Jurassic World!

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If you didn't know already I am a Film student and so I was thinking back to the last film I had watched and decided to do a little review on it. (This is my own opinion!)

As you can tell by the title the last film I went to see was Jurassic World! 

Firstly you can't fault the popularity of this film, the ratings for it was just amazing! It was reported that it became the highest grossing film in 2015, even beating Fast & Furious 7, only by a tiny bit but still managed to pass it. It is now considered the 4th most highest grossing film of all time, must be pretty decent eh? 

It's been a long time since Jurassic Park, and it seems that bringing it back so many years later was a very good choice. I really enjoyed the film, the characters were all great, and of course it has Chris Pratt in it, and his films are usually brilliant. I'd say the story was quite good, and it was easy to follow, it could also be quite gasping at times, are they going to make it?! Are they going to be killed?! You kind of don't know what's going to happen, although it's always obvious the main characters will get through it. 

Quick plot going over, there's two kids who go visit the park where their auntie works who hasn't seen them in 7 years and so their mum wants them to spend some time together. All she really cares about is the park and its ratings and nothing else, so the kids just wander around while she works, and her and the man who owns the park wants to keep it exciting for kids and so a dinosaur is genetically made with a few things put together, but you don't find out what it is made from completely until the end! It's a super clever dinosaur, escapes, makes other things escape and the park just gets hectic. Claire (Auntie) gets help from Owen (Pratt) to find the kids and rescue them, and from then on it's just them and the workers in the main office trying to stop this dinosaur! You also find some secrets of the labs and there's some characters that aren't what they seem to be... 

I think that there were some moments that just seemed a little silly to me but still good entertainment. Being able to run from a T-Rex? Hmm... but it is only a bit of fun, and the small bits don't really bother me! I actually felt quite sad at the end, even though it was a happy ending, I just felt sorry for the dinosaurs... especially the raptors, they were my favourite, and you've all seen the famous picture of Chris Pratt standing in front of them trying to not get eaten and they do as he says, it's quite adorable really! I want a pet raptor! 

But I would recommend that you go see this! It's so good, there's funny moments, there's hold-your-breath moments, I would go as far to say there were some bits that could probably make you jump, that could be just me... (embarrassing!) 

But enjoy if you go see it, chat soon!


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