Thursday, 20 August 2015

A little change...

So I do love writing about different things instead of focusing on one subject but I feel like it comes across as a little messy, I mean it's good to have variety of different posts but I feel like I need a theme that I stick to, does that make sense? 

This means that I might have certain posts that I'll do once a week, or something that I do once a month. I've spent the afternoon writing notes and playing around with titles and what I enjoy writing. I feel like advice and top tip posts are a personal favourite and I like to write about what I've learnt and then hope that it can help out others. I'm not saying that it'll be brilliant advice because you might think about things differently but if you are worried about something, or nervous then maybe it can ease you a little.. that's what I aim for anyway! 

With that in mind I'm definitely going to be doing an advice post once a week, I was thinking a Monday might be a good day to do it because Monday's are stereotypically one of those days that most people dislike, so it kind of fits.. kind of? I haven't really thought up a clever title at the moment so all I've written down is "Advice Mondays" which is frankly quite boring so if anyone reads this please do comment any creative names, I'll check your blog out! Which brings me onto another thought I had, I like reading other people's blog posts and I feel like If I enjoy reading something I should say? So once a week, or this could be a monthly thing I'll do a post on my favourite blog that week/month, however I might put that into a monthly favourites video. 

I think the problem I have is wanting to do so many different things.. so ideas that I've written down are things such as, advice mondays, film fridays, fashion fridays, make-up mondays, monthly favourites... I want to add everything I can but I'm unsure whether having such a mixture is just too much? 

These are only starter ideas, but I am going to have a certain theme to my blog rather than a variety of everything so look forward to that! This way at least you'll know what to expect on certain days, so you can be like oh it's advice mondays let's go check out what the advice is this week, and so on, its sounds cool to me aha! I know this was a little boring but it's just a heads up of what my future blog will bring. 

Hope you're having a lovely day, chat soon!


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Taking Snapchat too far

So, this might be a bit of a silly post but there's many people out there who love snapchat right?! I am one of those people who loves it! And I don't really take it seriously and you'll see what I mean... but sometimes I'm bored and it's just fun to snapchat friends with weird things right? Here's my snapchat art, enjoy ;)

Have a go at guessing who I am... 

Yeah I'm odd, I know... is it just me that does this? I should be too embarrassed to put this on here.. 

ahaha hope you enjoy laughing at me, chat soon!

I think my next post will be more of a lifestyle one, and bring back some more advice as I enjoy doing that and it's been a tiny while that I haven't done one!


Monday, 17 August 2015


Hey there! 
I decided that I should write a post on my experience to Cambodia... and before I start it was a good few years ago now! But I didn't have a blog back then and so I thought I'd do it now. It's still interesting, and nice for me to look back on. 

So I went to Cambodia on an expedition with some people from my school back in 2013 for 3 weeks, it wasn't really a "holiday" as we did some community work in local villages and taught at a school, and also learnt more about the culture too and visited some special places. We did have 3 days at the end for a little r & r and that was a more tourist place with western restaurants and beaches! 

I also found my little diary I wrote when I was there so it seems like a good time to have a look back at my time there! Which is also handy because I can't remember the names of the places we stayed at! 

So after the very very long flight and the short second flight and the short ride to the first hotel on some tuk tuks! (It felt so surreal when we first got on one and left the airport and saw the surroundings, it was kind of weird but exciting to be in Cambodia after the long run up to it!) We stayed a few nights in the capital which is called Phnom Penh and as it was the students leading the expedition it was up to us to book transport and get food and drink, and look after the money. My first diary entry wasn't brilliant.. and I can hardly read my writing (well done Chloe) but I literally just stated what we did, (left UK Tuesday morning, arrived in Cambodia Wednesday morning.. I also remember not falling asleep at all on the plane so that first day I was extremely tired, road a tuk tuk to hotel, went to buy water and a phone, had dinner and then went to sleep!) 
First day, on a tuk tuk leaving the airport!
I don't want this to be super long because you'll probably get bored aha, so second day we visited the Royal Palace and some temples, we probably did other things but of course I didn't write it down, and highlighted in my diary that there was a "lizard problem occurring in our room." I remember standing on my bed to hang up some washing and a lizard ran out onto my bed! To be honest there was no getting away from things like that, you'd go into restaurants and you'd see like 20 lizards on one wall. Day after we visited the killing fields, a museum and a Russian Market. 

