Baking Day!

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So me and my friend Amy decided to bake a cake, and it's something we do every single year, and from what I can remember I think we've been doing it since 2009! But when we first started it was bad, and they slowly got better over the years, and then for some reason they got worse again, yeah we're no experts.. but enjoy!

So first thought was, what kind of cake are we going to make? And so as it's summer, a summery cake was a good start! We didn't actually follow anything, we just remembered the ingredients and how much of them we needed... it sounds like it's going to go horribly wrong from the start but trust me this was one of the best ones we've ever done, maybe not entirely look-wise but the sponge was so light and tasty. 

How to make a Summery double sponge cake with butter icing and fruit! 

First you'll need these ingredients: 

Self-raising flour

Caster sugar
4 eggs
Icing sugar
Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries! (or any other fruit of your choice) 

First: Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees!

and then weigh out 100g of Caster sugar, and a 100g of butter and put them both into a mixing bowl.

Whisk them both together until they're both mixed in together, and there is no lumps of butter or sugar, and it looks creamy and light. If you don't have a whisk you can do it with a mixing spoon (may take you a little longer, and aching hands may occur)

Once that's done crack 2 eggs into the bowl and get mixing that! (Don't expect much cooking terminology, baking isn't something I do too often) 

After this step weigh 100g of self-raising flour, and (well you should probably sieve the flour but we didn't, but it was fine so if you want to be lazy like us then just chuck the flour into the mix and whisk again, (be a bit careful with whisking this time because the flour can go everywhere)

Once it looks all mixed in and is light yellow, and creamy looking it should be whisked enough!

Get a circle baking tin and you can either butter it or put on some baking paper to stop the mixture from sticking to it. 

Then pour the mixture into the tin and use a knife to spread it out to make it as even as possible. 

Before putting it into the oven, repeat the whole thing again and use a second circle baking tin so you have two cake mixtures ready to put in the oven!

Put them both in for about 20-25 minutes, keep an eye on it, and make sure the middle is cooked before taking it out, you can test this by just putting a knife into the centre and if nothing comes off on the knife it should be done!

While it's cooling you can get the icing ready... 

Weigh out 75g of butter and put that into a clean bowl, and weigh out 175g of icing sugar, and mix together, you can add milk to make it more creamy and runny if needs be but you don't have to!

 You can see by this picture how it should look once you have stirred and mixed it altogether. 
To add a summery touch we then squashed some blueberries and raspberries in a bowl and added that to the icing mixture, which made it look quite pretty as well as tasty! 

Once the cakes have cooled down, make sure they aren't warm at all or else the icing will just melt off the cake! Then put some of the icing onto the first cake, maybe choose the one that looks worse or doesn't look as good as it's going at the bottom! 

Once that's done put the other sponge cake on top and put another lot of icing covering the top sponge. It should look like this, and yes it isn't the best looking cake in the world but I think it's cute! 

And then cut the tops off of some strawberries and use them to decorate the top, you can decorate however you like but we just decided to cover the top in strawberries! 

And this is the end product! I could see this in a cute litte tea room, a homemade summery cake that doesn't look amazing but looks good enough to eat right? 

This cake was probably the best sponge cake that we've ever made.. and I know that sounds stupid, how can a sponge cake even go wrong? But trust me it can, but the sponge was such a nice colour and it was so light, and most of all it tasted lovely! 

So have a go if you like! It's simple and really quick to do! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, I'll probably add more baking things when I get round to baking! Chat soon!


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