Long time no see!

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Well as the title suggests, I have been away from this for a fair while... I shall hopefully get back into the swing of things now! 
The main reason I haven't done anything in a while is because I've been in Wales for a week. It was a little holiday I went on with my family and boyfriend, and surprisingly the weather was lovely! Which is a nice change! As Wales is quite beautiful looking and I went to a lot of places I thought my first post back would be of my visit in Wales. Enjoy!

One of the first places we visited was a waterfall called, Henrhyd Waterfall which was really cool, and lovely to look at, which we also took the chance to walk down the stream (difficult at times, one moment I was quite scared..) 

As you can see I was a tiny bit of a wimp at times and had some help across the river... but it was very much an enjoyable experience, and another up side to it being such an active holiday is that a good amount of exercise is done! 

Another place visited was the Elan Valley which I've been to a few times now and I love it every time, the views are just amazing, and yet again there is much climbing to do. 
Elan Valley

Elan Valley
You can see above just some of the stunning views, and it was a very hot day which was nice but also made everyone quite tired by the end of the day, but still I shouldn't really complain about good weather seeing as it's not often we get it! 

One of the hardest moments of the trip was climbing Snowdon, I know it isn't the hardest mountain to climb but it still tired me out immensely. But through all the moaning everyone had to put up with, it's rewarding once you get to the top! Snowdon is 1,085 metres and this is the third time I've climbed it, I don't know why I keep putting myself through this over and over.. 

Snowdon ^
We also visited Powis Castle, we were able to look inside and walked around the gardens, a lot less strenuous than the other activities which was quite nice! 

Powis Castle

All in all it was very nice, and there was never really a dull moment! There was a lot to do, and if you enjoy more active holidays I'd suggest Wales, it may not always be perfect weather but there's so much to do. Although it is a long drive to every place you go to, so if you don't mind that... me being the smallest I had to always sit in the middle seat in the car and on long journeys with the hot weather that we had it wasn't fab, but I'm grateful for all that we could go see and do! 

Hope you enjoyed my little holiday snaps (credit to my mum and boyfriend for those, ta!) I should probably get a good camera so I can actually take some nice pictures myself. Next week I'll do something more chatty and helpful!

Chat soon


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