Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What to do in the Summer?!

Summer for students at University is a lot longer than those in school, you usually finish around May and then you have nearly 4 months off from University! The difference with school is when you had that 6 weeks summer holiday you could find stuff to do and even though you may get a little bored it wasn't that long till school started again, but with Uni there's a lot of months to fill!

Here's some things a student from University could do whilst in the Summer Holidays...

1. Be productive and do something to do with your course, for example any work experience you can get that you can add to your CV and make you more employable once finishing University. 
(I do Film and Media, so one of the main reasons for setting up a blog was to help me out in future jobs.)

2. A good thing can be to get a part time job over summer doing anything really, that can get you that extra bit of money to help you out once you start again in September! Depending on how much loan you get, sometimes just having that is not enough to live on! 

3. Volunteering at places, even though you won't get money from it, it is very good experience and the more experience you have the more employable you'll be.

4. Another helpful thing to do is to read back over lecture notes, if you have a reading list for the next year then get those books and start reading them over summer to give you that head start when you're back. And obviously if you're going into third year, then dissertations will be a big thing to start over summer!

5. Of course the summer holiday isn't just about work! Have some fun! Catch up with friends from home, and also if you can meet up with Uni friends, plan stuff to do, like days out, or nights out!
(go to the zoo, go out to eat, go out drinking, visit museums/art galleries, visit cities and go shopping, spa day.. etc!) 

6. Learn something new, you have a good few months to start something new, is there an instrument you've always wanted to learn? Or a language you'd like to learn, now's the time to get started!

7. You could get some cooking lessons from your parents, learn some new recipes so you'll be sorted when you're back at uni!

8.  If you've always wanted to do some sort of exercise but haven't had the time due to uni work, or just being in lectures all the time, then start something like running, swimming, cycling or whatever sport you wanted to try out!

Hope this has helped out with any ideas if you're bored or unsure of what to do with your time! 

Here's something I have done over Summer... 
I climbed Snowdon!

What do you like doing over summer? Or do you have any others you'd add to the list? 

Chat soon!


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Just a quick message..


This is just a little message to say I am sorry about the lack of posts recently! I am away at the moment (that makes it sound like I'm on holiday abroad, relaxing and sunbathing... but sadly I'm not.) 

I will be back Tuesday and will make a post either on that day or the day after! Hope you're having a good Sunday! :) 

Chat soon, 


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Jurassic World!


If you didn't know already I am a Film student and so I was thinking back to the last film I had watched and decided to do a little review on it. (This is my own opinion!)

As you can tell by the title the last film I went to see was Jurassic World! 

Firstly you can't fault the popularity of this film, the ratings for it was just amazing! It was reported that it became the highest grossing film in 2015, even beating Fast & Furious 7, only by a tiny bit but still managed to pass it. It is now considered the 4th most highest grossing film of all time, must be pretty decent eh? 

It's been a long time since Jurassic Park, and it seems that bringing it back so many years later was a very good choice. I really enjoyed the film, the characters were all great, and of course it has Chris Pratt in it, and his films are usually brilliant. I'd say the story was quite good, and it was easy to follow, it could also be quite gasping at times, are they going to make it?! Are they going to be killed?! You kind of don't know what's going to happen, although it's always obvious the main characters will get through it. 

Quick plot going over, there's two kids who go visit the park where their auntie works who hasn't seen them in 7 years and so their mum wants them to spend some time together. All she really cares about is the park and its ratings and nothing else, so the kids just wander around while she works, and her and the man who owns the park wants to keep it exciting for kids and so a dinosaur is genetically made with a few things put together, but you don't find out what it is made from completely until the end! It's a super clever dinosaur, escapes, makes other things escape and the park just gets hectic. Claire (Auntie) gets help from Owen (Pratt) to find the kids and rescue them, and from then on it's just them and the workers in the main office trying to stop this dinosaur! You also find some secrets of the labs and there's some characters that aren't what they seem to be... 

I think that there were some moments that just seemed a little silly to me but still good entertainment. Being able to run from a T-Rex? Hmm... but it is only a bit of fun, and the small bits don't really bother me! I actually felt quite sad at the end, even though it was a happy ending, I just felt sorry for the dinosaurs... especially the raptors, they were my favourite, and you've all seen the famous picture of Chris Pratt standing in front of them trying to not get eaten and they do as he says, it's quite adorable really! I want a pet raptor! 

