Thursday, 20 August 2015

A little change...

So I do love writing about different things instead of focusing on one subject but I feel like it comes across as a little messy, I mean it's good to have variety of different posts but I feel like I need a theme that I stick to, does that make sense? 

This means that I might have certain posts that I'll do once a week, or something that I do once a month. I've spent the afternoon writing notes and playing around with titles and what I enjoy writing. I feel like advice and top tip posts are a personal favourite and I like to write about what I've learnt and then hope that it can help out others. I'm not saying that it'll be brilliant advice because you might think about things differently but if you are worried about something, or nervous then maybe it can ease you a little.. that's what I aim for anyway! 

With that in mind I'm definitely going to be doing an advice post once a week, I was thinking a Monday might be a good day to do it because Monday's are stereotypically one of those days that most people dislike, so it kind of fits.. kind of? I haven't really thought up a clever title at the moment so all I've written down is "Advice Mondays" which is frankly quite boring so if anyone reads this please do comment any creative names, I'll check your blog out! Which brings me onto another thought I had, I like reading other people's blog posts and I feel like If I enjoy reading something I should say? So once a week, or this could be a monthly thing I'll do a post on my favourite blog that week/month, however I might put that into a monthly favourites video. 

I think the problem I have is wanting to do so many different things.. so ideas that I've written down are things such as, advice mondays, film fridays, fashion fridays, make-up mondays, monthly favourites... I want to add everything I can but I'm unsure whether having such a mixture is just too much? 

These are only starter ideas, but I am going to have a certain theme to my blog rather than a variety of everything so look forward to that! This way at least you'll know what to expect on certain days, so you can be like oh it's advice mondays let's go check out what the advice is this week, and so on, its sounds cool to me aha! I know this was a little boring but it's just a heads up of what my future blog will bring. 

Hope you're having a lovely day, chat soon!