Daily make-up routine!

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I'm not someone that usually wears a lot of make-up, and when there are pictures taken of me it's sometimes hard to tell I have anything on, (which makes this sound a little pointless, but sh it's not! I wear some!) I have a lot of freckles, and especially this time of year they just appear and slowly my face is taken over. I'm not saying freckles are a bad thing, I like freckles... but just on other people not me. Therefore I like to have some good foundation which obviously doesn't get rid of them entirely just gives my face that little bit of cover up. 

- (Also everything that I use is very much affordable! I don't really have money so some good affordable range of products that still work just as good as high end products do!) 

So step 1. I start by putting moisturiser on, make-up isn't too good for your face, after all it isn't really natural is it? It is something that has been created over time for people to enjoy putting it on, and helping people feel more confident with themselves. So I think it's always a good idea to have a nice moisturised face! 

Nivea Cream
 I use Nivea Cream which is well heard of and is a really good moisturiser, and I have a big tub but don't be embarrassed to buy from cheap shops.. I got mine from Netto.. (yes you heard right, Netto!) I can't remember the price exactly, but just over a pound I think this was.Bargain! 

Step 2. Concealer. I use Seventeen stay time concealer, I don't always put this on, it depends if under my eyes is bad or if I have some bad spots that I need to cover. It does the job, it conceals pretty well (fab terminology I have), and you can get it from Boots for just over £4. Deal huh. You can get different fairness ones depending on your skin tone. 
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
Step 3. Foundation. Get ready for some cheap foundation! Although I say that I still keep buying it so price isn't always everything, don't forget that! I use the Natural Collection foundation, although I use a tinted moisturiser in fair which covers nicely, doesn't make you look shiny, I'd say the downside to it is it doesn't last very long on your face, especially if it's a hot day it easily sweats off and you'd have to reapply but for now I'm staying with cheap and cheerful that still has a nice natural-looking finish! Only £1.99 from Boots. 
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser
Step 4. I put pressed powder over the top which can reduce shine and just adds to make a nicer matte finish, again I use the natural collection pressed powder which again is only £1.99. I am quite a pale person and putting all this one probably makes me even paler but I suppose that's the kind of look I like! But there's choices of different tones. 
Natural Collection Pressed Powder
Step 5. My eyes! I use the Rimmel Jet black Soft Kohl kajal eye liner pencil which is only £2.99 and I use it nearly every day, and I'd say it lasts for a good length of time but out of everything I use it's probably the product I have to buy the most. You can also get different colours if you wanted to, it's easy to apply, and you get some eye liners that say they're black and you use them and it's not a great black, but this one is really good! Well worth the money. 

(Some times I apply a silver eye liner for the bottom which I think is quite a nice little touch) 
Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner pencil
Step 6. Mascara. I use Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara. The reason I used this to begin with is because I spent over a certain amount on Rimmel products so I got this free, so I thought I'd try it out! And I loved it, it makes your lashes so long, it costs £7.99 which isn't too bad. I also recommended it to my mum, and she now uses it also aha! 
Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
For my eyebrows I tend to just use eye shadow, so if you don't have anything for eyebrows then eye shadow is the one. 

And that is all! If I was going out in the evening or something I'd probably add a bit more but that's just a usual day when I'm not doing much or going anywhere special. 

Like I said at the start it is a very natural look, you can't tell too much that I have any of it on, which is nice I guess!
Thanks for reading, chat soon. 


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