Bloodstock 2015

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So I went to Bloodstock at the weekend, I didn't know I was going it just sort of happened. It started on the Friday but I didn't know I was going till the Friday night so I went for the Saturday and Sunday! 

I'd never been to a festival before and so it was nice to finally have the full experience of music and camping! So I'd never been to a festival before and the first one I decide to go to is a heavy metal one... Bloodstock might not be something everyone has heard of it's a medium festival, and I hadn't heard of a lot of the bands there but I still really enjoyed it. 

I missed out on Sabaton and Trivium on the Friday, sad times, but I do like them both, good news for me is I'm seeing Sabaton in February! But Rob Zombie being the closing act on the Sunday was the best. It was so good, and such a good end to the festival. 

It was quite a chilled out festival really, it was a really good atmosphere, and there was plenty of other stuff to do. There were a few stages so there was plenty to listen to, there were loads of little tents that sold things, (Clothing items, flags, patches, shoes, cds etc etc!) Different types of food, a gallery, and places to get beverages! It was really hot so no rain or muddyness, lots of sunburnt people! 

The camping was fine as well, it was noisy till early hours in the morning of course but I slept quite well, even if it was a late night and an early start! Everyone there was really nice and it was just really fun! It was expensive to buy things of course, buying breakfast and dinner it was a little pricey but the food was nice, and I didn't have to pay to go to the festival so I spent just under £40 which isn't too bad! The toilets of course aren't the nicest but as I had a guest ticket I did use the vip toilets a lot of the time! I tried some nice flavoured ciders, and overall it was just soooooooo good. I'd love to go again, but I best get saving up for that as the tickets are quite pricey! 

Hope you enjoyed, here's some pictures that Adam took. 

Sunday night, Rob Zombie!

Bloodstock 2015
Have you been to any festivals? Let me know which ones!

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