We then left to go to Battangbang where we stayed for a week, we had a tour around the school, had a tour of the area (visited a market nearby), built a part of a fence in the school, walked to a villiage where we had to teach the children about recycling so played some games to do with it, (I remember it was so hot, I mean it was hot every day but I remember whilst playing the games and having to walk to and back from the village the heat killed me! I had a very sunburnt face) As well as play with the kids we also built and incinerator so they could burn their rubbish, which again was hard to do in the heat. We did the village stuff in the morning then taught at the school in the afternoon/early evening, (teaching words, getting to know the children, funny tongue twisters etc.) I do remember they made us breakfast, lunch and dinner for the time we were there and of course it's what they usually eat but having rice in every meal after a week wasn't fab! One night in the shower in our room there was a massive spider! It was horrifying. 

We then went to Siem Reap where we visited Angkor Wat (very early start as we wanted to catch the sunrise but it wasn't clear enough for it), and also visited floating villages! And other temples too!

I've missed out a few hotels here and there where we stayed for a night but the last main place was the hotel in Sihanoukville which is where we had our r & r! The beaches were really nice, it was a tad windy and rainy as the whole time we were there it was monsoon season, but the rain never made it any cooler, I'm not great in really hot weather and obviously it was always warm. But we chilled out, the hotel had a pool so we went in there, also got on a boat, and had a little swim in the sea to a beach. There was a Western restaurant near where we stayed so we basically just had our dinners there, it was nice to not have rice for a bit! 

And that's that really, then it was time to go home! I hope this wasn't too long or boring but I tried to make it as small as I could! I would love to do something like this again, and if you get the opportunity to do it I'd definitely recommend that you do! It's a once in the lifetime thing, and you might not get the chance to do it again so go for it! 

Have you been anywhere on an expedition? Or if not where would you like to go? :) 

Chat soon,


Friday, 14 August 2015

100 things to do!

Sometimes you find yourself sitting at home with not much to do, and no matter how hard you think of something to do nothing comes to you.. anyone had that feeling?! Well I'm going to help you out.. I thought if I write a list of 100 things to do there's bound to be something that you think, yeah I feel like doing that! (I should have chose 10 things, good luck to me!) 

1. Draw something
2. Watch a film
3. Watch a TV series
4. Watch youtube videos
5. Put music on and dance around like crazy
6. Try out different make-up looks because, why not?
7. Play video games
8. Play board games
9. Dye your hair for the lols
10. Bake a cake/cookies
11. Go through all your clothes and have a mass sort out!
12. Look through your drawers and sort through things, and you'll probably be surprised by some old memories you come across!
13. Do some painting
14. Do some writing, a story, poem, etc... 
15. Ring up a friend and see if they're free to do something
16. DnD (dungeons and dragons) 
17. Have a little Come Dine with me competition with your friends!
18. Go cinema
19. Go out to lunch or dinner
20. Go bowling
21. Go shopping! (Or window shopping if you have no money to spend, it's still fun!) 
22. Get a train to somewhere!
23. Go to the park
24. Get a tattoo! Why not.. 
25. Go round a friends house and just chill
26. Visit a museum
27. Visit an art gallery
28. Go to a castle or historic house
29. Visit some amazing gardens
30. Make something, arts and crafts
31. Buy a ticket for a gig (gets you excited for a day in the future!)
32. Have a picnic
33. Write a blog post ;) or start one if you haven't already..
34. Paint your nails
35. Try out some different hairstyles
36. Watch anime
37. Read manga
38. Go on a walk
39. Go for a run
40. Bike ride
41. Do some yoga
42. Sing
43. Practise a skill, like an instrument you play
44. Learn a new skill
45. Learn how to cook some meals
46. Learn magic tricks
47. Learn to play a game (card games etc) 
48. Browse web
49. Redecorate
50. Tidy your room.. not exactly fun but I guess it has to be done!
51. Do work for school/college/uni
52. Look for a job
53. Socialise online, play games over the internet on skype or something
54. Cuddle someone
55. Lay on the sofa with friends and watch movies, get some snacks, have a load of blankets
56. Make a fort
57. Visit grans or granddads
58. Lay on the ground at night and look at the stars
59. Go out drinking (If you're of age) 
60. Go to a house party/host a house party
61. have a bbq
62. Take funny snapchats
63. Get your camera and take some arty pics
64. Take some selfies!
65. If you have friends over take loads of pictures together
66. Go to the library
67. If you have a dog, go walk it
68. Play with any pets you might have, give em some fuss
69. Make your own jewellery 
70. Make a list of goals you want to achieve 
71. Make a to-do list of any jobs you might need to do
72. Make a list of everywhere you want to go in your life
73. Volunteer somewhere (animal shelter, charity shop etc) 
74. Learn a new language
75. Plant some seeds
76. Start a diary
77. Go on a date!
78. Or have a romantic date night with your other half
79. Go to the gym
80. Go to the seaside
81. Go swimming
82. Go to a theme park
83. Go on a roadtrip or just a little drive by yourself or with friends
84. Have a spa day, get a massage!
85. Make a photo wall
86. Go ice skating 
87. Go to a cafe or sit on a bench and people watch
88. Make a smoothie
89. Make a cocktail
90. Get a hair cut
91. Do some gardening
92. Tell someone a joke
93. Check the social media's
94. Go food shopping
95. Have a sleepover
96. Skip through the music channels
97. Skype someone
98. Ring someone, or have a messaging sesh
99. Go to an arcade!
100. Just do something.. 