But I would recommend that you go see this! It's so good, there's funny moments, there's hold-your-breath moments, I would go as far to say there were some bits that could probably make you jump, that could be just me... (embarrassing!) 

But enjoy if you go see it, chat soon!


Monday, 20 July 2015

Student stress!

Worry less!

It's around now that University results are released for first, second and third years, and in August it's results day for GCSE's and A Levels and I thought as I am one of those who has received results that I should make a post about it. I'm not going to be talking about me and what I got but just a little note to help people through it, it is a scary time no matter what kind of results you're waiting for, it's a daunting and nervous thing to wait for. 

From my perspective I find it so scary waiting for results, and even waiting for grades from essays I hand in, all I worry about is if I'm going to pass it or not, I don't want to fail an essay and have to re-do it, and especially because at University if you retake or re-do something the second time no matter what you can only get 40% so that gives you a little incentive to try your best because I'm sure you wouldn't be happy with only being able to get 40% when you know you can get so much higher. I don't want to write this just to give you advice because I'd just be a hypocrite! I stress so much, and when I get a grade I'm not happy with I get so upset and down and I just feel like I've ruined everything, and that's it, I'm obviously too dumb to do any better. I think so negatively and I shouldn't, if you do bad at something it doesn't mean you can't do any better at it! You could write an essay and just manage to pass it, get some feedback and re-do it and get a much higher grade on it! Anything is possible, and if you do bad, then try again. 

Getting a bad grade really isn't the end of the world, yeah you might be a little disappointed but once you receive a grade you aren't happy with then maybe that will give you that push to think, right, time to work a little harder. I'm not saying that a bad grade is because of not working hard enough, sometimes you just don't understand something completely, or sometimes if it's an essay you leave yourself a little amount of time to do it meaning you don't write your full potential. I even think that some ways of assessing someone isn't always accurate, there's people that aren't good at exams, no matter how much revision you do and how much understanding you have of the subject, you can still find exams extremely hard! Exams are all about making sure you understand everything you need to know, and pretty much a memory test of everything you can remember, and for some that's difficult! I have a terrible memory! I would go to a lecture, learn new things and understand it all, and then a few days later I'm just like, I can't even remember what I did in that lecture... and I bet I'm not the only one?! 

So a few tips from me would be: 

1. Once you've had a lecture, or a lesson, re-read your notes! And more than once! Keep reading them so it's always refreshed in your mind, you could even re-write up your notes, sometimes writing things down helps to keep them in your head. And especially knowing if you have an exam in a few weeks time re-read your class notes, and don't just leave it to a few days before, because re-reading something a day or so before an exam might still be difficult in actually making sure it stays in your head. 

2. Writing essays can be difficult, if you don't understand something, and you're finding it hard to understand it by yourself then ask someone! If you don't want to ask a tutor then try a friend in your class, go through it together, but do make sure you understand something before writing about it. That works for exams too!

3. Look back at old essays and read the feedback! Knowing what things you could have improved on is a massive help for future essays! And if your tutor hasn't written much feedback down then ask them directly what you can do to improve and I'm sure they'll be happy to help. 

4. I think a good thing is also once you've finished writing an essay before submitting it or handing it in, get a friend or family member to read through it, it's always useful to have someone look over it, even if they don't know much about the subject they can spot any mistakes with the words or punctuation! 

5. And finally, I think it's always good to feel relaxed whilst doing work, or before going to an exam. So put on some music if that helps you to relax, make sure you eat properly and have plenty to drink, having a healthy mind will help with work! 

Hope this helps, chat soon!


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Daily make-up routine!

I'm not someone that usually wears a lot of make-up, and when there are pictures taken of me it's sometimes hard to tell I have anything on, (which makes this sound a little pointless, but sh it's not! I wear some!) I have a lot of freckles, and especially this time of year they just appear and slowly my face is taken over. I'm not saying freckles are a bad thing, I like freckles... but just on other people not me. Therefore I like to have some good foundation which obviously doesn't get rid of them entirely just gives my face that little bit of cover up. 

- (Also everything that I use is very much affordable! I don't really have money so some good affordable range of products that still work just as good as high end products do!) 

So step 1. I start by putting moisturiser on, make-up isn't too good for your face, after all it isn't really natural is it? It is something that has been created over time for people to enjoy putting it on, and helping people feel more confident with themselves. So I think it's always a good idea to have a nice moisturised face! 

