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Top tips!

I felt like doing a little list of how to make yourself feel good. I struggle with this a lot and so a few tips written down that I can also look back at will be helpful to me too as well as you! 

1. Eating well. 
This is important, sometimes when you're feeling down you just don't feel like doing anything and sometimes even not wanting to eat anything is not something you want to do. But please don't stop eating because you're not feeling happy, eating will help with your mood! If you're hungry and you haven't eaten in a good few hours then that will affect your mood and might make you feel down so don't forget to have at least three main meals in the day! Keeping hydrated and having a drink every so often is also something you need to do, especially if you're feeling down and you have loads of work to do or something, having something to eat or having a drink will refresh your mind and probably help you with that little bit of motivation to carry on. 

2. Exercise.
I know when you hear the word exercise, even if you aren't in a bad mood, you just can't be bothered sometimes but exercise as well as being good for your body it's so good for your mind. If you were in a bad mood and you went off and did any sort of exercise, (it may even be just seeing how many squats you can do!) afterwards you'll feel so much better. I used to think exercise can't make you that happy, it's so much effort! But when I started to have a routine of doing some sort of exercise I'd feel so much better afterwards! I did a little routine yesterday and it made me feel good. Although it is hard to start it sometimes...

An actual text I sent..

3. Doing something enjoyable. 
Just do something you enjoy doing! It doesn't have to mean going out, what things do you like to do by yourself? Could do some drawing, play a game, even go on your laptop and watch some youtube videos you enjoy!

4. Having plans with friends or family. Keep you excited for future days!
Having plans to look forward to is also a good thing. When you have a holiday booked don't you always have a little countdown till it's time to go? Well having days planned with friends or family, even if it's just a go out for lunch somewhere, it's something to look forward to! And having things to look forward to can definitely make you feel happier. 

5. Read a book/watch a programme you enjoy. 
Sometimes when you just want to relax but not just sit and there and do nothing reading a book or putting on a good programme or film is always good. Sometimes if you aren't in the best of moods putting a good film on laying on the sofa and having that few hours break from things can help with making you feel better. Even if you feel like having a little cry, which is sometimes good to just let it out, putting on a film that would make you cry isn't a bad idea! 

6. Have a relaxing bath or just hop into a nice warm shower. 
When you feel unhappy having a warm bath or shower is a nice thing to do. If you have a bath then you can light some candles, put some bubbles in the bath, or if you have some nice bath bombs that can help you feel more relaxed and be good for your skin too! And if you don't have a bath a nice warm shower can help relax muscles and usually helps you feel a little better! :) 

Hope these help, chat soon!


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  1. Hey! This is a wonderful post! It's so motivational!
    Just to let you know, I've nominated you for the Blog Tour Award! Check out my blog post for the details!
    Georgia xxx