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Hey there! 

I decided that I should write a post on my experience to Cambodia... and before I start it was a good few years ago now! But I didn't have a blog back then and so I thought I'd do it now. It's still interesting, and nice for me to look back on. 

So I went to Cambodia on an expedition with some people from my school back in 2013 for 3 weeks, it wasn't really a "holiday" as we did some community work in local villages and taught at a school, and also learnt more about the culture too and visited some special places. We did have 3 days at the end for a little r & r and that was a more tourist place with western restaurants and beaches! 

I also found my little diary I wrote when I was there so it seems like a good time to have a look back at my time there! Which is also handy because I can't remember the names of the places we stayed at! 

So after the very very long flight and the short second flight and the short ride to the first hotel on some tuk tuks! (It felt so surreal when we first got on one and left the airport and saw the surroundings, it was kind of weird but exciting to be in Cambodia after the long run up to it!) We stayed a few nights in the capital which is called Phnom Penh and as it was the students leading the expedition it was up to us to book transport and get food and drink, and look after the money. My first diary entry wasn't brilliant.. and I can hardly read my writing (well done Chloe) but I literally just stated what we did, (left UK Tuesday morning, arrived in Cambodia Wednesday morning.. I also remember not falling asleep at all on the plane so that first day I was extremely tired, road a tuk tuk to hotel, went to buy water and a phone, had dinner and then went to sleep!) 
First day, on a tuk tuk leaving the airport!
I don't want this to be super long because you'll probably get bored aha, so second day we visited the Royal Palace and some temples, we probably did other things but of course I didn't write it down, and highlighted in my diary that there was a "lizard problem occurring in our room." I remember standing on my bed to hang up some washing and a lizard ran out onto my bed! To be honest there was no getting away from things like that, you'd go into restaurants and you'd see like 20 lizards on one wall. Day after we visited the killing fields, a museum and a Russian Market. 

We then left to go to Battangbang where we stayed for a week, we had a tour around the school, had a tour of the area (visited a market nearby), built a part of a fence in the school, walked to a villiage where we had to teach the children about recycling so played some games to do with it, (I remember it was so hot, I mean it was hot every day but I remember whilst playing the games and having to walk to and back from the village the heat killed me! I had a very sunburnt face) As well as play with the kids we also built and incinerator so they could burn their rubbish, which again was hard to do in the heat. We did the village stuff in the morning then taught at the school in the afternoon/early evening, (teaching words, getting to know the children, funny tongue twisters etc.) I do remember they made us breakfast, lunch and dinner for the time we were there and of course it's what they usually eat but having rice in every meal after a week wasn't fab! One night in the shower in our room there was a massive spider! It was horrifying. 

We then went to Siem Reap where we visited Angkor Wat (very early start as we wanted to catch the sunrise but it wasn't clear enough for it), and also visited floating villages! And other temples too!

I've missed out a few hotels here and there where we stayed for a night but the last main place was the hotel in Sihanoukville which is where we had our r & r! The beaches were really nice, it was a tad windy and rainy as the whole time we were there it was monsoon season, but the rain never made it any cooler, I'm not great in really hot weather and obviously it was always warm. But we chilled out, the hotel had a pool so we went in there, also got on a boat, and had a little swim in the sea to a beach. There was a Western restaurant near where we stayed so we basically just had our dinners there, it was nice to not have rice for a bit! 

And that's that really, then it was time to go home! I hope this wasn't too long or boring but I tried to make it as small as I could! I would love to do something like this again, and if you get the opportunity to do it I'd definitely recommend that you do! It's a once in the lifetime thing, and you might not get the chance to do it again so go for it! 

Have you been anywhere on an expedition? Or if not where would you like to go? :) 

Chat soon,


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