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So, hello!
This is my first chat post, so here goes...

Firstly I'll tell you a little about where I'm at and what my thoughts are on it. I go to a university in little old England, called Edge Hill University! It's in Lancashire, Ormskirk, probably not a very heard of place.. but it's nice! It isn't a city university so it's all in one place and quite cosy, I think that's one of my favourite things about it.. but if you do love being in big cities, Liverpool is only a short train ride away! And a seaside is literally down the road as well, I love it, you kind of have a bit of everything around you. I study Film and Media, hence why I'm into blog writing aha. Before you say it, doing Film isn't just watching films... I wish!! A lot of essays are involved unfortunately, but you do get a wider range of knowledge of different films, old and new. I decided to do this subject just because I did film at A level and I enjoyed it, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the subject after University, I just thought I like it so why not study it! Which is a good tip... if you're thinking about going to University it's a good idea to choose something you enjoy rather than choosing something because you know they'll be good job opportunities.. don't get me wrong, it is good doing something that can give you a job but don't just choose it for that reason alone, or else you'll probably hate sitting in lectures listening to a lecturer go on about something you don't really have any interest in!

University for me was a big thing, I'm a very shy person and the summer before going I was thinking, how on earth am I going to live away from home, and even talk to new people... the sound of that scared me a lot. The thing is with University its a completely new start, you're going somewhere where no one knows you, you can literally start again. To me that sounded quite nice! Not that I hated school and hated how I was, I didn't want to go to University and completely change myself but it was a nice thought that no one knew me. So my main worry wasn't even leaving home but who I was going to live with, will they like me?! Will they think I'm weird?! Will they be horrible?! So many questions came to mind but I had to just do it. And so I did.

When I got there I found myself to be living with four boys and one girl! And, guess what? I was sharing a bathroom. Most people go for having their own en-suite at University but I chose the cheapest option, having more money left over was a better thought for me! And it's really not a bad thing sharing a bathroom, I was thinking I'm going to have to wait so long to get showers and that but there never really was a queue, everyone's in lectures at different times, it was always free when I needed a shower. Going back to the first day, so this was the scariest thing for me... I was thinking it was going to be so awkward, I totally thought I forgot how to talk to people. Everyone was so lovely, after we sorted out our rooms and said goodbye to our parents (that was weird, really weird..) we all sat in the kitchen and chatted and we even played a game of cards for a while! It was a really nice way to chill out and just get to know each other. That's a big tip, once you have moved in and your parents have left you don't shut your door and sit in your bedroom by yourself! It may be scary to go into the kitchen with everyone and chat but trust me once that's been done you'll feel so much better. Another good tip is when you are moving your stuff in prop your door open, don't have it closed! At least that way the others moving in around you can walk past and pop their head in and say hello!

Another good thing to do on the first day is in the evening even if you don't drink (I had one person in my halls who didn't drink) all go off to the Uni's SU! They'll usually be something on as everyone will be moving in, and it can even be a good way to meet others, but if you don't feel like talking to more new people just have a sit down with your new flatmates and well, carry on socialising! And if you do drink, it's a funny way to end the first night seeing everyone drunk!

After the first day you have a whole week of freshers week, which is basically events at night that you can go to, and once again it's a good way to get used to your settings, get to know your flatmates more, and make new friends, and once again you don't have to drink to join in on the events. My first week was fun but I am a very shy person and easily get anxious, I found it hard to to do things. I found it hard to walk out of my room in the morning and socialise, and I was definitely the quiet one of my flat for a bit... but I actually decided to leave University after the first week!!!! Worst decision ever! If you are having a hard time the first week I'd say don't leave straight away, you've hardly had time to see what it's like, give it a little longer! I got home and immediately missed it and thought how stupid I was... and so there I was on the phone asking if I could come back! Thank god they said yes! And also thank god I got my same accommodation back! My flatmates understood and welcomed me back and it was lovely of them. So as well as having a goodbye night out we had another welcome night out, very fun. From then on I got a little more confident and met even more people and it was brilliant, first year was very fun! And don't be too hard on yourself with the work, it is first year, still try as hard as you can but if you don't do so well it usually doesn't count towards your degree.. not that that means that you shouldn't try hard because you really should, it gives you an indication on how well you're doing on the course so it's good to try as best as you can.

Also the student loan. When you first receive it, it feels good to have all that money, then you realise you have to pay rent, and actually live on it... try not to blow it all on drinks, food is good! aha. There's also washing clothes that'll cost a little and little things like that, don't forget about that. I think first year is very good for teaching you about money, it certainty taught me! I ran out before every term finished, so overdraft it was but I'd say try not to get an overdraft, you do have to pay it back! I went out a lot, and so second year I calmed down a little and I was a lot better with money, second year is another story though! I'll do another post on that... student houses are the worst things haha! But anyway, another time for that.

I'd say another good tip is societies! Trust me, you can get bored sometimes and you may not want to go out every evening, so joining a society is a really good idea. You can make new friends that have the same interests, and at the same time you'll be enjoying yourself. There's so many, sport societies, video games, favourite TV programmes, music societies, etc etc, there's too many to mention and every University will have loads. And if you're feeling up to it, create your own, it's something good to put on your CV and it's fun, you can start a society about pretty much anything. (be reasonable though!)  There's probably more tips but I've wrote a lot... but hopefully this helps a little. :)

Sorry it's so long, as I said before I am usually someone who writes a lot! If you do have any questions about University that this doesn't cover I'd gladly answer just ask away! Or if you want a post about a certain aspect just let me know!

Chat to you soon.


A few pictures from my first and second year at uni, there's hundreds but here's a some!

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