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Worry less!

It's around now that University results are released for first, second and third years, and in August it's results day for GCSE's and A Levels and I thought as I am one of those who has received results that I should make a post about it. I'm not going to be talking about me and what I got but just a little note to help people through it, it is a scary time no matter what kind of results you're waiting for, it's a daunting and nervous thing to wait for. 

From my perspective I find it so scary waiting for results, and even waiting for grades from essays I hand in, all I worry about is if I'm going to pass it or not, I don't want to fail an essay and have to re-do it, and especially because at University if you retake or re-do something the second time no matter what you can only get 40% so that gives you a little incentive to try your best because I'm sure you wouldn't be happy with only being able to get 40% when you know you can get so much higher. I don't want to write this just to give you advice because I'd just be a hypocrite! I stress so much, and when I get a grade I'm not happy with I get so upset and down and I just feel like I've ruined everything, and that's it, I'm obviously too dumb to do any better. I think so negatively and I shouldn't, if you do bad at something it doesn't mean you can't do any better at it! You could write an essay and just manage to pass it, get some feedback and re-do it and get a much higher grade on it! Anything is possible, and if you do bad, then try again. 

Getting a bad grade really isn't the end of the world, yeah you might be a little disappointed but once you receive a grade you aren't happy with then maybe that will give you that push to think, right, time to work a little harder. I'm not saying that a bad grade is because of not working hard enough, sometimes you just don't understand something completely, or sometimes if it's an essay you leave yourself a little amount of time to do it meaning you don't write your full potential. I even think that some ways of assessing someone isn't always accurate, there's people that aren't good at exams, no matter how much revision you do and how much understanding you have of the subject, you can still find exams extremely hard! Exams are all about making sure you understand everything you need to know, and pretty much a memory test of everything you can remember, and for some that's difficult! I have a terrible memory! I would go to a lecture, learn new things and understand it all, and then a few days later I'm just like, I can't even remember what I did in that lecture... and I bet I'm not the only one?! 

So a few tips from me would be: 

1. Once you've had a lecture, or a lesson, re-read your notes! And more than once! Keep reading them so it's always refreshed in your mind, you could even re-write up your notes, sometimes writing things down helps to keep them in your head. And especially knowing if you have an exam in a few weeks time re-read your class notes, and don't just leave it to a few days before, because re-reading something a day or so before an exam might still be difficult in actually making sure it stays in your head. 

2. Writing essays can be difficult, if you don't understand something, and you're finding it hard to understand it by yourself then ask someone! If you don't want to ask a tutor then try a friend in your class, go through it together, but do make sure you understand something before writing about it. That works for exams too!

3. Look back at old essays and read the feedback! Knowing what things you could have improved on is a massive help for future essays! And if your tutor hasn't written much feedback down then ask them directly what you can do to improve and I'm sure they'll be happy to help. 

4. I think a good thing is also once you've finished writing an essay before submitting it or handing it in, get a friend or family member to read through it, it's always useful to have someone look over it, even if they don't know much about the subject they can spot any mistakes with the words or punctuation! 

5. And finally, I think it's always good to feel relaxed whilst doing work, or before going to an exam. So put on some music if that helps you to relax, make sure you eat properly and have plenty to drink, having a healthy mind will help with work! 

Hope this helps, chat soon!


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