Well that took a lot of thinking! Maybe this might help you.. aha let me know! What do you like to do? 

Chat soon!


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bloodstock 2015

So I went to Bloodstock at the weekend, I didn't know I was going it just sort of happened. It started on the Friday but I didn't know I was going till the Friday night so I went for the Saturday and Sunday! 

I'd never been to a festival before and so it was nice to finally have the full experience of music and camping! So I'd never been to a festival before and the first one I decide to go to is a heavy metal one... Bloodstock might not be something everyone has heard of it's a medium festival, and I hadn't heard of a lot of the bands there but I still really enjoyed it. 

I missed out on Sabaton and Trivium on the Friday, sad times, but I do like them both, good news for me is I'm seeing Sabaton in February! But Rob Zombie being the closing act on the Sunday was the best. It was so good, and such a good end to the festival. 

It was quite a chilled out festival really, it was a really good atmosphere, and there was plenty of other stuff to do. There were a few stages so there was plenty to listen to, there were loads of little tents that sold things, (Clothing items, flags, patches, shoes, cds etc etc!) Different types of food, a gallery, and places to get beverages! It was really hot so no rain or muddyness, lots of sunburnt people! 

The camping was fine as well, it was noisy till early hours in the morning of course but I slept quite well, even if it was a late night and an early start! Everyone there was really nice and it was just really fun! It was expensive to buy things of course, buying breakfast and dinner it was a little pricey but the food was nice, and I didn't have to pay to go to the festival so I spent just under £40 which isn't too bad! The toilets of course aren't the nicest but as I had a guest ticket I did use the vip toilets a lot of the time! I tried some nice flavoured ciders, and overall it was just soooooooo good. I'd love to go again, but I best get saving up for that as the tickets are quite pricey! 

Hope you enjoyed, here's some pictures that Adam took. 

Sunday night, Rob Zombie!

Bloodstock 2015
Have you been to any festivals? Let me know which ones!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The blog tour award!


So I haven't really heard of this before aha! But Georgia nominated me for the blog tour award which is so lovely, I really appreciate it! I love her blog, so definitely go check it out!  

I haven't had this blog for very long, and I get super excited when I see people have viewed it, even if it isn't that many at the moment I feel happy that someones read a blog post and hopefully it has helped too. I try to keep it active most days, I'm not so busy at the moment so it's something fun and enjoyable to do, and I am a student so I will be moving back to university in September for my final year (scary!) where I know I'll be extremely busy with work but I will most definitely keep this up, and at the moment I post several in a week (usually, don't quote me on that!) which I will aim to stick to! 