Nivea Cream
 I use Nivea Cream which is well heard of and is a really good moisturiser, and I have a big tub but don't be embarrassed to buy from cheap shops.. I got mine from Netto.. (yes you heard right, Netto!) I can't remember the price exactly, but just over a pound I think this was.Bargain! 

Step 2. Concealer. I use Seventeen stay time concealer, I don't always put this on, it depends if under my eyes is bad or if I have some bad spots that I need to cover. It does the job, it conceals pretty well (fab terminology I have), and you can get it from Boots for just over £4. Deal huh. You can get different fairness ones depending on your skin tone. 
Seventeen Stay Time Concealer
Step 3. Foundation. Get ready for some cheap foundation! Although I say that I still keep buying it so price isn't always everything, don't forget that! I use the Natural Collection foundation, although I use a tinted moisturiser in fair which covers nicely, doesn't make you look shiny, I'd say the downside to it is it doesn't last very long on your face, especially if it's a hot day it easily sweats off and you'd have to reapply but for now I'm staying with cheap and cheerful that still has a nice natural-looking finish! Only £1.99 from Boots. 
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser
Step 4. I put pressed powder over the top which can reduce shine and just adds to make a nicer matte finish, again I use the natural collection pressed powder which again is only £1.99. I am quite a pale person and putting all this one probably makes me even paler but I suppose that's the kind of look I like! But there's choices of different tones. 
Natural Collection Pressed Powder
Step 5. My eyes! I use the Rimmel Jet black Soft Kohl kajal eye liner pencil which is only £2.99 and I use it nearly every day, and I'd say it lasts for a good length of time but out of everything I use it's probably the product I have to buy the most. You can also get different colours if you wanted to, it's easy to apply, and you get some eye liners that say they're black and you use them and it's not a great black, but this one is really good! Well worth the money. 

(Some times I apply a silver eye liner for the bottom which I think is quite a nice little touch) 
Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner pencil
Step 6. Mascara. I use Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara. The reason I used this to begin with is because I spent over a certain amount on Rimmel products so I got this free, so I thought I'd try it out! And I loved it, it makes your lashes so long, it costs £7.99 which isn't too bad. I also recommended it to my mum, and she now uses it also aha! 
Rimmel London's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara
For my eyebrows I tend to just use eye shadow, so if you don't have anything for eyebrows then eye shadow is the one. 

And that is all! If I was going out in the evening or something I'd probably add a bit more but that's just a usual day when I'm not doing much or going anywhere special. 

Like I said at the start it is a very natural look, you can't tell too much that I have any of it on, which is nice I guess!
Thanks for reading, chat soon. 


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Baking Day!

So me and my friend Amy decided to bake a cake, and it's something we do every single year, and from what I can remember I think we've been doing it since 2009! But when we first started it was bad, and they slowly got better over the years, and then for some reason they got worse again, yeah we're no experts.. but enjoy!

So first thought was, what kind of cake are we going to make? And so as it's summer, a summery cake was a good start! We didn't actually follow anything, we just remembered the ingredients and how much of them we needed... it sounds like it's going to go horribly wrong from the start but trust me this was one of the best ones we've ever done, maybe not entirely look-wise but the sponge was so light and tasty. 

How to make a Summery double sponge cake with butter icing and fruit! 

First you'll need these ingredients: 

Self-raising flour

Caster sugar
4 eggs
Icing sugar
Strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries! (or any other fruit of your choice) 

First: Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees!

and then weigh out 100g of Caster sugar, and a 100g of butter and put them both into a mixing bowl.

Whisk them both together until they're both mixed in together, and there is no lumps of butter or sugar, and it looks creamy and light. If you don't have a whisk you can do it with a mixing spoon (may take you a little longer, and aching hands may occur)

Once that's done crack 2 eggs into the bowl and get mixing that! (Don't expect much cooking terminology, baking isn't something I do too often) 

After this step weigh 100g of self-raising flour, and (well you should probably sieve the flour but we didn't, but it was fine so if you want to be lazy like us then just chuck the flour into the mix and whisk again, (be a bit careful with whisking this time because the flour can go everywhere)

Once it looks all mixed in and is light yellow, and creamy looking it should be whisked enough!

Get a circle baking tin and you can either butter it or put on some baking paper to stop the mixture from sticking to it. 

Then pour the mixture into the tin and use a knife to spread it out to make it as even as possible. 

