100 things to do!

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Sometimes you find yourself sitting at home with not much to do, and no matter how hard you think of something to do nothing comes to you.. anyone had that feeling?! Well I'm going to help you out.. I thought if I write a list of 100 things to do there's bound to be something that you think, yeah I feel like doing that! (I should have chose 10 things, good luck to me!) 

1. Draw something
2. Watch a film
3. Watch a TV series
4. Watch youtube videos
5. Put music on and dance around like crazy
6. Try out different make-up looks because, why not?
7. Play video games
8. Play board games
9. Dye your hair for the lols
10. Bake a cake/cookies
11. Go through all your clothes and have a mass sort out!
12. Look through your drawers and sort through things, and you'll probably be surprised by some old memories you come across!
13. Do some painting
14. Do some writing, a story, poem, etc... 
15. Ring up a friend and see if they're free to do something
16. DnD (dungeons and dragons) 
17. Have a little Come Dine with me competition with your friends!
18. Go cinema
19. Go out to lunch or dinner
20. Go bowling
21. Go shopping! (Or window shopping if you have no money to spend, it's still fun!) 
22. Get a train to somewhere!
23. Go to the park
24. Get a tattoo! Why not.. 
25. Go round a friends house and just chill
26. Visit a museum
27. Visit an art gallery
28. Go to a castle or historic house
29. Visit some amazing gardens
30. Make something, arts and crafts
31. Buy a ticket for a gig (gets you excited for a day in the future!)
32. Have a picnic
33. Write a blog post ;) or start one if you haven't already..
34. Paint your nails
35. Try out some different hairstyles
36. Watch anime
37. Read manga
38. Go on a walk
39. Go for a run
40. Bike ride
41. Do some yoga
42. Sing
43. Practise a skill, like an instrument you play
44. Learn a new skill
45. Learn how to cook some meals
46. Learn magic tricks
47. Learn to play a game (card games etc) 
48. Browse web
49. Redecorate
50. Tidy your room.. not exactly fun but I guess it has to be done!
51. Do work for school/college/uni
52. Look for a job
53. Socialise online, play games over the internet on skype or something
54. Cuddle someone
55. Lay on the sofa with friends and watch movies, get some snacks, have a load of blankets
56. Make a fort
57. Visit grans or granddads
58. Lay on the ground at night and look at the stars
59. Go out drinking (If you're of age) 
60. Go to a house party/host a house party
61. have a bbq
62. Take funny snapchats
63. Get your camera and take some arty pics
64. Take some selfies!
65. If you have friends over take loads of pictures together
66. Go to the library
67. If you have a dog, go walk it
68. Play with any pets you might have, give em some fuss
69. Make your own jewellery 
70. Make a list of goals you want to achieve 
71. Make a to-do list of any jobs you might need to do
72. Make a list of everywhere you want to go in your life
73. Volunteer somewhere (animal shelter, charity shop etc) 
74. Learn a new language
75. Plant some seeds
76. Start a diary
77. Go on a date!
78. Or have a romantic date night with your other half
79. Go to the gym
80. Go to the seaside
81. Go swimming
82. Go to a theme park
83. Go on a roadtrip or just a little drive by yourself or with friends
84. Have a spa day, get a massage!
85. Make a photo wall
86. Go ice skating 
87. Go to a cafe or sit on a bench and people watch
88. Make a smoothie
89. Make a cocktail
90. Get a hair cut
91. Do some gardening
92. Tell someone a joke
93. Check the social media's
94. Go food shopping
95. Have a sleepover
96. Skip through the music channels
97. Skype someone
98. Ring someone, or have a messaging sesh
99. Go to an arcade!
100. Just do something.. 

Well that took a lot of thinking! Maybe this might help you.. aha let me know! What do you like to do? 

Chat soon!


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