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So it's been a little over a week since my last post so I was thinking about what I was enjoying recently and as it's my summer break before going back to University I'm watching/reading a lot of things which I wasn't able to do much whilst at uni. This will be a short post about my top 3 books and programmes/films!

So books... I'll admit I'm one of those people that sometimes I can read something so quickly and other times it'll take me about 3 months or more to even finish a book! Before I go on, 2 out of 3 is of course going to be manga.. sorry! It's just something enjoyable to read I find, and it doesn't take as long as a book so it's just a nice little read.

My top at the moment: ReLife 

It's about a guy called Arata Kaizaki who is 27 years old and is having no success in his life, he is then approached by Ryo who works at a company called: ReLife. Kaizaki gets the choice to be a part of an experiment where he has to act like a high school student for one year with a pill that makes him look young again. It basically follows his journey going through school again, it's still publishing at the moment so it is a little annoying having to wait for a new chapter to be published but a new ones come out practically every day! I love it, it's funny and at times quite heart warming. A very enjoyable read!

My second choice is: You're the one that I want
This is quite old now aha, and she has just got a new book out, I think it came out today if I'm right, I'm sure I'll check it out! I'll admit I've been reading this a while now, not because I don't like it because I love it! I'm just a very slow reader as stated before, but I'm practically at the end. It is cute, adorable, intense, sad, there's so many different emotions you go through whilst reading, one minute you're really happy then the next it gets a bit sad. Its basically this girl Maddy who has to choose between Ben and Rob. They went to school together and grew up together as three bestfriends until feelings started to get involved. It's very good! 

My last choice: Psyco-pass 
I've only just began reading this, I watched the series first and absolutely LOVED it. (Yes it'll be in my top 3 watched tbh) It's about how technology categorizes people based on a persons psychological, physical and emotional trait. The system is the name of the title, Psycho-pass, if someone's psycho-pass is clouded, it's usually not a great thing.. however the governmental agency uses criminals (known as enforcers) to be their dogs and help with the dirty work in getting criminals. I just think it's so clever, the fact that they rely on technology to determine whether someone is a criminal or not, they tend to have many problems, and many who rebel against this system, and it makes you question how much we really rely on technology. I mean it's just brilliant, the series is amazing and I'm sure the manga will be just as good! Looking forward to reading it. 

So film/programmes... 

My top is probably ^ (Psycho-pass) of course. I don't really need to say anymore, just pls watch it. 

My second choice will be a film: Avengers Age of Ultron 
I know this has been out for a while now but I was trying to think of recent films that have come out, and the two I have recently seen are this, and Pitch Perfect 2 (which was enjoyable but I thought this came out on top for me, but there totally different genres so they're both good in their own ways.) But I just found this to be amazing, action-packed, funny, intense, and so on. I kind of enjoyed the fact that in this one compared to the first one it actually showed them saving citizens, usually the city blows up and gets destroyed and you don't really see much saving of people, but I liked that about this one. It also like the new mix of superheroes who are the 'new' avengers, it makes things a little different which is good from time to time! I would advise you go see this (if it's still out... or wait for the DVD!) 

My third and final is a television programme, I'm going to choose two,  I can pick between the two but I feel like everyone hears about one of them quite a lot so something different might be nice to hear about. But firstly: Game of Thrones! 
It's just so good, so intense. Literally anything could happen, usually in programmes you have those main characters that will probably survive whatever is thrown at them, but this is just not fair. I'm sure you all heard about the finale and it still makes me sad thinking about it. I'm not going to say about what happens as I don't want to spoil anything and yeah yeah they'll be stuff about it everywhere so it doesn't really matter. But there's a whole year to wait which sucks but I suppose it gives you something to look forward to... right? Although I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it anymore :'( 

My other television programme is: Humans.
It only started last Sunday, but it seems fairly interesting. It's about these new gadgets which are called a Synth, basically they're robots, but humans pay for them to do all the chores in the house, and serve them with whatever the human asks of them, but it seems something is going on with them. It's pretty creepy to be honest, but after watching the first one I will be carrying on with the series, so go give it a watch if you haven't already!

And that's all! Hope you enjoyed having a read of my top 3's! And if it helps you to choose something to watch/read then woo! Chat later. 


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