I've still got a good few ideas and drafts of posts that I just need to get writing, and I'm sure at uni it'll give me more ideas, and I enjoy writing posts with tips and advice so maybe at one point I can just ask what you want to know about and I can do a post on it. 

So I hear that with this I have to answer four questions so here goes... 

How does your work differ from others in your genre?
It probably isn't too different to most, but I feel like I have a little variety of stuff, I like to do posts with advice and tips on life and experiences, review of products may it be films, books, games or gigs (I am aware I haven't done games or gigs yet but I have two planned), there's some on make-up and clothes, and I have an on going one of monthly favourites, but there's plenty more to add that are different. 

How does your writing/creative process work?
I like to jot down a load of ideas in a note book, and then spend a day writing up a few and taking some pictures of things if it involves pictures. I re-read through drafts and make sure I like them and think they're good enough to be published and then that's it! I like to do a good few posts in a day and have them scheduled, it makes it quite fun especially if you wake up one day and you just feel like writing, I just carry on till I've had enough of being on the laptop or my brain has frazzled from writing too much aha. 

Why do you write and create what you do? 
I just enjoy doing it really! I study media and film, and it's all about (especially media) just going online, looking at reviews, reading the news, social medias, it's just all internet based now, and I'd love to have a job that I enjoy, and there's jobs out there where you can just be a blogger, and I'd rather be doing something fun that I love to do than to get a job that I don't really enjoy. I also love writing, when I was younger I wrote so many stories, and if I can write things that can help people or entertain people then that'd be fab! I also do it for myself as well, having this to look back on, all the things I would've written it will be nice to have that to look back on. I'm not a super confident person so I wanted to start with blogging and maybe one day move on to actually having youtube videos but for now this will be my first step! 

What are you working on at the moment?
Well like I said I have ,many ideas in a notebook but my next post will be on a festival I went to, which I will start writing once I have finished this! I went to Bloodstock last weekend, and it was so good that I need to write about it. And as it's a festival I can tell you about my experience there! 

So, nominations! 

My first nomination is! I like the look of the blog, it's pretty and simple which is the kind of design I like, and even though the posts about holiday outfits makes me a little jealous because I so want to go on holiday, it's helpful to see what others recommend for holidays. 

My next is, it's always an interesting read, and I enjoyed reading the post about Wales because I've been a lot and I agree that shopping in Cardiff is one of the best things!

I also nominate! I enjoy reading the posts and I am very jealous of the glastonbury post... aha, but it's a good read, and I love her blog anyways! Check it out :) 

My last nomination is! I was just looking through some blogs and I came across this one and I loved the post on Edge Hill uni! I am a little biased as I go to that uni and I'm super sad to be going into my final year, but I'm happy to see others who love it! 

Check out all these blogs, they're all goooooooood! 

If those nominated wanted to do it too all you have to do is answer those four questions and nominate at least four others! I think I'm meant to say what day for you to post yours but do it whenever you can! :) 

Chat soon, 


Monday, 10 August 2015

Feeling good!

Top tips!

I felt like doing a little list of how to make yourself feel good. I struggle with this a lot and so a few tips written down that I can also look back at will be helpful to me too as well as you! 

1. Eating well. 
This is important, sometimes when you're feeling down you just don't feel like doing anything and sometimes even not wanting to eat anything is not something you want to do. But please don't stop eating because you're not feeling happy, eating will help with your mood! If you're hungry and you haven't eaten in a good few hours then that will affect your mood and might make you feel down so don't forget to have at least three main meals in the day! Keeping hydrated and having a drink every so often is also something you need to do, especially if you're feeling down and you have loads of work to do or something, having something to eat or having a drink will refresh your mind and probably help you with that little bit of motivation to carry on. 

2. Exercise.
I know when you hear the word exercise, even if you aren't in a bad mood, you just can't be bothered sometimes but exercise as well as being good for your body it's so good for your mind. If you were in a bad mood and you went off and did any sort of exercise, (it may even be just seeing how many squats you can do!) afterwards you'll feel so much better. I used to think exercise can't make you that happy, it's so much effort! But when I started to have a routine of doing some sort of exercise I'd feel so much better afterwards! I did a little routine yesterday and it made me feel good. Although it is hard to start it sometimes...