Before putting it into the oven, repeat the whole thing again and use a second circle baking tin so you have two cake mixtures ready to put in the oven!

Put them both in for about 20-25 minutes, keep an eye on it, and make sure the middle is cooked before taking it out, you can test this by just putting a knife into the centre and if nothing comes off on the knife it should be done!

While it's cooling you can get the icing ready... 

Weigh out 75g of butter and put that into a clean bowl, and weigh out 175g of icing sugar, and mix together, you can add milk to make it more creamy and runny if needs be but you don't have to!

 You can see by this picture how it should look once you have stirred and mixed it altogether. 
To add a summery touch we then squashed some blueberries and raspberries in a bowl and added that to the icing mixture, which made it look quite pretty as well as tasty! 

Once the cakes have cooled down, make sure they aren't warm at all or else the icing will just melt off the cake! Then put some of the icing onto the first cake, maybe choose the one that looks worse or doesn't look as good as it's going at the bottom! 

Once that's done put the other sponge cake on top and put another lot of icing covering the top sponge. It should look like this, and yes it isn't the best looking cake in the world but I think it's cute! 

And then cut the tops off of some strawberries and use them to decorate the top, you can decorate however you like but we just decided to cover the top in strawberries! 

And this is the end product! I could see this in a cute litte tea room, a homemade summery cake that doesn't look amazing but looks good enough to eat right? 

This cake was probably the best sponge cake that we've ever made.. and I know that sounds stupid, how can a sponge cake even go wrong? But trust me it can, but the sponge was such a nice colour and it was so light, and most of all it tasted lovely! 

So have a go if you like! It's simple and really quick to do! 

Hope you enjoyed reading, I'll probably add more baking things when I get round to baking! Chat soon!


June Favourites!

Hello! So I thought I'd post some things that I've been loving in June, there could be a few things that I've only started liking now, yes it's the beginning of July already but lets pretend its not just for the sake of this! 

I think I'll do a mixture of everything rather than one sort of product, it'll make sense once you read on... 

First clothing wise, I've post about these before but I really like them and if you were to ask me a few months ago if I'd wear something like this, I would say no. Not because I don't like them, it was just down to my confidence, I didn't feel comfortable in something like this because I am not very confident with my body, especially my legs. But I'm loving these: 
I got them from Forever 21 and they're just comfortable to wear, and they look nice. I have not yet wore them without tights, maybe one day soon we'll see... but I enjoy wearing them and I'll probably buy more shorts now. I did find them very hard to buy, I picked them up, put them down, thought about it, tried them on, and then I did it. It sounds like I had to do something massive that was terrifying, and all I did was buy shorts. To me it was a big thing, it may sound silly to some but that's just me and how I am, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, and if someone reading this is exactly like me, then go for it, you get those shorts you really like! Don't feel super confident in just shorts bung some tights on, you'll look fab, trust me! 

That was a bit of a rant, I got carried away! Another clothing item I have liked is this jumper, (excuse the trackies, I didn't go out all day, so I opted for a comfortable option!)

It was from a next sale, and technically I didn't buy it or pick it out, my mum got it, didn't like it, so I had it! It's got sleeves that go up to your elbow, and it's quite loose fitting, it isn't like a normal jumper, it isn't really meant to keep you super warm but for when its a little sunny here in England but isn't super hot like most days, it's nice to wear. 

Another favourite is my mango lip gloss, I really like mango to be honest, and so I love this. It taste so good, you aren't supposed to eat it of course but with it being on your lips you get a bit of the taste. Its super shiny, and it looks really nice on, good little product from the body shop! Also adding the mango perfume, it just smells perfect. Buy it. The perfume is £8.99 I think! 

Carrying on with the body shop theme... you'll notice that I kind of love the body shop. This is a box of products that I'm forever using, it shouldn't really just be in a June favourites because I'm always using them throughout the year but I still used them in June so it counts! 

 There's shower gel, body butter, soaps, and so on!

A few people who know me, know that I love candles, and at the moment this one fits in with the season. 
A summer Pudding candle, it smells so good I want to eat it. I can't explain the smell, it's fruity, and summery, and it's just the best, and the saddest thing is that it's almost gone </3 I'll be buying a new one!

