June Favourites!

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Hello! So I thought I'd post some things that I've been loving in June, there could be a few things that I've only started liking now, yes it's the beginning of July already but lets pretend its not just for the sake of this! 

I think I'll do a mixture of everything rather than one sort of product, it'll make sense once you read on... 

First clothing wise, I've post about these before but I really like them and if you were to ask me a few months ago if I'd wear something like this, I would say no. Not because I don't like them, it was just down to my confidence, I didn't feel comfortable in something like this because I am not very confident with my body, especially my legs. But I'm loving these: 

I got them from Forever 21 and they're just comfortable to wear, and they look nice. I have not yet wore them without tights, maybe one day soon we'll see... but I enjoy wearing them and I'll probably buy more shorts now. I did find them very hard to buy, I picked them up, put them down, thought about it, tried them on, and then I did it. It sounds like I had to do something massive that was terrifying, and all I did was buy shorts. To me it was a big thing, it may sound silly to some but that's just me and how I am, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, and if someone reading this is exactly like me, then go for it, you get those shorts you really like! Don't feel super confident in just shorts bung some tights on, you'll look fab, trust me! 

That was a bit of a rant, I got carried away! Another clothing item I have liked is this jumper, (excuse the trackies, I didn't go out all day, so I opted for a comfortable option!)

It was from a next sale, and technically I didn't buy it or pick it out, my mum got it, didn't like it, so I had it! It's got sleeves that go up to your elbow, and it's quite loose fitting, it isn't like a normal jumper, it isn't really meant to keep you super warm but for when its a little sunny here in England but isn't super hot like most days, it's nice to wear. 

Another favourite is my mango lip gloss, I really like mango to be honest, and so I love this. It taste so good, you aren't supposed to eat it of course but with it being on your lips you get a bit of the taste. Its super shiny, and it looks really nice on, good little product from the body shop! Also adding the mango perfume, it just smells perfect. Buy it. The perfume is £8.99 I think! 

Carrying on with the body shop theme... you'll notice that I kind of love the body shop. This is a box of products that I'm forever using, it shouldn't really just be in a June favourites because I'm always using them throughout the year but I still used them in June so it counts! 

 There's shower gel, body butter, soaps, and so on!

A few people who know me, know that I love candles, and at the moment this one fits in with the season. 
A summer Pudding candle, it smells so good I want to eat it. I can't explain the smell, it's fruity, and summery, and it's just the best, and the saddest thing is that it's almost gone </3 I'll be buying a new one!

The next thing I've only just started okay, but we'll count it as June.. I like to read Manga, if you've read previous posts you'll know, but I've started Attack On Titans, and I'm enjoying it at the moment, I've only read two volumes so I don't know too much about it, but I've heard from many people how much they love the anime and so on, so it was about time that I checked it out! If you wanted all of them it isn't going to be cheap but I find it so much nicer having it in a book form to read rather than online. 
always love this but I thought I'd put him in because for one he's so cute isn't he? 
So he's called Storm, it says so on the collar I didn't name him myself but I like Storm. The main reason for putting him into my favourites is because it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend last year now.. wow makes me feel old.. I'm 21 soon! But as I go to University over the summer you go back home, and I met my boyfriend at Uni so being back home I don't see him as much as I usually would so it's nice to cuddle every night. (too soppy I know, I'm sorry, that's all I'll say!)

Moving onto games... I have two that I've been loving. Number one: The Walking Dead on ps3. It's SO good. I got this from Ebay because it can be pricey depending on where you get it from, this is the first one so it isn't as expensive as the other seasons but if you were looking for it, check out Ebay!
If you're into games, just get it, it feels more like you're just watching a show than playing a game. The story changes depending on what you decide, and some things you do could mean you face some consequences later on in the game, its just good OK. That is all. 
Number two: Osu! Its a game on the computer, like a rhythm game, you have songs you download onto it, and you follow the circles with the mouse to the song. Kind of like a dance mat but with your mouse.. make sense? I'm not great at explaining this but trust me its good and addictive. And free to play! Just need to download it onto your laptop/computer!

My last item is actually a company called PhotoBox. It's where you upload photos and send it to them to print off and they send them out to you, its so much cheaper than buying special paper and printing them off yourself, I'd highly recommend.. I used them last year as well, and I recently used them to have some newer photos printed off. Its nice to have photos up on Facebook and things but I feel it's much nicer to have a physical copy of a photo that you can put up in a

frame or stick on your wall however you like them, and especially because I'm at Uni it is nice to decorate your room and I love having a load of photos up on my wall so I added this to my June favourites as I used them recently but I'll be using them again in the future too!

I'll leave that there, I don't want to be writing an essay amount! I'll try and do one of these once a month! 
Hope you enjoyed, chat soon!


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