An actual text I sent..

3. Doing something enjoyable. 
Just do something you enjoy doing! It doesn't have to mean going out, what things do you like to do by yourself? Could do some drawing, play a game, even go on your laptop and watch some youtube videos you enjoy!

4. Having plans with friends or family. Keep you excited for future days!
Having plans to look forward to is also a good thing. When you have a holiday booked don't you always have a little countdown till it's time to go? Well having days planned with friends or family, even if it's just a go out for lunch somewhere, it's something to look forward to! And having things to look forward to can definitely make you feel happier. 

5. Read a book/watch a programme you enjoy. 
Sometimes when you just want to relax but not just sit and there and do nothing reading a book or putting on a good programme or film is always good. Sometimes if you aren't in the best of moods putting a good film on laying on the sofa and having that few hours break from things can help with making you feel better. Even if you feel like having a little cry, which is sometimes good to just let it out, putting on a film that would make you cry isn't a bad idea! 

6. Have a relaxing bath or just hop into a nice warm shower. 
When you feel unhappy having a warm bath or shower is a nice thing to do. If you have a bath then you can light some candles, put some bubbles in the bath, or if you have some nice bath bombs that can help you feel more relaxed and be good for your skin too! And if you don't have a bath a nice warm shower can help relax muscles and usually helps you feel a little better! :) 

Hope these help, chat soon!


Thursday, 6 August 2015

July Favourites!

So as July has finished and it's now August I thought I'd do some July favourites as I did it for June, enjoy!

My first favourite is a nail varnish which I got from Lanzarote back in January but I forgot about it for a while and just recently have been loving it!

Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish Turquoise
You can get in Superdrug, or if you can't find any in store you can get them online for £5.99 each. Instead of a normal nail varnish it is a gel type which I think helps with giving it that shiny lasting finish. You only need one coat and its very easy to put it on neatly because of it being a gel. It also comes in a range of pretty colours I just liked the turquoise one but I'd definitely buy more in different colours!

My second is a book by Karl Pilkington! You've likely to have heard of him but he's hilarious. It's called 'Karlology, What I've learnt so far...' and if you have seen Karl on TV shows such as 'An Idiot abroad' you'll know how entertaining it is to watch him. The book is about him visiting educational places, things such as the library, or an art gallery and so on, and he comments on what he learns whilst he's there and his thoughts on it. Now his thoughts on it are what I love because they are very funny, but you also learn quite a lot reading it, he does add in some facts of the places he visits. I'd definitely recommend!

Karlology, what i've learnt so far...

My next thing that I've been loving which again I've had for a little while but because of the warm weather it's just been quite refreshing to use around now, is The Body Shop's Seaweed ionic clay mask.

The Body Shop, Seaweed Ionic clay mask 

It purifies, cleanses and controls excess oil. I usually put it on for ten minutes or so and then wash it off. It is clay so once it dries it's hard to move your mouth or nose and so on, but it makes you feel refreshed and it's very good for your skin. I love it! 

My next favourite is a game which is quite old but I've only recently bought on steam and I started playing it in July and I love it. It's called Borderlands. 

I got it for PC on steam but it's available on consoles, and I've only recently started so I don't have many hours on it. Meaning I can't really explain too much about it because I've never played it before and I'm following the story as I play but all I'll say is I really enjoy playing it. You get missions and you just complete them basically, sometimes it can be hard and I won't lie I've died a few times but it's just fun to play. 

I'm also going to add on a favourite to this, which is a song which is in the opening of Borderlands called 'Ain't no rest for the wicked' by cage the elephant. I know it's an old song and I have heard it before but since playing this game and hearing in the opening a lot I just love it at the moment! Check them out. 

Next is a T'shirt that was bought, it isn't like a fashionable thing I just thought it was funny to have. It's a Star Wars T'shirt with Darth Vader on.

I can't remember where I got this but I just think it's cool, most people might not but it's nice to chill in when you're just in the house all day or something! Although I'd wear it out and about... I don't remember it costing much either, and if you just search on the internet you could probably get it in most places!

