat soon!


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