The next thing I've only just started okay, but we'll count it as June.. I like to read Manga, if you've read previous posts you'll know, but I've started Attack On Titans, and I'm enjoying it at the moment, I've only read two volumes so I don't know too much about it, but I've heard from many people how much they love the anime and so on, so it was about time that I checked it out! If you wanted all of them it isn't going to be cheap but I find it so much nicer having it in a book form to read rather than online. 
always love this but I thought I'd put him in because for one he's so cute isn't he? 
So he's called Storm, it says so on the collar I didn't name him myself but I like Storm. The main reason for putting him into my favourites is because it was a birthday gift from my boyfriend last year now.. wow makes me feel old.. I'm 21 soon! But as I go to University over the summer you go back home, and I met my boyfriend at Uni so being back home I don't see him as much as I usually would so it's nice to cuddle every night. (too soppy I know, I'm sorry, that's all I'll say!)

Moving onto games... I have two that I've been loving. Number one: The Walking Dead on ps3. It's SO good. I got this from Ebay because it can be pricey depending on where you get it from, this is the first one so it isn't as expensive as the other seasons but if you were looking for it, check out Ebay!
If you're into games, just get it, it feels more like you're just watching a show than playing a game. The story changes depending on what you decide, and some things you do could mean you face some consequences later on in the game, its just good OK. That is all. 
Number two: Osu! Its a game on the computer, like a rhythm game, you have songs you download onto it, and you follow the circles with the mouse to the song. Kind of like a dance mat but with your mouse.. make sense? I'm not great at explaining this but trust me its good and addictive. And free to play! Just need to download it onto your laptop/computer!

My last item is actually a company called PhotoBox. It's where you upload photos and send it to them to print off and they send them out to you, its so much cheaper than buying special paper and printing them off yourself, I'd highly recommend.. I used them last year as well, and I recently used them to have some newer photos printed off. Its nice to have photos up on Facebook and things but I feel it's much nicer to have a physical copy of a photo that you can put up in a

frame or stick on your wall however you like them, and especially because I'm at Uni it is nice to decorate your room and I love having a load of photos up on my wall so I added this to my June favourites as I used them recently but I'll be using them again in the future too!

I'll leave that there, I don't want to be writing an essay amount! I'll try and do one of these once a month! 
Hope you enjoyed, chat soon!


Monday, 6 July 2015

Long time no see!

Well as the title suggests, I have been away from this for a fair while... I shall hopefully get back into the swing of things now! 
The main reason I haven't done anything in a while is because I've been in Wales for a week. It was a little holiday I went on with my family and boyfriend, and surprisingly the weather was lovely! Which is a nice change! As Wales is quite beautiful looking and I went to a lot of places I thought my first post back would be of my visit in Wales. Enjoy!

One of the first places we visited was a waterfall called, Henrhyd Waterfall which was really cool, and lovely to look at, which we also took the chance to walk down the stream (difficult at times, one moment I was quite scared..) 

As you can see I was a tiny bit of a wimp at times and had some help across the river... but it was very much an enjoyable experience, and another up side to it being such an active holiday is that a good amount of exercise is done! 

Another place visited was the Elan Valley which I've been to a few times now and I love it every time, the views are just amazing, and yet again there is much climbing to do. 
Elan Valley

Elan Valley
You can see above just some of the stunning views, and it was a very hot day which was nice but also made everyone quite tired by the end of the day, but still I shouldn't really complain about good weather seeing as it's not often we get it! 

One of the hardest moments of the trip was climbing Snowdon, I know it isn't the hardest mountain to climb but it still tired me out immensely. But through all the moaning everyone had to put up with, it's rewarding once you get to the top! Snowdon is 1,085 metres and this is the third time I've climbed it, I don't know why I keep putting myself through this over and over.. 

Snowdon ^
We also visited Powis Castle, we were able to look inside and walked around the gardens, a lot less strenuous than the other activities which was quite nice! 

Powis Castle

All in all it was very nice, and there was never really a dull moment! There was a lot to do, and if you enjoy more active holidays I'd suggest Wales, it may not always be perfect weather but there's so much to do. Although it is a long drive to every place you go to, so if you don't mind that... me being the smallest I had to always sit in the middle seat in the car and on long journeys with the hot weather that we had it wasn't fab, but I'm grateful for all that we could go see and do! 

Hope you enjoyed my little holiday snaps (credit to my mum and boyfriend for those, ta!) I should probably get a good camera so I can actually take some nice pictures myself. Next week I'll do something more chatty and helpful!

Chat soon