My last favourite is going to be my new haircut! I fancied a change and it isn't a big change but all I did was add more layers, get a side fringe and I also dyed my hair an even lighter blonde to try it out and I really like it! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, chat soon!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A visit to the Seaside

Traditional things to do at the seaside! 

As it's Summer and I had a day out to the seaside I thought I'd make a post about it! We drove to Skegness which isn't amazing but it's a traditional seaside town so it was a nice little visit. It did take nearly three hours to get there and I hadn't got much sleep the night before so the entire journey I spent it asleep in the car... 

Once we arrived it was a lovely day but the first thing that was needed was breakfast so we found a little cafe where we had a toastie and a drink. Seasides always have nice little cafes dotted everywhere so it's always nice to stop and have a cool refreshing drink or a hot one, depending on the weather I suppose! 

After the short stop the first thing we went to was the arcades! Of course you wouldn't go to the seaside without visiting a few arcades! 

On this specific 2p machine we won a little dinosaur in an egg! (We may have spent £3's worth of 2ps but still!) We also had a go at the Mario Kart racing and it was so fun, I won once woop! 

After being in the arcade for a while... it was then time to check the beach out! That's probably the most important thing you want to see when going to the seaside! As I said it was a really sunny and warm day so it was busy and it wasn't too cold for a dip in the sea!

After the little stop at the beach we walked through the town, went into some of the shops and before setting off to go home it was time for some traditional fish and chips!

Although I didn't have fish and chips... I ruined the tradition and had chips and gravy but still it was enjoyable! 

My gravy and chips don't look fab, but I started eating straight away and forgot to take a picture so sorry about the half eaten food... (I was hungry!) 

And so the three hour trip home began.
Hope you enjoyed my little day out at the seaside! What do you like to get up to at the seaside? 

Chat soon, 


Saturday, 1 August 2015

Short problems!

This post is going to be about my struggles as a short person and I'm sure many will be able to relate! 
I'm 5ft 1 and a bit, at least I was the last time I checked but I'm pretty sure I haven't grown any taller... being short comes with many problems. 

Here's a list of a few I struggle with...

1. Reaching things. It's SO annoying!! You go into the kitchen thinking I'm a little hungry, let's make a sandwich, oh but wait, the plates are kept in the high cupboard... (also the fact that I call it a 'high cupboard' speaks for itself.) It's such a pain if you can't quite reach on tiptoes that you have to get a chair or climb on the sides just to get something. This is pretty much a daily struggle for me. 

2. Going to gigs or shows where you have to look at a stage and the only option is standing. I hate it, I love standing at gigs, if I go to a gig I'd rather stand, I find it a lot better than choosing to have a seat ticket because it just makes me feel more pumped and it's easier to dance and jump! The big problem is that if you don't get at the side or at the front it means you're somewhere in the middle of the crowd, I look forwards and see someone's back, I look to my left and right and see hips or shoulders, I look behind and I see someone's tummy or chest, you're literally trapped in a cage made out of people and yeah you can still dance and jump a long but I would like to get excited about seeing the performer on the stage too... 

3. Even hanging out with friends who are taller than you and you realise whilst you are walking around that it takes you two or three steps to match up with their one step meaning it's a little more tiring keeping up with them! I even get some moments where I'll be walking with someone and they'll think that they've lost me because I'm a tiny bit behind them and I am not at the same head level as them... struggles. 

4. This one is annoying! Because you are quite short people mistake you for being a lot younger than you actually are, and as much as you moan about it people will say, "well you'll be thankful when you're a lot older and you look 20" yes I will but at this moment in time it is very annoying! I'm nearly 21 and if I were to ask people how old I look they'd be like, 16 or under... it's not fair. It's so sad when you want to go see a 15 or an 18 at the cinema and the staff are like, hm are you old enough? 
5. Lastly I'd say another struggle is when buying jeans or something, it's so hard finding some that I don't have to fold up at the bottom so they aren't too long. In fact right at this moment I am wearing jeans and I have folded them inwards so they fit me properly! Or I find that if I try and buy a long dress it's just too long, my legs are too small for it to fall nicely at my ankles! 

However there are some good sides to being short but I'll leave that for another time! Any other people have these same problems? Or any other problems that annoy you that I haven't mentioned? 

Hope you enjoyed reading, chat soon!