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Hey hey!

So I thought the blog was looking a bit bland, so more pictures is a must! Instead of an advice post again I thought I'd just tell you what I was really enjoy wearing at the moment, as it's been lovely weather these past few days in the UK too! (This is unusual for us!) So here's three outfits I'm loving at the moment...

For me I find it difficult to show my legs, so even though it's probably been warm enough to be without tights I still wear them. Plus it hasn't been super hot, there's been a little breeze so I feel tights are needed! (Even a cardi or jumper too!) But I bought this last month in Forever 21, which does mean I can't remember how much the shorts and top cost but it's Forever 21, it isn't going to be expensive! (Love me some bargains from there) 
The top is a lovely floral pattern, and it's quite loose so it's good for when it's a bit warm! The shorts are just denim shorts with the usual hole type pattern. 

 My next item that I'm keen with at the moment is this playsuit I got from New Look, for £9.99 I think! I thought it was a very good price and I really liked it. I don't really know what you'd call the pattern, maybe aztek-y? I just thought it was pretty, and a good find for a summer look!

And finally my other favourite thing to wear is this poka-dot playsuit. As well as just wearing it for a casual day, it can also be turned into a going out outfit in the evening if you added some heels and nice jewellery to go with it? I got this from Next before I went on holiday to Lanzarote at the beginning of the year, so again I can't remember how much it was but I do remember it being in the sale after Christmas so was probably a good find! 

I feel like doing some sort of lookbook for a season but as I'm just at home by myself today it was easier to take pictures in my full length mirror! Hope you enjoyed reading!

Chat soon, 

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