What to do in the Summer?!

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Summer for students at University is a lot longer than those in school, you usually finish around May and then you have nearly 4 months off from University! The difference with school is when you had that 6 weeks summer holiday you could find stuff to do and even though you may get a little bored it wasn't that long till school started again, but with Uni there's a lot of months to fill!

Here's some things a student from University could do whilst in the Summer Holidays...

1. Be productive and do something to do with your course, for example any work experience you can get that you can add to your CV and make you more employable once finishing University. 
(I do Film and Media, so one of the main reasons for setting up a blog was to help me out in future jobs.)

2. A good thing can be to get a part time job over summer doing anything really, that can get you that extra bit of money to help you out once you start again in September! Depending on how much loan you get, sometimes just having that is not enough to live on! 

3. Volunteering at places, even though you won't get money from it, it is very good experience and the more experience you have the more employable you'll be.

4. Another helpful thing to do is to read back over lecture notes, if you have a reading list for the next year then get those books and start reading them over summer to give you that head start when you're back. And obviously if you're going into third year, then dissertations will be a big thing to start over summer!

5. Of course the summer holiday isn't just about work! Have some fun! Catch up with friends from home, and also if you can meet up with Uni friends, plan stuff to do, like days out, or nights out!
(go to the zoo, go out to eat, go out drinking, visit museums/art galleries, visit cities and go shopping, spa day.. etc!) 

6. Learn something new, you have a good few months to start something new, is there an instrument you've always wanted to learn? Or a language you'd like to learn, now's the time to get started!

7. You could get some cooking lessons from your parents, learn some new recipes so you'll be sorted when you're back at uni!

8.  If you've always wanted to do some sort of exercise but haven't had the time due to uni work, or just being in lectures all the time, then start something like running, swimming, cycling or whatever sport you wanted to try out!

Hope this has helped out with any ideas if you're bored or unsure of what to do with your time! 

Here's something I have done over Summer... 

I climbed Snowdon!

What do you like doing over summer? Or do you have any others you'd add to the list? 

Chat soon!


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